21 점프 스트리트

21 점프 스트리트
액션, 코미디, 범죄 | 110분 | 청소년관람불가, R
21 Jump Street
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한국 개봉일:
Sony Pictures
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1.3억 달러


고등학교 시절을 전혀 다르게 보낸 운동만 할줄 아는 젠코(채닝 테이텀)와 공부만 할 줄 아는 슈미트(조나 힐). 하지만, 둘다 '프롬(졸업 무도회)'을 못가긴 마찬가지였다. 졸업후 경찰학교에서 다시 만난 이둘은 서로의 약점을 채워주며 둘도 없는 단짝이 된다. 의욕에 불타는 초보 경찰이었지만 결국 곱상한 외모(?)때문에 고등학교 잠복근무로 부서 이동되어 버린다. 신종 약물이 활개치는 '21 점프 스트리트'의 한 고등학교에서 그 시절과는 정 반대의 고교생활이 펼쳐진다.
"21 점프 스트리트" IMDb 링크 7.2 "21 점프 스트리트" 로튼 토마토 링크 85% "21 점프 스트리트" 메타크리틱 링크 69 "21 점프 스트리트" 네이버 영화 링크 7.70 "21 점프 스트리트" 박스 오피스 모조 링크 "21 점프 스트리트" KOFIC 링크
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Not so-Slim Shady?* What's up, dude? I haven't seen you since high school. Hey, titty twister! Stop, stop, stop! You're good at this, huh? Yeah. Test results, gentlemen. Such bull! You are really good at this. Yeah. Hey, you want to be friends? Yeah, I do. Get ready for a lifetime of being bad asses. Oh, I am. I thought this job would have more car chases and explosions. You're dead. Yours isn't loaded, right? Nah, that's no fun. What's up, chief? We got our first bust. I got him. Yes! You forgot to read him his Miranda Rights. Do you even know the Miranda Rights? Look, it starts with you have the right to remain an attorney. Did you say you have the right to be an attorney? You do have the right to be an attorney if you want to. We're reviving a cancelled, undercover program from the 80's. Where will we report to? Down on Jump Street. 21 Jump Street. You are here because you some Justin Beaver, Miley Cyrus lookin' muthas. You will be going in as undercover high school students. You have exceptional muscle tone there, young man. When did you go through puberty? Like at 7 or something? There is a new synthetic drug at Sagan High. The mission is, find the supplier. I think the dealers are the popular kids. We should throw a party. That would be the quickest way to get in with them. Come on, let's go. Don't give nobody, no drugs, no alcohol. I promise you, we'll be super professional. Take it here, so I know you're cool. Have fun. Are you guys on drugs? I don't like that. Put your tongue back in your mouth. A lot of things make me wonder about you. Your taste in the music, the fact that you look like a 40 year old man. Let me check out your chest, check out your test.† After what you pulled yesterday, it's no way you could be cops, right? Will you go to prom with me? That was a breeze. Oh, sh... When did I get stabbed? That's awesome! Yeah! Why do you always jump across the car like that? 'Cause it looks cool. You try. You OK? I think I crapped my pants. * Slim Shady: 래퍼, 에미넴(Eminem)이 자기 노래 가사에서 사용하는 별칭. † chest와 test처럼 말장난을 부려보려 했는데, 아이디어가 안 떠오르네요...

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