Double Agent

Phantom Power Music - Double Agent
아티스트: Phantom Power Music

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Adrián 3 답글 연결
Amazing job, fits perfectly with a modern Samuel Fisher.
Manuel Camelo
Manuel Camelo 2 답글 연결
Holy fuck at 1.5x it's far better than the original one =o
Prince Mandal
Prince Mandal 답글
Fuck man. It is!
Tatl Doodles
Tatl Doodles 2 답글 연결
* is it just me that hears vanishing point in this for some reason?
ankhmaath 1 답글 연결
Very good. Congratulations for your work.
major2292 6 답글 연결
not wishing to be that guy.. but this songs called double agent, and you've used the picture from splinter cell conviction, not splinter cell double agent. anyway great track!
Average Alien
Average Alien 26 답글 연결
Funny the way people think spies jump from building to building shooting people and all that action stuff, meanwhile in real life spying is paperwork, alot of waiting, and sending messages to each other over the internet hidden in things and basically just waiting
Eddie A. Hill
Eddie A. Hill 답글
Those are spec ops soldier ppl think of as spies
Average Alien
Average Alien 답글
@***** 5 years old
Earnest Steve
Earnest Steve 2 답글
+Average Alien Spies can be of different assortments. It's not all just paperwork and listening in. Some spies are ordered to do reconnaissance ops to infiltrate enemy territories and get intel faster. That's where all the Sam Fisher/James Bond shit comes in. Other scenarios include secret rescue and retrieval, assassinations, dismantlement, etc.
Average Alien
Average Alien 2 답글
@giannhg13 no, I know some 20+ year olds who don't know
blazegunshark 7 답글 연결
The man, the hunter, the silent legend. Sam f*cking Fisher.
Connor Ness
Connor Ness 1 답글 연결
ArcanePunkster - YouTuber
Play it in 1.5x speed fucking awesome!
Eddie A. Hill
Eddie A. Hill 답글
Much better at 1.5x
Burak Seyfi Özsütcüler
Good analysis man
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas 4 답글
"No one wants to buy a Mac," I say to a million Mac users.
TheCollective 1 답글
say that to million mac users dude
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas 답글
No one wants to buy one
suraj nair
suraj nair 1 답글 연결
Awesome Holy Shit :D
jayr lingatong
jayr lingatong 4 답글 연결
makes me wanna kill someone.. >.<
shemire Kenox
shemire Kenox 답글
Lol i used to play warframe with this music try it