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James Brown & 2Pac - Unchained
아티스트: James Brown & 2Pac
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[Hook: 2Pac] Am I wrong, cause I wanna get it on till I die? Am I wrong, cause I wanna get it on till I die? Get it on, till I die, get it on, till I die Y’all, y’all remember me Y’all, y’all remember me [James Brown] Sold me out, taking change Told me your name, we had all the lanes Held me down [Sample] Last chance, fancy pants Oh very well *gunshot* [James Brown] Gotta get ready, want a big payback The payback! Hey, hey [Hook] [Sample] I like the way you die, boy [Verse: 2Pac] Only wish to breed, I explode into a million seeds Ya’ll remember me, legendary live eternally Bury me in pieces cause they fear reincarnation Niggas screaming peace cause they fear when my squad face ‘em Take them to places, stake they face Then erase ‘em and brake ‘em Murder motherfucker’s at a rate and then quicken the pace Blast me but never ask me to live a lie Am I wrong cause I wanna get it on till I die Now even if you blind you still see my prophecy My destiny to overthrow those on top of me Bitch made niggas and that bullshit you go through Outlawz busting busting, we untouchable [Hook] [Outro: 2pac] Expect me like you expect Jesus to come back Expect me nigga, I’m comin, hahaha

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Divine Cursader Gaming
I said I like the way you died boy when I played RDR2
Homayoun Abbas
Homayoun Abbas 답글 연결
goddamn it dutch this ain't Tahiti
Armando Salgado
Armando Salgado 답글 연결
WTF is this?!?!
luka topuria
luka topuria 답글 연결
lookin for freeeedomm 😂❤️
BRad From The Valley
It's happening I am about to reveal the master, the Lord was killed in LA the rose parade is a mockery of the walk of Christ, Big Poppy the Blues Man, The Future was already hear. The Master Van Cleef is Jimmy the Brick layer.
Pro Gaming
Pro Gaming 1 답글 연결
Looks like Red Dead Redemption with those effects
stefan x
stefan x 1 답글 연결
This tupac guy is gonna blow up.
Hes the next big thing im convinved.
Shiva Srinivasan
Shiva Srinivasan 답글 연결
So Griz sampled this
ashot avagyan
ashot avagyan 답글 연결
Please what is film name?
Just A Nerd
Just A Nerd 1 답글 연결
"I was the adult eating happy meals"
Dimitri.L. Clark.
why mess around ramzi
Videogamedunkey is better than 2pac (it's a joke)
eiccy 2 답글 연결
Petters on the low
StHeEm0rE’s DaNk
Awesome I can’t wait for Tupacs new album!
Louiz Trapstar 777
Louiz Trapstar 777 2 답글 연결
I like the way you die, boy
OmegaGamer 답글 연결
Cheetoboi Jackson
I was the adult eating happy meals
Emmanuel 13 Vazquez Hernandez
Like si veniste por la canción del intro de silvio gamer
Briizaa Briizadoo
Red dead Redemption 2, Like👍
memelord 답글 연결
3 pac was better

clean 답글 연결
Man we petters on the low
양준원 답글 연결
i like to way you die, boy
orlando goncalves
2pac vivant
Kit kat & Twix channel
0:48 какой ДиКаприо красавчик, я не могу
Daveyon Darnell Sr.
R.I.P. Legends 💯💯💯
OmegaGamer 답글 연결
احتشام شیرازی
The D is silent motherfkrs
Matthew Vasser
Matthew Vasser 답글 연결
No comments about Brother James?
Dank Star
Dank Star 답글 연결
This guy "Tupac" maybe one day he will became famous
Immanismjr 답글
zNyce FN YouTube comment perfectly resemble the cancers of this world. Quantity over quality, everyone riding the same horse till it’s dead and being ignorant about those who came before and built the foundation.
zNyce FN
zNyce FN 1 답글
no one thinks ur funny
Magnum 답글 연결
man we petters on the low

Big-Al 1 답글 연결
This is one of Tupac's most recent song, I wonder how they did it.
Damon McGeachy
Damon McGeachy 답글 연결
This is hot!!
CPA 답글 연결
Pac is a rap God.
Infinity Mixtapes
My soul left my body during this scene
Yuri 답글
That was the best shootout scene ever
Coach Bobby Wilson
Coach Bobby Wilson 1 답글 연결
Lt Kyle Hicks
Lt Kyle Hicks 답글 연결
Did somebody ring the dinkster ?
saleh gamer
saleh gamer 1 답글 연결
Red Dead 2
Samira Adiva
Samira Adiva 답글 연결
Modo Ñema
Modo Ñema 답글 연결
How did they made this "new lyrics" from a dead man?
I always play this when I’m going into a hideout or doing a big shootout on RDR2