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Cults - Go Outside
아티스트: Cults
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I really want to go out I really want to go outside and stop to see your day You really want to hole up You really want to stay inside and sleep the light away I really want to go out I really want to go outside and make it light all day You really want to hole up You really want to stay inside and not care where you lay Well I know what's good Exactly cause I have been there before Yeah I know what's good Exactly those things night cannot behold I really want to go out I really want to go outside and stop to see your day You really want to hole up You really want to stay inside and sleep the light away I think it's good to go out Cause if you don't you'll never make a memory that will stay I think that you should wake up I think I want to live my life and you're just in my way

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Z Ø Ɖ I Д K 답글 연결
good ol' jimmy
Raka Nanda
Raka Nanda 답글 연결
wanna start a cult w/ me?
What's up,
magnificent movie!
have a good day :)
Magnificent film!
have a good day :)
Maximus4587 답글 연결
In memory of the victims of the Jonestown mass suicide.
daniella lopez
daniella lopez 답글 연결
I never knew that the guy talking in the beginning was a clip from this. And now that I see this video I love the song so much more. When I learned about Jonestown I felt so sad it's tragic.
Tristan Charran
Tristan Charran 답글 연결
Guyanese here, hearing Port Kaituma (Amerindian name) mentioned, takes me back to primary school
Rusty Jr
Rusty Jr 답글 연결
Cam'ron brought me here. DIPSET!!
danny karel
danny karel 답글 연결
I can't believe she was there.... how did she survive???
J Brick
J Brick 답글 연결
It's been 6 years! Can't wait for Thursday night!
Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson 답글 연결
Dear Cults, please don't fuck with Manson. This was as close as you should get to evil. love, me
juan lopez
juan lopez 답글 연결
sang from a certain perspective that says . get taken get lied to. song plays into what could happen should you be blind and allow yourself to be part of something this horrible. not all reality is real. don't drink the juice..
Terrance WK
Terrance WK 답글 연결
I was 18 when this insanity happened. Still will never be able to comprehend Jones' insanity. Took many innocent people (914 if recall properly) with him when he departed for Hell.
Tayler Ramirez
Tayler Ramirez 답글 연결
Don't drink the Kool aid.
Warning: It's Me
Warning: It's Me 답글 연결
I just researched jonestown while listening to this...just wow
Mark Copeland
Mark Copeland 답글 연결
What a creepy video. Not saying they don't have a right to do it, but wow.........
キングなり 2 답글 연결
this song is better than all of the EDM songs
love like laughter
Aw man... !  One of my favourite songs... on Broad City !!! Friendship ! What is this Eyeball-Salty-Discharge ?
Troll Colate
Troll Colate 답글 연결
3:28 should make anyone tear up, what a tragedy.
micheal warren
micheal warren 답글 연결
Dont drink the cool aid...

Russell Greenleaf
Broad City brought me back, but MLB The Show '11 had me here first.
mymatt1 답글 연결
Broad City brought me here
sobeitjay 답글 연결
Here because of Broad City
losttribe3001 1 답글 연결
Too soon...too soon... :)
Andy Murray
Andy Murray 답글 연결
It's the first time ive seen this video ,it's very sad and shocking considering all the children seen... died with the words "Drink my children, drink" being the last words they would ever hear. Should never have been made into a music video !
Kelly Hogan
Kelly Hogan 답글 연결
This song was ahead of its time!
hnjaa 답글 연결
The weeknd... Outside
Lexx Phillips
Lexx Phillips 답글 연결
I've watched this three times today. Unsettling.
Everett Purnell
Everett Purnell 답글 연결
I'm like the only one here from MLB the show?
Jason Foussell
Jason Foussell 1 답글 연결
without question the most idiotic and blinded video in history. the moron producer didn't know the content of what he produced? and were the band members that stupid. what's the next video going to be? them dancing at auschwitz?

Golgi Apparatus
Golgi Apparatus 답글 연결
I just heard this song while playing little nightmares and I was like " hey I remember this song from a long time a go".
James M.
James M. 답글 연결
Awesome sound and a great images of Cults as if they were there.. Totally Awesome!
Dynamite 답글 연결
i love this video but i really hate the parts where they try to fit the lead singer in to the old videos
Ansaar Mohamed
Ansaar Mohamed 답글 연결
MLB 11 The Show nostalgia.
Greg Randolph
Greg Randolph 답글 연결
Christopher John Ferrer
The video in a church with some guy preaching and emotional worshippers seems normal---until I saw People's Temple. scared
Lorenzo Blacksher
Cults is such a sick band (that vocalist, gah what a gift), and this song grooves. But the video is just so dope af. So dark, right up my alley. Wish they didn't cut to Jonestown audio so much though, most of us know what happened there.
I've drank the Kool Aid either way on Cults.
Randomly Casual
Randomly Casual 답글 연결
ima work it like a pro, and you gone take it like one..
Kelvin Riddick
Kelvin Riddick 1 답글 연결
After researching this, which happened over 20 years before I was born, it made me really sad.
Maryjane Salazar
Maryjane Salazar 1 답글 연결
I use to love this video and song back in middle school it's trippy