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As the sun rises broken wings are hurting And we know that time has come To jump into the truth and let it go And we're doing our best to be good boys and girls And we fight and we love Trying to be the perfect human being We are the clowns we hide our tears behind a smile And we are the army That's gonna free your soul from all fears We are the fallen angels We need to breathe We need hope and we just have struggle for life We want blue sky But what we see above is just Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Some were princes And some were just tramps and rats But now in the abyss It's merely dark and all cats are grey We are the fallen angels We need to breathe The world is diving And you think you are the boat But believe us You'd really better learn how to swim We are the fallen angels We need to breathe As the sun rises broken wings are hurting And we know that time has come To jump into the truth and let it go

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to listen to another song of proXima, just type 'zoe and I' on Google and click the Vimeo or the Facebook link :-)
lhabia 답글 연결
nine inch toes
Pascal Rasmussen
Pascal Rasmussen 답글 연결
It's as if we really needed to breathe ! This song is amazing and the musical atmosphere is so close to what lyrics suggest that we could be able to dive into the deepest breath. Congratulations guys for this song ! Keep on rollin' Keep on playing and singing. Pascal (Nico's brother)
eva dark
eva dark 답글 연결
Hey there ! your video clip ZOE AND I was deleted from Youtube ? WTF ! a google search "proxima zoe and i" now shows this awesome music video is available on VIMEO (weird) what's happened guys ?
eva dark
eva dark 답글 연결
if you like this track chek 'proxima zoe and i' and discover another awesome song of proxima
Alden Thomas
Alden Thomas 답글 연결
Kathy Theo
Kathy Theo 답글 연결
The vocalist on this band proXima looks like Liam Neeson
Brent Jefferson
Brent Jefferson 답글 연결
kinda weird video
Molt Sniping
Molt Sniping 답글 연결
ur vids are going to make it big, i can tell
Mabel Parker
Mabel Parker 답글 연결
this band is included to my favorites now :)
theEmperor81 답글 연결
oh ye another awesome video
MinhTat Vo
MinhTat Vo 답글 연결
me gusta this video
Tuyết Ngân Bùi
If there was a penny for every like i would be swimming in dollars.
vodanhbokinhvan 답글 연결
I liked your vid alot kepp up the good work!!!!!!
whybellahomes 답글 연결
wow i literally want to marry ur vids
Fredrick Poopingsbutt
talent talent talent... wow!
ubava idnina
ubava idnina 답글 연결
confidential uploader here - no fake allowed.
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liked and subscribed absolutely brilliant video!
hung tue
hung tue 답글 연결
wow i literally want to marry all ur videos

Trung Hieu
Trung Hieu 답글 연결
Just done watching It and I wouldnt mind doing It again. Very good video!
Dawson Wells
Dawson Wells 답글 연결
Great job on that video!
Pedersen 답글 연결
Very entertaining i enjoyed it very much.
theEmperor81 답글 연결
When i saw this in my sub box i new it was good already
Alyssa Kral
Alyssa Kral 답글 연결
mind if i post this on my blog?
martin frew
martin frew 답글 연결
Ldc Chi
Ldc Chi 답글 연결
this should be on raywj
mike 답글 연결
looking forward to more videos from you :D.
phuc viet
phuc viet 답글 연결
Your pro at vids!
Tuyết Ngân Bùi
Two thumbs up! :)

MrFWord2017 답글 연결
that was an awesome shotz
Dzoce Nikolov
Dzoce Nikolov 답글 연결
Jovna peric
Jovna peric 답글 연결
Nice! Do you have twitter? I wanna follow you.
Au Pham
Au Pham 답글 연결
this is? good stuff
Minh ngo dieu
Minh ngo dieu 답글 연결
There arent lots of videos this good. I love this!
Jenny Greenie
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I love this !!! *hitsubscribe*
LuciferUKTran 답글 연결
Nice video, keep it up!
Nhoc Con
Nhoc Con 답글 연결
so much better than nigahiga!!!
Lê Trường
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im in love with this video !
Ryan Faggot
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Will def subscribe!