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Van Halen - Dance the Night Away
아티스트: Van Halen

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Have you seen her? So fine and pretty Fooled me with her style and ease And I feel her from across the room Yes, it's love in the third degree Ooh, baby baby Won't-cha turn your head my way? Ooh, baby baby Ah come on! Take a chance You're old enough to Dance (Dance) the night away Whoa-oh (Ah) Come on g-girl, dance the night away A live wire, barely a beginner But just watch that lady go She's on fire, 'cause dancin' gets her higher than-uh Anything else she knows Ooh, baby baby Won't-cha turn your head my way? Ooh, baby baby Well don't skip romance 'cause You're old enough to Dance (Dance) the night away Oh-oh-oh (Ah) Come on g-girl, dance the night away Oh, oh-oh-oh oh yeah (Guitar Solo) Dance (oh) the night away. Hey, hey, yeah! Dance, dance, dance the night away Ah come on baby (Dance the night away) Hey, hey yeah! Dance, dance, dance the night away Uh, come on baby, baby (Dance the night away) Ooh, ooh, yeah Dance, dance, dance the night away. Ah, ha ow!

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Scott Gillig
Scott Gillig 답글 연결
What can you say about the Roth era =VH= era that hasn't been said ? The thing that I'll always be thankful to the guys for is that they almost singlehandedly put a spear in the heart of disco.
carol 1 답글 연결
1979-people still had jacked up cars as they slowly faded out  :(
carol 2 답글 연결
what a great year , 1979 and Van Halen!!!! Rocking at parties!
kamaney2 답글 연결
Alguien tiene la versión que canta con Axl Rose?
loving me some outdoors
Driving around in my custom van with bubble rear windows and graphics on the side. Dont forget the side pipe exhaust pipes. Blasting on my pioneer speakers. I drank a few beers to this song....
Droo Bastard
Droo Bastard 답글 연결
There may be a greater song than this but i've never heard it. The riff is ungodly.
Tom Fennell
Tom Fennell 답글 연결
Thats my boy brought me here.
Sajan B
Sajan B 2 답글 연결
You can’t deny it, that chorus makes you fucking smile, “baby”.
Matt Emre
Matt Emre 8 답글 연결
God bless Michael Anthony without his back vocals these songs would have been horrible
kevinsbott 답글
Matt Emre Matt, great points. It is amazing to me how people don’t realize how important he was to that special sound. His high falsetto was just perfect for the background vocals along with Eddie.
Ashra Tempel
Ashra Tempel 답글 연결
Never gets old.
Mike P
Mike P 답글 연결
Pop cant compete now
Mike P
Mike P 답글 연결
Edward Lee
Edward Lee 답글 연결
Disco was hot when "Dance the Night Away" was released, so it always seemed like a satirical take on disco.
chippledon1 답글 연결
Why does the guitar on this song always sound bad ?
nonplayerzealot4 답글 연결
Anchorman 2, Argo, Mission To Mars, and possibly Private Parts (there were 2-3 bits of VH songs from that era, not 100 on that one)
Bruno Tulliani
Bruno Tulliani 답글 연결
46 don't dance!
dave piercy
dave piercy 답글 연결
great one
Adlai Ferrell
Adlai Ferrell 답글 연결
Beautiful song.....
J. Marcos
J. Marcos 답글 연결
Felix Garcia
Felix Garcia 답글 연결
Smoking speck on the beaches of north carolina
I will never forget y ahora en Reinosa Tamaulipas.. yës bäby 😎

Ashra Tempel
Ashra Tempel 답글 연결
Timeless V.H. classic
Esteban Mauricio Aguirre
Hermosa canción!!
David Buzzin
David Buzzin 2 답글 연결
megasonify 답글 연결
Used to work with this worthless fuk, Dave Keeton, thought he was Eddie Van Halen with the hair flip an all.  Pigeon-toed mf, all he did was cry an moan all damn day.  Worthless bag-o-sht.  Fugged up teeth and mouth just like Eddie.  Couldn't put two words together without slobbering himself.  He quickly became Eddie Vantarded.
Jimmy Jennings
Jimmy Jennings 답글 연결
the Genious of Eddie Van Halen
Kabala Racer 13
Kabala Racer 13 3 답글 연결
This song went great with the Tom Petty, Peter Frampton era.
odudi 답글 연결
This song brings back memories. I was sitting at the bar when most were dancing. I was just tired from work and was just on the side watching the crowd relaxing with crown and heinekin. This song came on and soon after a cute spanish lady looked around saw that i was alone and came up and asked if i wanted to dance. After the song she thanked me and left the bar. It's funny how 30 plus years later memories you havn't thought about can come back from hearing a song.
Robcatist 2 답글 연결
Cheesy rock just doesn’t get any better than this!! Love it.
Revertino Tse
Revertino Tse 8 답글 연결
I was11 yrs old in 1979 when V H 2 came out. Ever since. Been a die hard fan. Started with their first Album in 1978 till the present time.
T K 답글
Same here brother...born in '68!
AtThe Whiskey
AtThe Whiskey 답글 연결
These Comments are fucking hilarious

sauroid1 답글 연결
Sure brings back a lot of great memories.
amciiYou 답글 연결
Had the tape...listening in the night, trying to sleep...played it a few times...good times..thank you
Mallard Cutter
Mallard Cutter 답글 연결
The best song from the Dave era
Robert Carrico
Robert Carrico 답글
Mallard Cutter for heavy stuff i'd go DOA' or aint talk bout'
Joe Mel
Joe Mel 답글 연결
The US with all the FREEDOM, LIBERTY and ROCK & ROLL, who needs anything else
Jan K
Jan K 답글 연결
The last word I'd use to describe van Halen's music is "charming'. But this tune proves that there's an exception to every rule.
christian desayes
to beautifull song of van halen 2 i was a kid when i bought this second lp!!
Ricardo Lemos
Ricardo Lemos 답글 연결
31 dislike????
Henry felipe
Henry felipe 답글 연결
grande som!!
Birdsfly11 답글 연결
Awesome song that plays forever........
klaws32 2 답글 연결
i used to listen to classic rock in the car when my daughter was little, and she always loved this song. when she was a senior in high school in her dance class she had to do a solo performance, and she did a ballet performance to this song, and she did awesome. the best performance by far. i was so proud of her. everybody loves this song.