Oh My God 가사

Jay-Z - Oh My God
아티스트: Jay-Z

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[Intro] You are tuned in To the greatest Young H-O-V Let's go get em again, Just (Oh my God, HOV) [Verse 1] Pops sped off, left mom with a bundle of Joy, ya boy smacked dab in the jungle Took tunnel vision, but he would soon become a mogul But first he brought that crack back like a yo-yo Don't play with my yo-yo, loco niggas in the hood First niggas hating on me, it's all good I'm buying things like my shit don't stink, Gucci links and Gucci gooses Watching too many movies, bulletproof this Had some nerve, like pulling tooth'ses When you're 16, coming through roofless Yea your boy "ruthless", like Ice Cube was Turn the whole city on, I'm the new plug So if this is your first time hearing this You're about to experience someone so cold A journey seldom seen, the American dream From the bottom to the top of the globe they call me Hov [Hook] They gunning for me, wanna see me fall You know my story, I've been through it all Night's I've felt like dying, but I ain't crying What didn't kill me, made me strong as iron Iron, iron (Oh my God, Hov) [Verse 2] Now I'm knee deep in the concrete Like a street's made a quicksand, it's beyond deep I got a "chemical romance", two left feet So now I dance with the devil, please G-O-D Save me from the "black parade", release me My life like Grand Theft Auto, PSP I'm in that Volvo, puffing on that la-la Ducking from the po-po, everytime I drive by Say hi to the bad guy, all my momma's friends was like "Mmm, mmm, mmm" would you just look at him So sorry dear momma for your embarrasment But give me a couple years and pray I'll never sin again Got all these rival dealers trying to do me in And all these little rappers don't know how prepared for them I am (I am) I'm feelin like the world's against me Lord Call me crazy, but strangely I love the odds [Hook] They gunning for me, wanna see me fall You know my story, I've been through it all Night's I've felt like dying, but I ain't crying What didn't kill me, made me strong as iron Iron, iron (Oh my God, Hov) [Verse 3] Now these baby ballers, toy rappers Callin out my name to bring the boy backwards Shooting air-balls at the basket What you call money, I pay more in taxes I got crowned king down in Africa Out in Nigeria, do you have any idea Sold out shows out in Seoul, Korea Jo'burg, Dublin, Tanzania Lunch with Mandela, dinner with Cavalli Still got time to give water out to everybody Everybody, fall back Y'all rapping, I'm reenacting CNN, you see it's accurate ESPN, see me in action Monday night's, when the half ends When you 10 years in, holla back then [Hook] They gunning for me, wanna see me fall You know my story, I've been through it all Night's I've felt like dying, but I ain't crying What didn't kill me, made me strong as iron Iron, iron (Oh my God, Hov) (Good Lord, good Lord, good Lord Good Lord, I said I feeeeeeeeeeeel like I'm dyiiiiiiiing)

