룰스 돈 어플라이

룰스 돈 어플라이
코미디, 드라마, 로맨스 | 127분 | PG-13
Rules Don't Apply
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한국 개봉일:
20th Century Fox
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400만 달러


It’s Hollywood, 1958. Small town beauty queen and devout Baptist virgin Marla Mabrey (Lily Collins), under contract to the infamous Howard Hughes (Warren Beatty), arrives in Los Angeles. At the airport, she meets her driver Frank Forbes (Alden Ehrenreich), who is engaged to be married to his 7th grade sweetheart and is a deeply religious Methodist. Their instant attraction not only puts their religious convictions to the test, but also defies Hughes’ #1 rule: no employee is allowed to have any relationship whatsoever with a contract actress. Hughes’ behavior intersects with Marla and Frank in very separate and unexpected ways, and as they are drawn deeper into his bizarre world, their values are challenged and their lives are changed.
"룰스 돈 어플라이" IMDb 링크 5.7 "룰스 돈 어플라이" 로튼 토마토 링크 57% "룰스 돈 어플라이" 메타크리틱 링크 60 "룰스 돈 어플라이" 네이버 영화 링크 6.38 "룰스 돈 어플라이" 박스 오피스 모조 링크
별칭: 룰은 적용되지 않는다
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Mr. Hughes, someone is making a profit on a plane that can't fly! This plane will fly. If it were to be a failure, I would leave this country and never come back, and I mean it. Billionaire, goddammit, not millionaire. And what the hell happened to the close-up of me in the cockpit? Roll a film. Remember, any driver that tries any hanky-panky with a contract actress is fired. Hi, I'm... I'm Frank. Hi. Two weeks in Los Angeles, you're working for Howard Hughes? No harm in having high hopes, ma'am. And what church do you go to, Frank? First Methodist in Fresno. I forgive you. She's kidding. We're Baptist. You do know why Baptists think sex is bad, don't you? Because it might lead to dancing.* When's Frank's fiancée coming to town? She believes that once you've been intimate, in the eyes of God you're committed to that person for the rest of your life. I agree with Sarah. Well, that's... I mean that's... I'm not legally married. Mr. Hughes, I'd like to thank you for the chance to become a star. You've never had a drink in your life? I don't drink. Maybe I'm not the right girl for this. A movie actress should have big bosoms and be sexy. I mean in this town aren't those the rules? You're an exception. The rules don't apply to you. You think I'm nuts, right? Get that person out of here! I think you should see someone. When you told me the rules don't apply to me, you know, they don't apply to you either. I behaved like a cheap floozy. You're not hearing what I'm saying. And I'm not some disgusting tease of a virgin trying to steal another woman's husband. You got nothing wrong. Are you listening... Need any help? Mr. Hughes wants to see you. Well, hello. That's Marla Mabrey. What the hell is she doing here? You said you wanted the girl with the two M's. Yes, Marilyn Monroe! Ah! Have you heard from people that I'm crazy? Alright, come on, come on! If what you are is crazy, then give me more crazy! You make an old guy courageous, Marla. Did somebody give that to you? She hit the jackpot! You ain't seen nothing yet. * 어떤 종교나 종파는 노래나 춤을 금기시 하는데, 이런 특정 종교의 엄격함을 깔 때 자주 쓰는 농담. 링크

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  • Lily Collins - The Rules Don't Apply
    Lily Collins - The Rules Don't Apply

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