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Beyoncé & André 3000 - Back to Black
아티스트: Beyoncé & André 3000
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[Verse 1: Andre 3000] I, I, I left no time to regret Kept my dick wet with that same old bet Oooh you You and your head high and your tears dry Get on without your guy and I, I, I went back to a new So far removed from all that we went through And you and you you, you tread a troubled track Your odds are always stacked, you'll go back to black [Hook: Andre 3000] We only said goodbye with words I died a hundred times I go back to her and you go back to, (you go back to) [Verse 2: Beyonce] I, I loved you much, it's not enough I love blow and you love puff And life, is like a pipe And I'm a tiny penny rollin' up the walls inside [Hook: Beyonce] We only said goodbye with words I died a hundred times You go back to her and I go back to We only said goodbye with words I died a hundred times You go back to her And I go back to, I go back to black

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Punk Luckey
Punk Luckey 답글 연결
Beyonce butchered this song. She changed Amy's lyrics around. This is horrible. Straight disrespectful to the dead.
Raj Miah
Raj Miah 5 답글 연결
I wish they released as a single
hi i'm lau
hi i'm lau 2 답글 연결
i love this
lolosmusic08 good
lolosmusic08 good 3 답글 연결
I'm glad people find the guitar riffs pretty amazing and unusual which it is you know why cause those chords amy came up with just some insight they are using the original chords which if you listen closely to the original are found there
ruachuhua wachallamed
jeah commo
arsi ran
arsi ran 2 답글 연결
good music does exist 
Jennifer Porras
Jennifer Porras 2 답글 연결
Love it: )
Raw genius! Explosive emotion. Love it!
Destiny Guichard
Destiny Guichard 7 답글 연결
no one will ever do this song justice like Amy Winehouse ..... i'm Defiantly not a fan of this rendition .....
Bay Bay
Bay Bay 7 답글
@Jose Nava Are you serious?
Jose Nava
Jose Nava 3 답글
Who's that?
Nessa Davis-Henry
Nessa Davis-Henry 2 답글 연결
One of the things that Baz is real good at(beside making movies) how he can take music we know and get the right people to do the covers and make totally off the wall/Brilliant covers for his movies!
Texan 답글 연결
Beyonce ruined a perfectly good song. SMH
Sara Night
Sara Night 답글 연결
Check out my Cover :D
Tendai Nyika
Tendai Nyika 2 답글 연결
Any negativity away, this version is amaZing and so is Amy's, but this one suited what type of movie it'll would be put in, if they'd put Amy's that would be too slow, and strangely the lyrics would slow the movie down because this version cut some out!!!!!
Erwin Rommel
Erwin Rommel 3 답글 연결
Wub wub wub
kemimonster2 답글 연결
i saw ande 3000 in atlanta georgia on my vacation.
Envy Munguia
Envy Munguia 답글 연결
Amy's was better, way better...
mandyroxurworld 1 답글 연결
I love Amy Winehouse's version- but this is still pretty amazing! They made it their own, which I think is all you can ask an artist to do when covering a song...and Drake's voice, holy hell that is hot
Irisevelynn 답글 연결
eeeww. If she was still alive this would not have happened,
celerystalker19 답글 연결
nobody was forgetting, for sure. just have a look through the comments..
Djsolaur 답글 연결
without her this song wouldn't exist whether you're an Amy Winehouse fan or not have some respect man...

Harry Potter
Harry Potter 1 답글 연결
lets not forget nobody gives a fuck. and also that this version is better
Belitta Gebreyes
Belitta Gebreyes 답글 연결
Let's not forget that this is AMY WINEHOUSE'S SONG!!!!!!!!
Erica K
Erica K 답글 연결
Did a contemporary combo to this!!! It was a perfect song!!!! Love it!!
Ezgi Guclu
Ezgi Guclu 2 답글 연결
Beyonce's voice is perfection ♥
curlyMarina Yay
curlyMarina Yay 답글 연결
I like andres Verse alot. Its so good.
Agatha Grigorian
Agatha Grigorian 답글 연결
i like it not bad
Alice Lebouef
Alice Lebouef 답글 연결
Andre 3000 ft Beyonce.
lasmi belmar
lasmi belmar 답글 연결
wtf did they do with this great song !?!?!
John Monahan
John Monahan 답글 연결
Andre > Big Boi. The end.
Audun 답글 연결
I don't get why people get so mad. If you don't like it then don't listen to it. I like both versions and I think that Beyonce did great.

Audun 답글 연결
I like this.
Levi Well
Levi Well 답글 연결
"By the end of last summer, Gatsby was Front. Page. News."
lovingme57 답글 연결
I think it something never really heard of. It makes a new kind of sound and feeling with it.
Marcos Jacinto Cruz
This is disgusting, they ruined bestia Winehouse's song.
Reckor 답글 연결
For once Beyonce made real music
Shannon Brooks
Shannon Brooks 답글
Reckor u don’t know Beyoncé so just do me a favour and shut up!
tracybabe13 답글 연결
I really liked this.
AkyvashaAuhm 답글 연결
It took a few listens after the first but this is really growing on me :)
CuppaChai11 답글 연결
Hated this when I first heard it, and now after a few listens I LOVE andre 3000's bit. I think it completely makes the song and gives it that extra dimension.
Unorthodox Hooligan
well imo he didnt