Also sprach Zarathustra

Richard Strauss - Also sprach Zarathustra
아티스트: Richard Strauss
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Cecilia Castillo
Cecilia Castillo 답글 연결
Así habló Zaratustra, Strauss, Turner, 2001: Odisea en el Espacio. Hermosa combinación.
Javier Arvelo-Cruz-Santana
Only YouTube can break a piece of music twice to sell us something.

Jose Sales
Jose Sales 답글 연결
That intro sounds like an intro and an outro at the same time
Foggy Day
Foggy Day 답글 연결
No one:
Literally no one:
Literally fucking no one:
Not even a single soul:

Idiots: oPeN uP tHe poD bAy dOoRs haL
NexusPlays 답글 연결
Ich lehre euch den Übermenschen
J.J. Rousseau
J.J. Rousseau 답글 연결
is everything called "Thus Zoroaster spoke" should be great like that?
david yonker
david yonker 답글 연결
YouTube needs to cut it out with these ads
Rashad 답글 연결
Michael Neumann
Michael Neumann 답글 연결
.....Geniales Meisterwerk.
Massimo Battistin
Germany should be remembered not just for evil of Nazism but for having also offered to human mankind such a deep, moving, timeless music.
Ramin Rasouli
Ramin Rasouli 답글 연결
Is this about the famous book by Nietzsche ? Does it have anything to do with the prophet Zoroaster?
Euphorion _
Euphorion _ 답글
Yes, it is, and yes, it does.
karadiberlino 1 답글 연결
Oh great, with ads in between.
Robert Chevarier
Robert Chevarier 답글 연결
I find that the version of William Steinberg is worse than this one which is more dynamic and more "colorful" in particular.
Andrew Francisco
Andrew Francisco 답글 연결
All hail the Antichrist!
Frederico Rocha
Frederico Rocha 답글 연결
Solophent II
Solophent II 답글 연결
Twenty-thousand years from now, our far-distant descendants will conceive of a piece of media in which this piece will play, while detailed is the story of the first human to make the Realization; to take the first step out-of-time; to transcend Flesh.
Anonymous said:
Anonymous said: 답글 연결
who's watching in 2001?
saquic99 답글 연결
Even the name of this song sounds like it's from space
Schopenhauer Ass Plower
Is there any better demonstration of consumerism’s destruction of the soul of art than this beautiful music being interrupted by a shitty advert?
KJ Fleming
KJ Fleming 답글 연결

Cornbread IsBetterThanPizza
Its nice it starts with Rick Flair's theme. Nice omage to a great wrestler.
Red Egg
Red Egg 답글
Gagu hahaha
DragonSniper23 답글 연결
aka the song that's used in almost every single sci-fi movie
Pangeaner 1 답글 연결
"I was never revolutionary. The only revolutionary in our time was Strauss!"

Albert Guilmont
Albert Guilmont 1 답글 연결
Anyone else had a Star Wars goose bumps while listening it?
Don truckbuddha
Don truckbuddha 답글 연결
The music is great, its so sad its been ruined by so many ad's.
Dylan Frost
Dylan Frost 답글 연결
Thanks ads for fucking with my relaxation
Y P 답글 연결
Bravo for your choice!. Sir G. Solti's recording with the Chicago sym. guarantees a transparent,crystal clear sound & an accurate score reading & interpretation.
Giulio Grippi
Giulio Grippi 답글 연결
The Human Being.
Aleks Scudeler
Aleks Scudeler 답글 연결
inserte name
inserte name 답글 연결

Prithu 답글 연결
Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra brought me here.
Julian Müller
Julian Müller 답글 연결
People who put advertisment on classical music should get kil... you know what i mean...
navinkb100 답글 연결

What's that?

A metamorphic stone rising from the blackness of negative Earth?

A towering behemoth of monstrosity brought down by extraterrestrial powers?

Or a giant monolith of death, Hell-bent on the annihilation of humankind, time and all mater?

No, it's the AC adapter for a ColecoVision...

Justas 답글 연결
Vast is the sea, its waves reaching horizons far and wide; eternal is the radiance of its azure womb. And so let us ride this moment and dash forth, swift as light, quick as a star eternal. Hear my plea, and grant this one wish: the world longs for an era of peace; days that know not strife. In a world where only peace is lord, and men join hands in liberty… Allow me to sing but this, O Maiden: 
Let the flow of Time halt in its tracks! For the world is but a shade beneath your beauty!
I wish upon your unending star – guide me to heights unknown, O Maiden!
Atziluth— Res Novae— Also Sprach Zarathustra!
Pouffecal 답글 연결
Rha putain, après l'intro célèbre utilisée par "2001", qui vous met en condition, il y a ce passage "Von den Hinterweltlern"" avec les cordes divisées et là, je lévite carrément...
Lmclean89 3 답글 연결
It's crazy to think that someone philosophised so greatly yet so distinctly that he could inspire this masterpiece in turn.
Ron Wood
Ron Wood 답글 연결
GTFO with this commercials!!!!
Noah P
Noah P 답글 연결
The single best walk up song in baseball.
M Talha Khalid
M Talha Khalid 답글 연결
A space odacy
Harold Flower
Harold Flower 1 답글 연결
So....this wasn’t written for 2001