Dreams Come True

Brand X Music - Dreams Come True
아티스트: Brand X Music

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Uncle Funcle
Uncle Funcle 1 답글 연결
Perfect alarm clock.
Sébastien 1 답글 연결
hi, can i use this music please?
Nurse Makk
Nurse Makk 답글 연결
Like if you are here because of Anna Bessonova's Montage video.
Heartwing13 답글 연결
Can't wait for the Hbbit!
WilliamTheWJC 답글 연결
PhriendOfYours 답글 연결
0:46 - 1:25 That's what all the guys came for...
kelmorian178 답글 연결
Blind man, on a horse, wielding a sword, VERY dangerous. Ops, it's lion. My bad if I hurt any SENSITIVE souls out there. Nice spamming dumb asses.
mxrg 답글 연결
Of course, it's indicative of Justice. It CAN be hazardous to one's health, but it sure is damn metaphorically boss.
TheRockyCrowe 답글 연결
I feel like I went to Harry potter world.*chorus comes on* yep, I'm there...
Danilo Draskic
Danilo Draskic 답글 연결
Nope, it's a cat. ;D
Rafael Barbaresco
It is the Blazing Archon from Magic, the Gathering. "Through the haze of battle I saw the glint of sun on golden mane, the sheen of glory clad in mail, and I dropped my sword and wept at the idiocy of war." —Dravin, Gruul deserter
Pat Riley
Pat Riley 답글 연결
Nice Hecate' image in the second picture.
rafis117 답글 연결
Justice is blind. And has a goddamn lion. Obey the law.
kelmorian178 답글 연결
Dudes, you may find this comment OFFENSIVE to A LOT of INSENSITIVE people. You can ignore it but NOOooo...... You cannot even let go of a simple BLIND joke. In case you think i want attention? Guess what, you played right into it since you had to open the 'show comment' to see who suicunesrider is replying, and so, i gained ATTENTION from YOU, to YOUR dismay. I'm getting popular in the TOP COMMENT either way.
kelmorian178 답글 연결
Still, i'm not taking taking this off. Just to throw some spammers off.
Laura Lopez
Laura Lopez 답글 연결
And it's not a blind man, but the Justice !
goldenhumor 답글 연결
nonono dude its tottaly a walrus wtf are you looking at all i see is a walrus??!
Hobocommando 답글 연결
get in the car then
dude.... it's blazing archon form mtg
M Carreira
M Carreira 답글 연결
First Picture is Blazing Archon card form Magic The Gathering

Rachel M
Rachel M 답글 연결
Wait why does she need a flying horse when she already has wings? xD
Donnie Nelson
Donnie Nelson 답글 연결
Go die biatch. . .
kelmorian178 답글 연결
WHy can't the people get the BLIND joke? I worry for your mental health. Have some humors, helps you alot. DOn't you know that laughter is the best medicine? That's unless y'all have AIDs.
kelmorian178 답글 연결
Im not that blind.
devolted 답글 연결
it's a lion. you are the blind one
Edric L.
Edric L. 답글 연결
This is JUSTICE~!
kilsgb 답글 연결
A girl with wings on a horse with wings... :/
dennis13spartan 답글 연결
Fail safe ^^
HoopsAndDinoMan 답글 연결
Why does she need a flying horse when she has wings herself?
Acalndina 답글 연결
The lion's rider isn't the only person who's blind :P

GreyJediOP 답글 연결
wtf blindfolded guy that lions into some kinky shit
flamek05 답글 연결
Lion and the boy "For Narnia" Warrior Girl "Hmmmmm"
Maniamanea 답글 연결
@kelmorian178 Lions, now horses.
Chanice 답글 연결
@razacninja 0:35 sounds just like the singing in edward scissorhands! its also got an element of pirates of the carribean in it at 1:20 but only briefly!
Chopin 답글 연결
@lilmizzy2008 it indeed does! why's that?
Chibi Ex
Chibi Ex 답글 연결
So much Epic contained in a video T-T
Chanice 답글 연결
i clicked on this by mistake!!!! *adds to favs* :) omg doesn't it remind you of edward scissorhands though?!
filipamachado14 답글 연결
This makes me think about Harry Potter
PaperVisage 답글 연결
@allyrianreva YES! I was thinking that haha so magical o3o
PaperVisage 답글 연결
so magical X333 <3