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GeorgianMoBster 답글 연결
Gnagster Squads remix is better
SmokeFan2014 답글 연결
Gangster Squad brought me here!
Dave S
Dave S 답글 연결
You kids and this trash! this isn't jay z it is just flooding google if you search the original song (Which puts this TRASH to SHAME). learn to rap u fucking loser leave this shit to jay and dont steal his beats u half assed rapper. die please.
Travis Porter
Travis Porter 답글 연결
I heard this instrumental on 1 of Crooked I's hip hop weekly mixtapes. He did 52 in a year!
Cosmic Queen
Cosmic Queen 2 답글 연결
After listening to this, I feel like a super badass mafioso.
Mary Daniel
Mary Daniel 1 답글 연결
lol right and your so a hustler 'ima ima a hustler' j.
Mider-Span Man
Mider-Span Man 8 답글 연결
The Iverson documentary brought me here.
Rubens julio ramos
Rubens julio ramos 답글
Mider-Span Man. Me too
Clarence m
Clarence m 5 답글 연결
oh hell naw smh... Click bait ass MC's smh....
Kyle Holler
Kyle Holler 14 답글 연결
ganster squad is underrated
Violetspider 답글
because stupid Hollywood. I mean... batman/ superman / spiderman / stupidman. cartoons and anime are better than those.
Gabe Collins
Gabe Collins 답글
Kyle Holler you're right.
Albert Walderhaug
Albert Walderhaug 답글
Amen to that.
Nabeel Khan
Nabeel Khan 3 답글 연결
this looks amazing in the gangster squad...
Jerry Willard
Jerry Willard 답글 연결
nah brah nah
Teringventje 2 답글 연결
This aint jay z or what
Jason Case
Jason Case 29 답글 연결
Used in gangster squad othrrwise i wouldnt know this song at all.
Awesome Sunhatted Seal Productions
+Jason Case true
Jason Case
Jason Case 답글
+Reno van zanten or more like some people refuse to make up their own minds.
Awesome Sunhatted Seal Productions
+Jason Case welp, some people just don't know how to review
Jason Case
Jason Case 답글
+Reno van zanten it always amazes me that some persons view movie critics reviews as another gospel.
Awesome Sunhatted Seal Productions
+Jason Case damn those people
Marty West
Marty West 1 답글 연결
hay omg good work it's a known fact that the black need to hear the positive feed back /a straight flex the hard track /look for som of the producer just blaze shit/ katz done plenty of work for that marcy jigga/just one night wit beyonce'/no more stupid ass names like blue ivory/How stupid can a rich motherfucker be?
OZHKAR1 답글 연결
nice one!
E.a Doe
E.a Doe 답글 연결
@foreveryoubg4u2 Thank you
E.a Doe
E.a Doe 답글 연결
@ Nikolett thank you! If you want to hear more, follow the links.
E.a Doe
E.a Doe 답글 연결
@Maciek I appreciate it. The original was our inspiration
E.a Doe
E.a Doe 답글 연결
Thanks to all who listen & leave comments. If you want to hear more music follow the links

E.a Doe
E.a Doe 답글 연결
@mericamanable thanks, stilling hard
Maciek Lipowczan
Maciek Lipowczan 답글 연결
better than the original one! Great job guys!
Neon Nightmare
Neon Nightmare 답글 연결
Dope! way better than the original!
Mizuchi aka. Grizz
What is the name of the original song, the one the chick singing and the instrumentals come from
Paul Irle
Paul Irle 답글 연결
Paul Irle
Paul Irle 답글 연결
whats music
Sam Legacy
Sam Legacy 답글 연결
Couldn't understand what they were saying. Too much slurring and mumbling
Epicashy 답글 연결
Gangster Squad!!!
chrisac78 답글 연결
Gangster Squad Baby!!!!!!
Yash Agrawal
Yash Agrawal 답글 연결
damn dude, ur good

Robert Anthony Perona
Reminds me of Slaughterhouse...
E.a Doe
E.a Doe 답글 연결
@Claire I chopped it from the song
Claire Boyan
Claire Boyan 답글 연결
Where do I get the instrumental?!
E.a Doe
E.a Doe 답글 연결
I chopped the instrumental from the song
E.a Doe
E.a Doe 답글 연결
Gangster squad brought you here but if you took the time to listen to the track I appreciate it. We working hard in NC. Some follow lanes we are carving them.
Johnny Vulture
Johnny Vulture 1 답글 연결
Im surprise ya from the south.... thats what im talking about hip hop right here lyrics.... ya keep it up son. Nyc to ya nigga who take lyrics serious. (BtW I never comment on anyone videos) keep it up son!!!
Viking 답글 연결
Nice ^^
Jalenrose38 1 답글 연결
were can i find the instrumental to this! and yea gangster squad brought me here l
KennyxFear 답글 연결
Legit! Gangsta squad brang me here
corey whittemore
corey whittemore 답글 연결
Lower the back ground music a lil and it's a good song