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Evermore - Follow the Sun
아티스트: Evermore
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Come in close to the fire now I want to see you a little brighter now So take my hand as we turn to the wind and don’t let go We walk a world that’s turning love The destination is the journey love So take my hand as we turn to the wind and don’t let go Let’s follow the sun until the shadows fade Cross the desert till we find our place Think of where you’re going not where you’ve come from Just lift your eyes and follow the sun I saw you in a dream last night Amongst a crowd of black and white And as you smiled colors burst into life and shadows go I couldn’t turn this heart to stone And banish all of my feelings I’ve shown Through thick and thin, rain and wind Darling you won’t be alone Let’s follow the sun until the shadows fade Cross the desert till we find our place Think of where you’re going not where you’ve come from Just lift your eyes and follow the sun

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Mario Ayala
Mario Ayala 답글 연결
Most underrated song ever
Jam Pez
Jam Pez 답글 연결
underrated af
Jesse 5 답글 연결
How hasn't this got millions of views??
Zach Wolf
Zach Wolf 답글
The end is near
The end is near 2 답글 연결
The world needs more of the energy in this song.
Matthew Vasta
Matthew Vasta 답글 연결
i found this coz it was played in the credits after avatar
Adam Stanley
Adam Stanley 답글 연결
Prob one of my favourite songs ever!!. Brought here from the croods years ago
AussieBattler46 답글 연결
love the singers vocals all his songs are heart felt
Waseem 1 답글 연결
This deserves so much more views. This song is the definition of a feel good song.
James mincham
James mincham 답글 연결
Love this song it's so beautiful and awesome!.
tty j
tty j 1 답글 연결
its called a harmony
Khangzar 답글 연결
vocal stems? I wanna remix plz
Edson Alcala
Edson Alcala 1 답글 연결
somebody want to explain me what is the meaning of this song? Or what do you think it is :) thanks
HyTyde 답글
It tell us our story about how far we have come and all the good times we have had
Cryolophysis 1 답글 연결
this is my favorite song, zoo tycoon 2 actually brought me here 
tootletubs 답글 연결
this is still like my favourite song omg
Sophie Wright
Sophie Wright 답글 연결
this song is gold
Kristopher Honor-Wilson
This is one of my 4 favourite songs that you guys have next to Light Surrounding You, Hey Boys and Girls and Running
john k
john k 3 답글 연결
Hello from Salt Lake City UT 
I mainly listen to THE BEATLES,Pink Floyd , 60's 70's 80's song-Ido have to say that I like this song..
Nasir Khan
Nasir Khan 6 답글 연결
Got hooked to it a year back watching HBO promo and still love this track
msj56 답글
haha me too!
Caelum Boyce
Caelum Boyce 답글 연결
For all you people who think he says "lift your eyes" it is actually "leave your eyes".
Quite artistic video if you think about it.
MrsRight 1 답글 연결
I'm here because I love this song! (And my cousin is in the film clip, famous by association! LOL)

MrMarkocroatia 2 답글 연결
I am a huge Evermore fan.
MrMarkocroatia 답글 연결
I quite like this track but in my opinion there are 10 superior ones on the album. Goodness, you got the wrong idea.
Bradley Carr
Bradley Carr 답글 연결
No i would do it :)
Bradley Carr
Bradley Carr 1 답글 연결
It's cuz its not a american/british band
Isaiha Wilder
Isaiha Wilder 답글 연결
Im here because i heard this song on an HBO promo and loved it........Its amazing!!!!!!!!
Awkward Emma
Awkward Emma 4 답글 연결
Im here because of the croods. Thanks disney (y)
Kim Mai
Kim Mai 답글 연결
I came here because they followed me on twitter and wanted to see whether it was worth bragging out, does that sound selfish?
Freya Britnell
Freya Britnell 답글 연결
Who else found this song from The Croods :D
Maja Kušter
Maja Kušter 답글 연결
they followed me on twitter and i was like, who are they? but i like them now
jakelazaro39 1 답글 연결
The Croods brought me here..... :)

MrMarkocroatia 답글 연결
Weakest song on the album
Michael Ellery
Michael Ellery 답글 연결
Looks like Clive Owen at 1:40
Emble7 답글 연결
That looked like a lot of fun!!
Brendan Johnson
Brendan Johnson 답글 연결
too good
Mr BandoBucks
Mr BandoBucks 답글 연결
Like if you came here after the HBO trailer.
BigTime 답글 연결
Yes they are Christians. Played on some Christian radio. Positive messages in lyrics. But they're a secular band
Jon Gudeman
Jon Gudeman 답글 연결
Sure are :D
Jon Gudeman
Jon Gudeman 답글 연결
This song is spectacular!
Jaq Avery
Jaq Avery 답글 연결
Fun behind the scenes info: We were freezing cold and tired, waiting around ages in the middle of a paddock with our hands full of powder paint, then when we were allowed to start throwing it, it suddenly became the most fun thing ever.
Khoa Le
Khoa Le 답글
Yes we were freezing only in our t-shirts lol but the fun kept the cold away. And we destroyed a little piece of their paddock, about 20 ppl running around.
Jaq Avery
Jaq Avery 답글 연결
Why do you say that?