Ho Hey 가사

The Lumineers - Ho Hey
아티스트: The Lumineers

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(Ho!) (Hey!) (Ho!) (Hey!) (Ho!) I've been trying to do it right (Hey!) I've been living a lonely life (Ho!) I've been sleeping here instead (Hey!) I've been sleeping in my bed, (Ho!) Sleeping in my bed (Hey!) (Ho!) (Ho!) So show me family (Hey!) All the blood that I would bleed (Ho!) I don't know where I belong (Hey!) I don't know where I went wrong (Ho!) But I can write a song (Hey!) 1, 2, 3 I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweet (Ho!) (Hey!) (Ho!) (Hey!) (Ho!) I don't think you're right for him. (Hey!) Look at what it might have been if you (Ho!) took a bus to China Town. (Hey!) I'd be standing on Canal (Ho!) and Bowery. (Hey!) (Ho!) And she'd be standing next to me. (Hey!) 1, 2, 3 I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart Love – we need it now Let's hope for some So, we're bleeding out I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweet (Ho!) (Hey!) (Ho!) (The last one) (Hey!)

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Peter Manji
Peter Manji 답글 연결
Randomly meets my ex:
Me: "Ho, Hey?"
upncmnh11 답글 연결
This sounds like one of those type songs that is played at the end of a 'scrubs' episode.
ᗷ ᑌ ᗷ ᗷ ᒪ ᗴ ᔕ
Did anyone else have to sing this song for chorus? Now this song reminds me of all the memories and stuff that happened last year... I know all the words...
Cynthia Cohen
Cynthia Cohen 답글 연결
I've been sleeping in my bed. Where are you?
Winnie Ting
Winnie Ting 답글 연결
It’s been foreverrrr since I last listened to this song and yet I still know the lyrics
Scarkat _29
Scarkat _29 2 답글 연결
Ever since I was little me and my mom would sing and just laugh and smile when this sing came on the radio, this is our song, to help us bond and realize no matter how much we fight, we love each other. Thank you :)
Muncang City
Muncang City 답글 연결
Shawn Mendes Love this song
Faith Victoria
Faith Victoria 답글 연결
All those lights around the house remind me of Stranger Things. Also, flashback to my dad trying to learn this on his ukulele...
Emi Coronel
Emi Coronel 답글 연결
Paraguay 2020 😍
Sulav Poudel
Sulav Poudel 1 답글 연결
The glowing of the lights reminds me of the stranger things
🔥🔥 1:29 🔥
Adam Conaway
Adam Conaway 답글 연결
I love you guys
FatLs 1 답글 연결
How did we go from this to bhad bhabie. Wtf
Int3rn3t Blu3
Int3rn3t Blu3 답글 연결
I remember back in 2012 when I was in 1st grade they would play this song while we where walking around the gym😭😭
Mo beerry
Mo beerry 답글 연결
Greg Lensink
Greg Lensink 답글 연결
Good music is good music. Slayer has a cpl.
Jenyffer Caroline
Alexandre Cruz
Alexandre Cruz 답글 연결
Label Hushang
Label Hushang 답글 연결
музыкачава гап нест! молодцы.

Flame_Aqua_AU VOP
2020 anyone?
I honestly miss these types of songs, so underrated and nice to hear
Gregre 2 답글 연결
This song is honestly helping me go through many things. I am suffering from depression and some months ago I remembered this amazing song. So I decided to listen to it and it talks about all the things im going through and I connected to it in a way I never did before. I always imagine myself inside of the video playing my ukelele. People say you need a happy place to come back to, and I think this song is my happy place and I can assure im always going to come back to this song
EdgarTV 1 답글 연결
This a great song for when it’s warm outside and the sun is setting by the lake
Shirdi Sathya
Shirdi Sathya 답글 연결
I like their sartorial taste...👍💓💓
Zuluki Ji Ji
Zuluki Ji Ji 답글 연결
That’s.A.Sketch 1 답글 연결
I forgot about this song and I think I’m gonna cry
Eduardo 답글 연결
Hussain 답글 연결
I don’t know why this song makes me feel emotional
Mafia202 답글 연결
tommy stang
tommy stang 답글 연결
teen 4 Mayor Pete 2020

Ryan Pomar
Ryan Pomar 답글 연결
Love this one..😍
thatoneguy youknow
Nancy, if you're reading this it's John hope you're doing alright. love you and talk to you soon
Say My Name
Say My Name 답글 연결
Eric Papaleo
Eric Papaleo 답글 연결
I remember the day I wanted hang it up and the first 2 verses of this song saved my life
Absolute doo doo brown song 👎🏼
Gloria Chavez
Gloria Chavez 답글 연결
Puppet Strings
Puppet Strings 답글 연결
Hey...Hoo! Hope I can see them live soon?
anahi martinez
anahi martinez 1 답글 연결
My soul smiles when hearing this beautiful song 😌✨💗
AreEye SeaKay
AreEye SeaKay 1 답글 연결
2005 to 2012 best songs
Jeannette Caraballo
Love this song 🇵🇷❤️