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Pitbull - Mr. Worldwide
아티스트: Pitbull

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[Pitbull:] Vein! (Let's go) Let's welcome everybody to Planet Pit And show 'em what worldwide music is [Chorus: Vein] Why you think they call me Mr. Worldwide? Let's show 'em why they call me Mr. Worldwide Why you think they call me Mr. Worldwide? Let's show 'em why they call me Mr. Worldwide Hold up!... Cause bitch I'm worldwide [Pitbull:] I-I-I-I'm involved in the music business But the funny thing is, half of these fools Don't know music, don't know business Have no business in music, what is this? I learned from the best, stayed away from the worst Now I send off every verse in a hearse Now the every day is 15th and the 1st No more food stamps - church These boys can't get past (3rd Bass) They a bunch of (MC's Serch'n) I can care less and you can give A fat baby's ass if they car's got curtains They rap for the block, I speak to the globe I got them models, they holla at them hoes Better do your homework papito I took the, three-oh-five, worldwide I took the, three-oh-five, worldwide ["wide" repeats] [Chorus]

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Mr. Worldwide handsome!

- Kim JeokJin
Nenad Rajkovic
Nenad Rajkovic 2 답글 연결
Anthem of Mr.Justin Y. ...
lindsay cartes
lindsay cartes 답글 연결
Mr worweha!!!!!! Mami ta dura mr wowehaa!!!
Geneva Padua
Geneva Padua 답글 연결
royalomg's intro
Cyprex 14 답글 연결
When you donate 5 cents to starving kids in africa:
Unconscious 답글
Arabian Warrior
Arabian Warrior 답글 연결
They say running man and i came here from al-ken taj alryadh
suresh Sabbineni
suresh Sabbineni 답글 연결
coz bitch hahaha😂😂😂
mestiri baha
mestiri baha 1 답글 연결
the best
Roma Kelly
Roma Kelly 2 답글 연결
I love you so much
Burgerdiver Banando Dansparce
Mr. Worldwide sounds like a Bond Villain name. Just saying.
Wholesomest Artist
Wholesomest Artist 답글
tigerchip 2 답글 연결
ᑕ0ᘔ ᗷITᑕᕼ I'ᗰ ᗯ00ᖇᒪᗪᗪ ᗯ1ᗪ3
Hey You!
Hey You! 답글 연결
omg my brother is soo attached 2 dis song and he like '' play worldwide your music for nerds like yo ''
Leon BaseSlots
Leon BaseSlots 답글
Hey You! :)
Yahi Laid
Yahi Laid 5 답글 연결
I love this music and pit
Arian Dorraji
Arian Dorraji 답글 연결
i love the back round music
saki yokomin
saki yokomin 답글
I love it all
Stella Luu
Stella Luu 9 답글 연결
Running Man brought me here 😄
Neha Mathai
Neha Mathai 2 답글
Same 😀
Danielle Klaff
Danielle Klaff 답글 연결
ASAP 20 답글 연결
I love this song because reminds me of "The incredible Burt Wonderstone"!!!
Саванна Джо
Саванна Джо 답글
Omg SOO right!!!!!!
@Musiclover4life lol i love the movie so much ma first movie i saw in english xD
Air Force Metalhead 🤘
Air Force Metalhead 🤘 3 답글
Isaiah Nyreen
Isaiah Nyreen 1 답글 연결
love it!
KickKass SA
KickKass SA 24 답글 연결
No ONE call him Mr.WrldWide only him 
Leon BaseSlots
Leon BaseSlots 답글
Bønfire, I agree with you! :D
눈송이Snowflake 2 답글
Hey dude..that's healthy to think that your mr.WotldWide! It's important for yourself & protection!!! If your haters tell you that your ugly or something.....You will tell them : Oh, lol R U talking to be, bitch? - Coz Im mr.WorldWide!!!! And you will laugh at haters - know that you're World Wide..!!! ✨🕊️
- Understand me?!
Priyam Srivastava
Priyam Srivastava 19 답글 연결
mr worldwide!!!!!!
Richard Bobo
Richard Bobo 1 답글
@Aarthi Krishnan ".cause bitch i'm worldwide" cit
Aarthi Krishnan
Aarthi Krishnan 답글
Huh... Vry funny
Priyam Srivastava
Priyam Srivastava 답글
ask him only
Aarthi Krishnan
Aarthi Krishnan 2 답글
y does pitbull use MR WORLDWIDE in all his songs??

Esmeralda Leon
Esmeralda Leon 4 답글 연결
What does loz mean ..... laughing....out......zebras
John Lamond
John Lamond 답글
Esmeralda Leon what are u 6?
Zoey M
Zoey M 4 답글 연결
this is the best pitbull song lol
asiudominick12 1 답글 연결
I hate this song
눈송이Snowflake 답글
Unconscious 답글
Why do you think they call him Mr.Worldwide?
John Lamond
John Lamond 답글
asiudominick12 yes
asiudominick12 1 답글 연결
I hate this song
Jen LaTour
Jen LaTour 6 답글 연결
love the song loz lol
John Lamond
John Lamond 답글
Jen LaTour no
Gothic Moon
Gothic Moon 1 답글 연결
this is my fighters song on wwe 13 haha best song ever! :D
Pedro Cardoza
Pedro Cardoza 답글 연결
Y they call me me worldwide XD love this sng
Azzed Derg
Azzed Derg 1 답글 연결
so cooooooooooool
Shai Goss
Shai Goss 3 답글 연결
Love the song
David Luong
David Luong 답글 연결

O000H BitCH I'M W00RLdd W1D3
Smae here!
Mai Hassan
Mai Hassan 답글 연결
Cuz bitch im worldwide LOL!!!
Alexander Hewett
Alexander Hewett 답글 연결
ur mums mrs worldwide
Peeta 답글 연결
Thumbs Up if you just bought the CD!:P
TheRaikouGuy 1 답글 연결
The incredible burt wonderstone <3
PianoGeek1808 답글 연결
Pretty Much :/
Hectorferjr2 답글 연결
Yeah since December 22, 2012
Cseke Ákos
Cseke Ákos 1 답글 연결
Ooooh yeah me too :P :D
Sithum Nirmal
Sithum Nirmal 1 답글 연결
me tooo