Smells Like Freedoms

Louder Productions Music - Smells Like Freedoms
아티스트: Louder Productions Music

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Jeremy Mancarel
Jeremy Mancarel 답글 연결
54markl 답글 연결
"Freedoms." When those no-forehead gun monkeys say it, it makes your skin crawl.
54markl 답글 연결
This sounds like the Fascist Coup that the Libertarian Zombies keep talking about. But they're going to have to go through Sheriff Rick.
Tavok1 답글 연결
The image used here,for anyone who is interested, is "Cosmic Shoals" by Ryan Bliss @ digitalblasphemy̥,com
Marcos Sater
Marcos Sater 답글 연결
Im go to play black ops 2 from this song,its very scaryyy shitt, One Luv !
Xerxes Animations
Xerxes Animations
Nice man
Teko Mamuladze
Teko Mamuladze 답글 연결
kai dzlieri songia :X