어쌔신 크리드

어쌔신 크리드
액션, 모험, 판타지 | 115분 | 15세이상관람가, PG-13
Assassin's Creed
미국 개봉일:
한국 개봉일:
20th Century Fox
북미 매출액:
5,500만 달러
국내 관객수:


“원하는 게 뭡니까?” “당신의 과거. 그곳에서 보고 듣고 느끼는 것들은 500년 전 조상의 기억이죠” 어린 시절의 트라우마로 암흑의 삶을 살던 사형수 칼럼 린치(마이클 패스벤더 분)는 의문의 조직, 앱스테르고의 의사 소피아(마리옹 꼬띠아르)에 의해 자신의 유전자에 과거의 비밀이 깃들어 있다는 사실을 깨닫게 된다. 유전자 속에 숨어 있는 기억을 찾아주는 최첨단 기술을 통해 15세기에 살았던 조상 '아귈라'의 모험을 직접 체험하게 된 그는 '아귈라'가 비밀 모임 ‘암살단’에 속해 있었다는 사실까지 알게 된다. 이후, 놀라운 지식과 기술을 축적한 그는 세상을 통제하려는 템플 기사단에 맞서게 되는데...
"어쌔신 크리드" IMDb 링크 5.8 "어쌔신 크리드" 로튼 토마토 링크 18% "어쌔신 크리드" 메타크리틱 링크 36 "어쌔신 크리드" 네이버 영화 링크 7.12 "어쌔신 크리드" 박스 오피스 모조 링크 "어쌔신 크리드" KOFIC 링크
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Where am I? At 6 pm yesterday evening, you were executed and pronounced dead. You no longer exists. What kind of prison is this? It's not a prison. You're about to enter the Animus. What you're about to see, hear and feel, are the memories of your ancestor who's been dead for 500 years. What do you want from me? Your past. Welcome to the Spanish Inquisition. We work in the dark to serve the light. We are Assassins.

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  • Kanye West - I Am a God
    Kanye West - I Am a God

833time 답글 연결
Hey, nice, I see what you did there. You did your logo in a simple blue Variant. Oh, haha The logo was animated at Blue Sky Studios. Awesome the way you guys made the movie based off a video game. Sweet. My brother may want to watch it.
King TJ
King TJ 답글 연결
I watched this last Friday actually a decent movie not a masterpiece nowhere near it but a decent movie which largely respects the source material
El As de Bastos
El As de Bastos 답글 연결
fast and the furious music
Lightning Pixel
Lightning Pixel 답글 연결
You could just put "An Unsubtle Approach" music from Assassin's Creed:Revelations on the background and this trailer would have been 10 times better...
Cyril Nicks
Cyril Nicks 답글 연결
I love this trailer I hate the song lyrics but the beats are really cool though
Eynar 1 답글 연결
Everyone is complaining about the music and I'm here to complain about the music too
Ekrem Güler
Ekrem Güler 답글 연결
assasin's creed my best
Kylie Noels
Kylie Noels 3 답글 연결
@ Assassin’s Creed ᴴᴰ |movie-online| ► [ pocket.co/sMk5ca ]

EEdits 1 답글 연결
I think a serie would be better
Anant Chaturvedi
Anant Chaturvedi 답글 연결
nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition
Ben Tessier
Ben Tessier 1 답글 연결
PersianinSweden 답글 연결
Bullshit, the original Assassins were muslim Persian fanatics that spread fear into the heart of the whole middle east. They would kill anyone in the way of their masters(Hassan-i Sabbah) goal for power!
Kimiki Satchi
Kimiki Satchi 답글 연결
camping to see fantastic beasts and someone cuts the line
Gas Mask
Gas Mask 답글 연결
They should go in order and kind of link the game to the movie but I know they won't because of copyrights
Rei Retsu
Rei Retsu 답글 연결
It was getting good until 0:52; the music just doesn't give me the right vibe for AC. ... naah, I won't have any of this.
Kurniawan Creed
Kurniawan Creed 답글 연결
if the moderen day like the davinci code or angel and demons or inferno with TOM HANKS that very
fantastic film i hope they can get tom hanks for moderen day to for next Assassins Creed Movie,
who agrees with me?
I'd pay millions to not hear that rapping in trailer.
Loki Reyes
Loki Reyes 1 답글 연결

Aiden Griffith
Aiden Griffith 답글 연결
This film looks AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Warren Elliott
Warren Elliott 답글 연결
kanye it not the only 1 singing .
FosXreN 1 답글 연결
Comes out on my bday!!!
Syed Aaman
Syed Aaman 답글 연결
Trailer seems awesome
Waiting for movie to release......
Kevin Braun
Kevin Braun 답글 연결
Why a movie for assassins creed before gears?
The MajorAwesomeD
Trailer looks cool, however it's Ubisoft, expect dissapointment
Dennis Giles
Dennis Giles 답글 연결
Base Jumpers ..
Callum Thomas
Callum Thomas 답글 연결
Think the movie will be great, but wouldn't it be better if they focused on desmond and ezio or altair. Plus it would appease the fans of the game.
Alidas Gec
Alidas Gec 답글 연결
It looks ok....... But to be honest the rap music was really out of place.....
Manu - Minecraft & More
For sure the director messed up many things in the movie like Abstergo he should have played all the games first if you really are gonna use that much money Assassin's feel me?

Adi Da Gamer
Adi Da Gamer 2 답글 연결
Lol the music is good but it just doesn't fit in a movie like assassin's creed
Nikoruin 답글 연결
excited for this not really liking the random beats
Darren Falmer
Darren Falmer 41 답글 연결
Gabriel de Maria
Gabriel de Maria 답글
qual e o nome da musica
Khalid EL-Khamisy
Khalid EL-Khamisy 답글
i need this song
Darren Falmer
Darren Falmer 답글
james anderson now you could click that link... or do the work yourself by just downloading memez.exe

They'll both do the same
Darren Falmer
Darren Falmer 답글
+Junior Plays <3
Ja. L
Ja. L 답글 연결
Maxim Ignatiuc
Maxim Ignatiuc 답글 연결
Is there a way to watch this with captions? I don't wanna hear Kanye's "music"
Jeremiah Trigg
Jeremiah Trigg 답글 연결
Well, the music ruined the trailer... This is nothing more than a remake of the Assassin's Creed B movies
ImBsal 11 답글 연결
hey Eric, what you doing here? your friends Charles and Logan need you in Marvel universe to save that lil girl
pran protim
pran protim 답글 연결
Eagerly waiting for this.
The Luigithrowers
The Luigithrowers 1 답글 연결