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The Ides of March
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Sony Pictures
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승리를 위한 그들의 위험한 거래! 잘생긴 외모에 안정된 가정을 가진 주지사 ‘마이크 모리스’(조지 클루니 扮)는 완벽한 ‘민주당 차기 대선후보’로 손꼽히며 대선 후보 경선에서 승승장구하고 있다. 모리스 주지사는 ‘대선후보 경선’ 경쟁 후보인 ‘풀먼’과 접전을 벌이던 중, 선거 캠프 홍보관 ‘스티븐’(라이언 고슬링 扮)의 과감한 전략 덕분에 높은 지지율을 얻는다. 자신을 위해 모든 것을 해 줄 수 있는 선거 캠프 본부장 ‘폴 자라’(필립 세이모어 호프만 扮)와 타고난 전략가 ‘스티븐 마이어스’ 덕분에 ‘마이크 모리스’ 주지사는 미국의 차기 대통령으로 입지를 굳혀간다. 이번 경선을 통해 명실공히 ‘킹메이커’로 떠오른 ‘스티븐’은 같은 선거 캠프에서 일하는 매력적인 인턴 ‘몰리’(에반 레이첼 우드 扮)의 유혹에 깊은 관계를 맺게 되고, 어느 날 ‘몰리’와 함께 밤을 보내던 중 우연히 그녀에게 걸려온 ‘모리스’ 주지사의 전화를 받는다. 한편, 그의 능력을 눈 여겨 보고 있던 상대 후보 진영의 본부장 ‘톰 더피’(폴 지아마티 扮)가 은밀히 접근해 오고, 타임지의 베테랑 정치부 기자 ‘아이다’(마리사 토메이 扮)는 그 둘의 만남을 빌미로 ‘스티븐’의 목을 죄어 오기 시작한다. 자신이 믿고 따르던 완벽한 대통령 후보의 치명적인 비밀을 알게 된 후 절체절명의 위기에 빠져버린 ‘스티븐’, 그의 선택은?
"킹메이커" IMDb 링크 7.1 "킹메이커" 로튼 토마토 링크 84% "킹메이커" 메타크리틱 링크 67 "킹메이커" 네이버 영화 링크 8.10 "킹메이커" 박스 오피스 모조 링크 "킹메이커" KOFIC 링크
별칭: 3월 15일, 아이즈 오브 마치
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You okay? We're gonna be fine. We have to do it. It's the right thing to do. Nothing bad happens when you're doing the right thing. Is this your personal theory? Because I can shoot holes in it. Well, there's exceptions to every rule. Who is this? Tom Duffy. You got a couple minutes? I'd like to sit down with you. I can't be talking to you. You got something the other guys don't have. You exude something. You draw people in. You're the big man on campus. I'm just a lowly intern. What time you gotta work tomorrow? Nine a.m. I thought I was being smooth and subtle. No, you were pretty forward. You have no idea how to tie a tie. No, no, not a clue. And you've got the best media mind in the country. All the reporters love you. If your boy wins, you get a job in the White House. He loses, you're back at a consulting firm. I've worked on more campaigns than most people have by the time they're 40. He's the only one that's gonna actually make a difference in people's lives. Either we're going to lead the world, or we are going to bury our heads in the sand. You're my brain trust. So how we doing? What do you think, Stevie? I think it's ours for the taking. You're working for the wrong man. I want you to work for us. Paul's my friend. There's only one thing I value in this world, and that's loyalty. Without it, you're nothing. You wanna work for the friend, or do you wanna work for the president? I don't have to play dirty anymore. I got Morris. Today marks the beginning of a fight between two sets of ideals. If you get Thompson's endorsement, the race is over. What's he want? Cabinet post. I'm never gonna do it. I said I wasn't gonna make those kind of deals. Paul. I met with Tom Duffy yesterday. What? I didn't think it was true. No, it doesn't matter what you thought. It matters what you did, and matters what you didn't do! I'm in. I'm coming to work for you. Revenge makes people unpredictable. I can't have that. What if I had something else? Like what? Something big. The next president of the United States of America, Governor Mike Morris! You really want this story getting out? Dignity matters. You were off the campaign, but you thought it was important to fix things? Integrity matters. Our future depends on it. Stephen, don't do this! I'll do or say anything if I believe in it. But I have to believe in the cause.

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