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Mötley Crüe - Kickstart My Heart
아티스트: Mötley Crüe
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When I get high I get high on speed Top fuel funny car's A drug for me My heart, my heart Kickstart my heart Always got the cops Coming after me Custom built bike doing 103 My heart, my heart Kickstart my heart Ooh, are you ready girls? Ooh, are you ready now? Ooh, yeah Kickstart my heart Give it a start Ooh, yeah, baby Ooh, yeah Kickstart my heart Hope it never stops Ooh, yeah, baby Skydive naked From an aeroplane Or a lady with a Body from outerspace My heart, my heart Kickstart my heart Say I got trouble Trouble in my eyes I'm just looking for Another good time My heart, my heart Kickstart my heart Ooh, are you ready girls? Ooh, are you ready now? Ooh, yeah Kickstart my heart Give it a start Ooh, yeah, baby Ooh, yeah Kickstart my heart Hope it never stops Ooh, yeah, baby When we started this band All we needed, needed was a laugh Years gone by... I'd say we've kicked some ass When I'm enraged Or hittin' the stage Adrenaline rushing Through my veins And I'd say we're still kickin' ass Ooo, ahh, kickstart my heart Hope it never stops And to think, we did all of this... To rock Kickstart my heart

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Takebouzu타케시 剛志
🎤ジョニ〜 エ〜ス〜✌️✌️
Spartan 707
Spartan 707 답글 연결
Future Emmet “Mind if I Save Your Life?”
Present Emmet “Not at all”
Future Emmet “Rad”

I think that’s what they said lol!
Ryan’s rails and reviews 2007
I play this while playing racing games like nascar
brandon snow
brandon snow 답글 연결
Played this on my way to Texas and I ended up having my car doing 125 on the interstate. Luckily I didn't get a ticket or pulled over
Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea 답글 연결
Dumbest lyrics ever.
PhaSe Mac69
PhaSe Mac69 답글 연결
Me and the boys in Iran:
Who's here after Vince Neil Misheard Lyrics to fiqure out what he trying to sing
Captain FN
Captain FN 답글 연결
The office part: 3:33
Jake 24
Jake 24 1 답글 연결
Im going to make a NASCAR video about this
Cattywampuss Music
Stick to your guns
Jerryriggers 101
Jerryriggers 101 답글 연결
This was playing when I rolled my first livestock truck
123bum 답글 연결
Have you noticed a small deliveries
JSR Gaming
JSR Gaming 1 답글 연결
Literally cocaïne in music form
Niko Lang
Niko Lang 1 답글 연결
Me: rockin out to this song

Cop: do you know why I pulled you over today sir
Pinky Dank
Pinky Dank 답글 연결
4:05 "look at boy just the smacked the helll! House
Colby Bennett
Colby Bennett 답글 연결
I love this song bro.
Petromax 답글 연결
We tried this in the fire engine once, was the best run ever
Brummer911 Gaming
Any other 12 year olds who actually like good music
Dre ツ Arias
Dre ツ Arias 답글 연결
What would happen if this song is playing inside from a AE86?
Just think about...
rockstar_1209 답글 연결
Somebody please tell me what does he yell at the end?!! It sound like “HENTAIII!!!”

Jay Brown
Jay Brown 1 답글 연결
Motleycrue kick start my heart.
A Drunk Steelers Fan
To think. These guys were talking about meth. Speed (methamphetamine) is super uncool now. Crazy. I love motley crue. I'm 23, and they're my favorite band. I can't believe they got away with what they did tho. I wish I lived in the 80s. (Please share your 80s stories here)
Blake Jefferson
Blake Jefferson 답글 연결
Talladega Nights and Sponge on the Run brought me here
Витя Витя
Мотли крю это класс.
Kayden Paulk
Kayden Paulk 답글 연결
Daniel Waggoner
Daniel Waggoner 답글 연결
1.4k people are definitely gay
OrganicSwagg 답글 연결
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson 답글 연결
I just got told to turn this down .... all I heard was unplug your headphones so everyone can hear 🤘🏻
Zundex34 답글 연결
Gran turismo 3
harter kern
harter kern 답글 연결
They stole the intro -riff and some chord progressions and a lot more almost exactly from The Sweet - Hellraiser (1973), which shows me what great band The Sweet was.

I always knew, that Mötley Crüe were a bunch of idiots, kind of.
And BTW, Mötley Crüe were essentially a copy of The Sweet - on crack.

iluvmusic62 답글 연결
This song could be a great goal song for an NHL team or home run song for a major league baseball team .
Shadow Wolf12
Shadow Wolf12 답글 연결
If this doesn't get your blood pumping I don't know what will
Grebel800 Gaming
Grebel800 Gaming 답글 연결
Please be 18
Ganassi Racing
Ganassi Racing 답글 연결
Hey driver look at these! Please be 18
Ferromex SD70ACe
Ferromex SD70ACe 3 답글 연결
PRO TIP: When you get to the end of the song just go back to the start.
NUK 3 1 답글
Thanks. This tip improved my life to 100%
GunAGum 답글
ratbunny 1 답글 연결
Ssssooo, there's a girl that's a grade above me; she's hella pretty, and we usually talk in the halls and in gym class. I was at the homecoming dance and I was hanging out with her. We were so persistent with the DJ at the dance, trying to get him to play this, but he didn't. So, we were waiting afterwards, outside for each of our dads to cone get us. So we just listened to this on my phone while we waited. Now this song just makes me think of her.
Ganassi Racing
Ganassi Racing 답글 연결
Talladgea Nights
Moses Sin
Moses Sin 답글 연결
Lars Shaun Kvistgaard
Yes indeed
MattsARocknRolla 답글 연결
Saw them live back in 2007. The only thing that saved their performance was tommy lee. Man that guy can really play the drums
NUK 3 1 답글
What about Mick? He is such a great guitarisst