Audiomachine - Helios
아티스트: Audiomachine

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CFsurTube 1 답글 연결
Merci pour cette musique. Je viens d'acheter sur Amazon le disque Chronicles. Je crois que je j'ai bientot acheter le disque Helios. Encore merci.
Woon Nam Yeo
Woon Nam Yeo 4 답글 연결
This soundtrack is on Thor 2 The Dark World trailer
arnaud tunga
arnaud tunga 답글 연결
the album came out on itunes, dam right i bought it straight away. two steps from hell is what got me into this genre and currently im enjoying the new stuff from audiomachines alot more than the new stuff from two steps from hell
Audiomachine 답글 연결
Helios is the CD Title on this one... composition by audiomachine! Thanks for listening.
ramir233 답글 연결
I'm confused.. is Helios the bands name or title from Audiomachine? I thought Audiomachine composed this
John R Hustings
John R Hustings 답글 연결
I've been try to find a way to describe the awesomeness... I can't wait to have it!
MediAsylum 답글 연결
I'm struck with awe. Reminds London Tower, but far better.
NickVaFan 1 답글 연결
Evil Jew
Evil Jew 3 답글 연결
IT'S SOOOO COOOL!!!!!! )))