Master of Shadows

Two Steps from Hell - Master of Shadows
아티스트: Two Steps from Hell

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One Brick to Rule them All
Underrated Masterpiece...!
1st Encounter Shiny
1st Encounter Shiny 2 답글 연결
December 2018?
Amber Fleur
Amber Fleur 1 답글 연결
I am new here and just wondering....What is TSFH’s first video?
Cause they have started for like since I was born and they have like 1000 vids
Must be interesting to know...
MadJeff62 1 답글
You can check on their channel !
Almuneitor1973 답글 연결
Riczky Januar
Riczky Januar 답글 연결
2012 Movie with a greatest music.
Riczky Januar
Riczky Januar 답글 연결
A Greatest song.
Nyarlatothep El caos reptante
The only boring part is at 3:06 .
Kurtch 답글 연결
I will forever associate this song with the movie 2012.
Josey Kaiser
Josey Kaiser 답글 연결
A Shadow. Has. Arrived!
Josey Kaiser
Josey Kaiser 답글 연결
A Shadow. Has. Arrived!
Downtown Line
Downtown Line 3 답글 연결
The song name "Master of Shadows" reminds me of Zed from League of Legends
Th3 V3t3r4n mp5k
Th3 V3t3r4n mp5k 답글 연결
That time when you're preparing for a raid on arma
Rixoli 73 답글 연결
And so the Freedom Fighters stepped forth, their leader bearing a Heart of Courage, they would be Moving Mountains of dead foes from their path in the coming war, as they marched, one of these daring soldiers asked 'Am I Not Human?'. This Enigmatic Soul braced himself for the comic battles against the Fire Nation. The Black Blade born by the Super Strength endowed Invincible False King of these oppressors, known only as Hypnotica, looked down from his burning throne and bellowed "Fill My Heart with pride you Protectors of the Earth!" as his great general, Velocitron, lead the charge to battle. Undying Love for friends and families were shared by both sides as they set sail in their 1000 Ships of the Underworld. Tristan, the legendary bard of old, now bearing the sacred torch known as the Breath of Ran Gor traveled across the land to share the Infinite Legends of both side's fierce warriors.

Finally, the time for battle was nigh, "TO GLORY" both side's generals screamed as swords clashed, arrows darkened the skies and rivers of blood flowed across the land. After The Fall, only the Master of Shadows remained, ever weaving his intricate schemes and plots to weaken the foolish mortals. his time would come soon.....
Patrick Reams
Patrick Reams 답글
This is fucking amazing. <3
Bricko Botface
Bricko Botface 6 답글
This was actually worth reading.
Such Doge
Such Doge 3 답글
+Rixoli "None Shall Live", he muttered, planning his next scheme... (you should do battlecry)
Iandiamond 7 답글
Rixoli The title puns are strong with this one...
Benjamin Jones
Benjamin Jones 답글
that is amazing, can I use that story for a movie or video game please
Damon Sta. Maria
Damon Sta. Maria 답글 연결
that music is from 2012 movie
Der Komentator
Der Komentator 답글 연결
Best music in the world
Luxa Black
Luxa Black 답글
Der Komentator It's the only REAL music in the World...
heyjude2109 1 답글 연결
Lamborghini brought me here!
NoChill Orange
NoChill Orange 3 답글 연결
Needs to be in a batman game or movie
qualandrew201494 5 답글 연결
OMG i just heard this on Britans got more talent.. i recognksed it instantly!
it,s cool...love it

Key Lid
Key Lid 답글 연결
Ken Calvert
Ken Calvert 4 답글 연결
Easily the most "Bad-Ass" ringtone ever... bought "Invincible" on Amazon when it came out and made this my primary ring tone. Never fails to illicit a "who the hell is that" from someone that hears it... to which I say, "funny that you should say that because it's by, Two Steps from Hell"!! And then I share a youtube link to their music. If you like an artist support their music... $9 for 20 epic tracks is a deal!!
George Mi
George Mi 11 답글 연결
Zed - The Master of Shadows
Bloonblaster2000 1 답글
Teemo > All
Niels Palmans
Niels Palmans 1 답글
yeah, i thought exactly the same, my main
Alberto Rivera
Alberto Rivera 2 답글 연결
That music belongs to the movie called 2012
Patriotis 답글
@SquadGoalzGaming_ yes
Epitaph 답글
I believe you are agreeing with me.
Patriotis 답글
+SquadGoalzGaming_ but this came out 2010 not 2012
Epitaph 5 답글
No, it doesnt. Two Steps From Hell make their music for movie trailers, and stuff like that. 2012 doesnt own this.
David Poulton
David Poulton 23 답글
It doesn't belong to the movie, the movie used music that belongs to 2SFH
Thanos Sofroniou
Thanos Sofroniou 6 답글 연결
Nick Phoenix!
Zhu Qu
Zhu Qu 7 답글 연결
There has always been a battle of light and dark, but nevermore has anyone won, the sides in equilibrium, balanced carefully on the edge of the spire of battle. But now, the forces are tipped for out from the dark, the night, the gloom comes the ultimate warlord to end it all: Eshrigoth, Master of Shadows. (btw this is made up)
Anna Worley
Anna Worley 답글 연결
I love that picture!! We wants it precious!!!!!!! I like the song too O_O
Mooshimity 1 답글 연결
Do I have permission to use this in one of my videos?
Atomic Beef
Atomic Beef 4 답글
You should probably shoot them an e-mail, I don't think they would notice your comment seeing as how many fans they have.  It wouldn't be a good idea to use this music in your videos unless you have written permission from the author because of YouTube's content ID system.
Manuel Silva
Manuel Silva 답글 연결
I am putting some size while listening to this song yeah
TroubledTribble 30 답글 연결
6 people couldn't master the shadows.
Christian Errice Baltazar
26 in October 2019 :(
Raph Gt
Raph Gt 2 답글
19 people in 2019 :(

PINKE 57 답글 연결
No light is needed for my shadows, I'm the master of them, I hold the power of darkness, those archangels, with their black blades, and strength of a thousand men, jump into battle with me. Foolish. After the fall, the dark ages will set opon the skyworld
Auris 1 답글
PINKE nice
Zhu Qu
Zhu Qu 3 답글
lol. nice! using names of several songs in a dramatic story.
McKenzie Perth
McKenzie Perth 답글 연결
I am the Master of Shadows! Fear me!
McKenzie Perth
McKenzie Perth 답글 연결
Compositor? Do you perhaps mean composer?
Worm7Legend 답글 연결
two steps is the best compositor
Quietman365 답글 연결
Derpew c
Derpew c 답글 연결
aww is it zed
Federico Gamberini
neastman27 답글 연결
by darkjed123
neastman27 답글 연결
Two Steps From Hell Music Overhaul
BioShmid 답글 연결