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Mild-mannered pharmaceutical company executive Harold Soyinka (David Oyelowo) takes a business trip from Chicago to Mexico with his cutthroat bosses Richard (Joel Edgerton) and Elaine (Charlize Theron). At the company's Mexican lab, Richard orders manager Sanchez (Hernán Mendoza) to stop selling the bioengineered marijuana product Cannabax to a brutal, Beatles-loving cartel kingpin known as The Black Panther. Meanwhile, straight-arrow Harold learns he'll be out of a job as soon as Richard and Elaine sell their newly cleaned-up company to a conglomerate. And when he turns to his wife Bonnie (Thandie Newton) back home for comfort, she confesses via Skype that she's having an affair. Targeted by the ruthless Black Panther, who hopes to gain access to the Cannabax formula, Harold disappears before his bosses return to Chicago. A few hours later they receive a call informing them he's been kidnapped, and his captors are demanding a $5 million ransom. Rather than pay, Richard dispatches his mercenary-turned-humanitarian brother Mitch (Sharlto Copley) to extract Harold. But even with some temporary assistance from warmhearted American tourist Sunny (Amanda Seyfried) and her drug-mule boyfriend Miles (Harry Treadaway), Harold's prospects for survival grow dimmer by the minute. Pursued by an army of attackers, Harold crosses the line from mild-mannered citizen to wanted criminal. But is he out of his depth? Or two steps ahead?
"그링고" IMDb 링크 6.1 "그링고" 로튼 토마토 링크 38% "그링고" 메타크리틱 링크 46 "그링고" 네이버 영화 링크 6.37 "그링고" 박스 오피스 모조 링크
별칭: 아메리칸 익스프레스
포스터 모음 (9) 한글자막 다운로드 "그링고" 한글자막 다운로드 링크

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  • 그링고 - ⑲ 공식 예고편 (한글자막)
    ⑲ 공식 예고편
  • 그링고 - 1차 공식 예고편 (한글자막)
    1차 공식 예고편
  • 그링고 - 2차 공식 예고편 (한글자막)
    2차 공식 예고편
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스크립트 및 주석

Medical marijuana is already a multi-billion dollar industry. So, the future is this weed pill. I'm still not sure about this. Look. Most people will tell you Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon. But even a complete idiot will tell you, Neil Armstrong did it first. And do you know why he went first? Because he was the mission commander. Because the hatch opened on his side. Because he pushed Buzz Aldrin out of the way, and seized history by the ballsack. I'm satisfied. Harold, you're gonna fly to Mexico and deliver the formula to the lab. Salud!* I've been kidnapped! This is really bad timing. They want five million wired to an account. You tell whoever's got you there is no deal unless they come way down the price. What? Harold, can we call you back? What the mother..! I almost feel bad for the guy. Stay focused. I am focused! Somebody's going down! What is going on? He works for bad people. I don't think he can survive that. Ahh, Lord, oh, Lord Almighty. Please, God, save me from this man. You really believe in God? Of course I believe in God. What kind of a person does not believe in God? I guess I kind of do, but... * salud: 스페인어. health. 건배.

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