킥애스 2: 겁 없는 녀석들

킥애스 2: 겁 없는 녀석들
액션, 코미디, 범죄 | 103분 | 청소년관람불가, R
Kick-Ass 2
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한국 개봉일:
Universal Pictures
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2,900만 달러
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힛걸 is back! 정체를 숨기고, 평범한 고등학생으로 돌아간 ‘민디’(클로이 모레츠). 찌질한 킥애스 ‘데이브’(애런 존슨)를 상대로 하이킥 연습이나 하면서 무료함을 달랜다. 그러나 주어진 운명을 거부할 순 없는 법! 제대로 삐뚤어진 머더XX에 의해 공격을 받고 위험에 빠진 킥애스를 구하면서 억눌렀던 본능을 일깨우는 힛걸! 힛걸 & 킥애스의 ‘정의의 팀’ vs 머더XX의 나쁜 X 크루 마침내, 킥애스와 힛걸이 이끄는 ‘정의의 팀’과 세상에서 가장 나쁜 X들만 모인 머더XX 크루들의 화끈한 정면 배틀이 시작되는데..!
"킥애스 2: 겁 없는 녀석들" IMDb 링크 6.6 "킥애스 2: 겁 없는 녀석들" 로튼 토마토 링크 32% "킥애스 2: 겁 없는 녀석들" 메타크리틱 링크 41 "킥애스 2: 겁 없는 녀석들" 네이버 영화 링크 8.15 "킥애스 2: 겁 없는 녀석들" 박스 오피스 모조 링크 "킥애스 2: 겁 없는 녀석들" KOFIC 링크
별칭: 킥애스 2
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스크립트 및 주석

Ready to go again? What do you want me to do? Hit me. You're a 15-year-old... What the hell? Act like a bitch, get slapped like a bitch! Oh, God... Oh take your tampon out, Dave. They may wear costumes, but it isn't Halloween. They're real-life superheroes. Me and Hit-Girl? We were training every day. There were more and more people joining us every night. Colonel Stars and Stripes, reporting for duty. Try to have fun. Otherwise, what's the point? A world full of superheroes, eh? Wait till they get a load of me. I'm going to make Kick-Ass pay for what he did to my dad. Henceforth I will be known as The Mother Fucker. I'm building an evil army. Who is this guy? He's trying to be the world's first real supervillain. What an asshole. We're putting an end to this costume freak! If you're wearing a mask, you're getting detained! Promise me that you will never dress up in that outfit again. Kick-Ass isn't a costume. It's who you really are. My dad made me promise I'd never stop defending this city. I'm prepared for anything. We've gotta make this right. The anticipation is killing me! Watch the birdie! There's no room for punks in suits. Just real heroes who can really kick ass. Game on, cocksuckers! Who the hell are you? We're the good guys. You're the dead guys. Schwanz!* Jesus! Yeah, there's a dog on your balls. * schwanz: 독일어로 남근을 뜻함.

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