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Grand Hallway - Horses
아티스트: Grand Hallway
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Is it a blessing or a curse to be found, to be found Is it a burden or a gift to be bound, to be bound Are you a comma or a dot to my run-on sentence where I was just a word that had refused to be defined There is freedom when you say I am through, I am through Room for something to begin all anew, all anew I'm now a horse without a race, I will gallop where I please and with no shame, no hesitation I'll go down upon my knees Oh oh, oh oh My lonely days are over, over All my lonely days are over, over My lonely days are over! And Love is love is love is love No matter whom you're thinking of So you can open all those doors that someone closed so long ago Cos you're bolder when you say "I am through, I am through" Room for something to begin.

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sergius gregory
sergius gregory 답글 연결
Can't stop listening to this...your voice is unreal
al dx lba
al dx lba 답글 연결
love the open ending to this song.... perfect and so on point <3
Matthew Cenac
Matthew Cenac 답글 연결
David 3 답글 연결
what a powerful, emotionally gut wrenching song!
Kazi 3 답글 연결
This song tells a common story for all
Harvey Simmons
Harvey Simmons 2 답글 연결
Such beautiful music...You can really feel the emotion in his voice
s b
s b 7 답글 연결
s b
s b 7 답글
i still like it
5nightingale 2 답글 연결
I absolutely adore Nakayamas voice, there is something deliciously unstable about it but it still feels open and bright
seh ha
seh ha 1 답글 연결
ed salbo
ed salbo 답글 연결
what are the chords please :P
csea peru
csea peru 답글 연결
there are parts of this that remind me of Patti Smith vocals … sweet!
TT Willow
TT Willow 답글 연결
This sounds like Rust or Gold.
TT Willow
TT Willow 답글
Rust or Gold by Jill Andrews
Akilla Matters
Akilla Matters 답글 연결
So beautiful, you guys realy move me. Thank you, tusen takk.
Brayan Cigueñas
Brayan Cigueñas 답글 연결
Of Touchy Feely
SoulStylistJukeBox 1 답글 연결
How come so many people hated the film Touchy Feely? 
Kerry Willis
Kerry Willis 답글
That film is boring and hipster! This song was the best thing about it :D 
Ludthinks 답글 연결
Great song. I enjoyed the movie as well
Autumn Rodriguez
Autumn Rodriguez 답글 연결
crying over it...
Mike Gambino
Mike Gambino 답글 연결
Inspired singing and writing.
susan mutung'u
susan mutung'u 답글 연결
jgholster 답글 연결
Piano guy plays beautifully, but please, if shot again, Tomo's voice should be focus - beautiful duet, beautiful piece.

Daniel Thunberg
Daniel Thunberg 4 답글 연결
We Can all agree that we are fans of the movie here.
Jenifer Sutherland
Jenifer Sutherland 4 답글 연결
So full, so big and simple in its draw up from the heart to the voice.
Maria M
Maria M 3 답글 연결
Great song, and your voice is so lovely; so deeply touching.  Thank you.
ihaveprivilege 2 답글 연결
I love this song so much!
Very touching and the lyric is so sweet <3<3
I wish I could have a moment with my boyfriend and play this beautiful song.
Glenn Dobson
Glenn Dobson 6 답글 연결
Enjoyed the movie and love this song.
Cheyenne W
Cheyenne W 2 답글 연결
Really needed to hear this tonight and I'm so glad I did , thank you both 
Eric Lescarbeau
Eric Lescarbeau 6 답글 연결
love this song.  Didn't think the movie was as bad as people are saying in these comments. The performances are all excellent. I think if you're not from westcoast (Seattle, Oregon, Vancouver, Victoria etc) you might not get what's going on in this movie.
Rex Sundstrom
Rex Sundstrom 1 답글 연결
My girlfriend doesn't like this track..and I'm not sure our relationship will survive this minor disagreement... Amazing song, thank you.
Katlyn J
Katlyn J 4 답글 연결
Such a beautiful song. Love, love, love it.
Vítek Slíva
Vítek Slíva 1 답글 연결
have anyone tabs to this song?
Vítek Slíva
Vítek Slíva 1 답글
+grandhallway thx... i will give a hard time to my roommates with this :-)
grandhallway 5 답글
Hey there, the chords are F-C-Am-G, in open A tuning with the capo on the 3rd fret.

GeimywithaG 2 답글 연결
So happy I found this<3
wareruride 2 답글 연결
Sera Cahooneのクレジットから辿り着きました。
Michal Motyčka
Michal Motyčka 8 답글 연결
quite a bad movie, quite much, much better song
bazman05 답글 연결
The most memorable thing is a very forgettable movie!
Resmarax 답글 연결
Man, you have an awesome voice. The song was perfect for "Touchy Feely". You got talent man! Thanks!
Nel Bernari
Nel Bernari 답글 연결
Where can we find the tab :') ?
Nel Bernari
Nel Bernari 답글 연결
cause I want more and more and more.. !
HaeMill Jo
HaeMill Jo 답글 연결
정말 좋다. 다시 뭔가 시작할 수 있는 방
Samantha Goertz
Samantha Goertz 답글 연결
Totally agree. I'd almost given up.
kernondacob 1 답글 연결
"Have you ever wanted to kiss someone so badly that it made your skin hurt?"