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Black Sabbath - War Pigs
아티스트: Black Sabbath
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Generals gathered in their masses, just like witches at black masses. Evil minds that plot destruction, sorcerer of death's construction. In the fields the bodies burning, as the war machine keeps turning. Death and hatred to mankind, poisoning their brainwashed minds...Oh lord yeah! Politicians hide themselves away They only started the war Why should they go out to fight? They leave that role to the poor Time will tell on their power minds Making war just for fun Treating people just like pawns in chess Wait `till their judgement day comes, yeah! Now in darkness, world stops turning, ashes where the bodies burning. No more war pigs have the power, hand of god has struck the hour. Day of judgement, god is calling, on their knees the war pigs crawling. Begging mercy for their sins, Satan, laughing, spreads his wings...Oh lord, yeah!

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Ronnie Sunny
Ronnie Sunny 답글 연결
Awesome brudder...I respect n give salute..🍻
Anyone else still watching this..
thumb up..12 November 2018..🍻
Maga Male
Maga Male 답글 연결
These lyrics are so hard compared to the album, which is already hard as fuck. God bless Ozzy and Lyle
Anthony Vitale
Anthony Vitale 답글 연결
Not Your Channel
Not Your Channel 답글 연결
Over 600 dislikes?!?! They are probably Sammy Hagar fans. That dude is the worst.
Robert C
Robert C 답글 연결
He is trying to murder those drums.
1337fraggzb00N 답글 연결
Today Social Justice Warriors even would be offended by the name of the band 🤣
Sahil Dogra
Sahil Dogra 답글 연결
Masses rhymes with masses don’t it? Did I do good?
Fabrício da Costa
PQP... fantástico!
Pen is Licker
Pen is Licker 답글 연결
The lyrics from the original to this live version are so different. If you don’t believe me listen to both the live version in this video and the original on Apple Music. The differences are unreal! What do you think Ozzy was trying to distinguish between the two versions?
mickton shrimpton
WTF ?? I wanted see geezer hammerin that bass
Christine Smith
Christine Smith 답글 연결
bill was the best enough said
Greg Roberge
Greg Roberge 답글 연결
This performance was very emotional for Bill
Mark Wetmore
Mark Wetmore 답글 연결
Just the pure passion! you do not see that a lot.
Bobby Cheresposy
Bobby Cheresposy 답글 연결
To the youngsters....Black Sabbath ain't just a cool t shirt, Ozzy ain't just some old man who talks funny...watch and learn, this is, was and will always be a pillar of Metal!!!
Alex Stewarts metal Alliance
Black Sabbath is that rare band were EVERY member is cool
the coal face
the coal face 답글 연결
Ah. He was so wasted he sung the seconded verse first!
Yuiop Yams
Yuiop Yams 답글 연결
wholigan68 답글 연결
Its late 2018 and this could have been composed last week.Will still be played on" lazer vap" in 2801
Nadya de Jong
Nadya de Jong 답글 연결
I remember this was a bit intense for me as a child, and I thought, "I'm going to grow up and listen to this. It's bad ass but too intense for me right now..." I tried to turn on the rock station late at night and could only take so much before it felt like my head would explode.

Sadly, I didn't realize that this fountain would dry up! Where is the good music now? This is beautiful and profound... love you Ozzy and Black Sabbath! This is so right on to today...

One question, why are the lyrics different than those published on the net? How many versions are there?
gristam s
gristam s 답글 연결
if youve ever played this song with a band it can be pretty damn hard for everyone to do that part during the verse at the same time

gristam s
gristam s 답글 연결
alot of ppl dont understand heavier sound and faster tempo doesnt always make it a heavier song
Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes 1 답글 연결
Ozzy the 1st Headbanger
Zandreho 답글 연결
Heavy power-chords, dropping down the tuning, increasing the tempo of the songs, literally blast beasts from the drummer (especially during War Pigs) and the darkest lyrics the world had ever heard. Literally all the hallmarks of metal. There's no denying Black Sabbbath invented metal as we know it today.
raisin brans
raisin brans 답글 연결
Damn my grandma and my dad are both still the biggest fans of Sabbath to this very day
franz heinrich
franz heinrich 답글 연결
2018 Paris is burning ..!!!
bobbyfan418 답글 연결
The whole time, Geezer and Bill were going to fucking town. I love Ozzy, and I love Tony...but Bill Ward is a very underrated drummer. And, when I think of bass, I think of Geezer, before ANYbody. This is #1 on my list, from ANY genre. Add Tony and his amazing riffs, and Ozzy's haunting vocals....as I said...#1
Richie Vitan Aquino
And they say dio is better than ozzy come on man you got to be shittin' me if i was given one wish it would be seeing led zeppelin black sabbath pink floyd and queen in there prime in one concert that would be so friggin' awesome i would not mind who goes first on stage
Richie Vitan Aquino
Seeing ozzy without tattoos is kinda weird but he really look so freakin good back then..all hail the prince of darkness dont die on us just yet
Angel De La Cruz
Angel De La Cruz 답글 연결
Ozzy, Iommi, Ward and Motherfucking Butler... 🤘🤘🤘🤘
Matheus Augusto
Matheus Augusto 답글 연결
6:35 you are amazing, Geezer!!

willycar willycar
this song in live in 1970 is the reason why i still listen ROCK music since 40 years ! wonderful !
Prison Mike
Prison Mike 답글 연결
Not my tempo
julian pena
julian pena 답글 연결
The birth of metal!!
JKataky 답글 연결
Fucking phenomenal
Joseph Ancion
Joseph Ancion 답글 연결
Here from watchmojo's "Top 10 Heavy Metal Anthems"
COL T 답글 연결
Ozzy = Closet Christian.
Juan Cardenas
Juan Cardenas 답글 연결
Si duda en ese momento la mejor banda apoco no se eriza la piel con este sonido
Mickk500 답글 연결
Is that really Ozzy? His lyrics aren't right, I'm confused....
Mickk500 답글 연결
Fuckin' A Man!
Thanks for preserving this for Integrity!