Dark Matter

Dean Valentine - Dark Matter
아티스트: Dean Valentine

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    Now I Take Everything from You
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    Sharks Don't Sleep
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Tom Martin
Tom Martin 1 답글 연결
book is better but the movie is amazing, it's a better of the 4 movies
Sai Dela Cruz
Sai Dela Cruz 3 답글 연결
This music starts to play everytime after school. Where students rush to death just to get hella outta there😂😂
Sara Ann Ellis
Sara Ann Ellis 2 답글 연결
The bass is awesome
Marcus Worsham
Marcus Worsham 6 답글 연결
need to be new batman theme man for 2016
Sara Ann Ellis
Sara Ann Ellis 답글
tense37 답글 연결
Why is there an entire minute of silence after it? Is there a reason for that? That's just not good for data space or track space if burning onto a CD.
jac colo
jac colo 답글 연결
sydmusicxo 8 답글 연결
heck yeah
heck yeah 답글 연결
it pisses me off shescwearing a shirt and pants and not a jumpsuit.
BarbaricTemptress 답글
+ii ii You have the cosplay? Lucky!
heck yeah
heck yeah 답글
Sorry I posted this before I knew that. I have the exact same one she has on right now
BarbaricTemptress 답글
That IS a jumpsuit... it's just little different from the book version.
77rgoss 2 답글 연결
Is school were studying magazines. So I stared a thing called L.H.K magazine's. It's stands for my best friends, me, Haily, & Kennadee. The first one were doing is the Hunger Games. The catching fire, mockingjay, titanic, and just movies. The hunger games is turning out really good!
Maura Cannisa
Maura Cannisa 답글
+77rgoss Are you a kid?
heck yeah
heck yeah 3 답글
Uhh.. You mean books?
77rgoss 4 답글 연결
annoyed pancake
annoyed pancake 답글 연결
Do any of u know what trailer this is from I've been searching and couldn't find it anywhere!!!
Dar ia
Dar ia 답글
"Ark Ascending" - Ursine Vulpine
77rgoss 답글
I think it's from #2
Ronald Weasmoche
Ronald Weasmoche 18 답글 연결
Thanks God for this song and all the others soundtracks from The Hunger Games, Harry Potter etc.
Stocky Comdt
Stocky Comdt 1 답글
Dean Valentine made this song, not God.
Ronald Weasmoche
Ronald Weasmoche 답글
+Stocky 'Super' Comdt hahaha
blah blah
blah blah 1 답글 연결
Love This!
Thanks For Uploading!
Caterina Cocchiaro
Beautiful _
TheMiley2506 답글 연결
A masterpiece...
Andrey yanikov
Andrey yanikov 답글 연결
Nice :D 
l0litslaney 13 답글 연결
1:43 - 1:46 oh my goodness, PERFECTION
Isaac  Martinez
Isaac Martinez 9 답글 연결
It's movie of the century man get yo facts right!!! Just kidding but it still is movie of the century anyone with me.
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook 26 답글 연결
best movie of the world <3 (for me)
harfendaz 답글
heck yeah
heck yeah 11 답글
Book for me.
Simply Human
Simply Human 답글 연결
i haven't watch the movie yet and this is soooo good!

blackraven0513 21 답글 연결
This is so epic!! I watched the movie last night and it's definitely movie of the year for me. It's SOOOOOO good.
Lauren N.
Lauren N. 답글 연결
Jacob 답글 연결
The most perfect trailer music ever picked for a trailer ever. Ever. Ever.
deltaboy2011 답글 연결
2:20 my fav, its like tension and lives at stake.
Bradley Peterson
Bradley Peterson 답글 연결
1:30 Chills
Lauren N.
Lauren N. 답글 연결
Amazing music
Olivia Goldman
Olivia Goldman 답글 연결
Emily Batcat
Emily Batcat 답글 연결
omg jennifer lawrence is so damn hot *_*
how does one go about to getting this music from the composer?
Ian Chamberland
Ian Chamberland 답글 연결
have it on full blast. no regrets

gabigato 답글 연결
Damn!!!! this was amazing!!!!
Penny_ch 답글 연결
Ashlee Choi
Ashlee Choi 답글 연결
oh wow
Jordan Blake
Jordan Blake 답글 연결
This movie cant come quick enough i cant wait
Rachel Battye
Rachel Battye 답글 연결
Love the hunger games
Pan Da
Pan Da 답글 연결
Jennifer lawrence omg *-*
Andrea Time
Andrea Time 답글 연결
Emy SM
Emy SM 답글 연결
Emy SM
Emy SM 답글 연결
I can't ealdkcmckdkmdkdkcmdkkfmvmvmd,fm
Femke van der meer
How do you vind this? They just play a part of it in the trailer