러브, 비하인드

러브, 비하인드
코미디, 드라마, 로맨스 | 92분 | 청소년관람불가, R
Celeste & Jesse Forever
Lee Toland Krieger
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한국 개봉일:
Sony Pictures Classics
북미 매출액:
300만 달러


"누구보다 완벽한 이별인 줄 알았다! 처음에는..." 완벽한 운명이라고 믿으며 결혼에 성공했지만 6년 만에 별거 상태가 되어버린 부부 셀레스티와 제시. 하지만 둘은 여전히 함께 사는 것은 물론 급기야 서로를 소울메이트라 칭하며 애정표현에도 변함이 없다. 물론 섹스는 절대 금기란 조항만 지킨다면! 어느 날 낭만적인 분위기에 취해 함께 밤을 보내게 된 셀레스티와 제시! 둘은 서로 떨어져 지내는 게 좋겠다고 선언하지만 날이 갈수록 허전한 마음과 서로를 향한 마음이 끝나지 않았음을 알게 되는데... 그러나 완벽하게 남이 된 그들 앞에 둘의 관계를 흔드는 누군가 나타나는데...
"러브, 비하인드" IMDb 링크 6.6 "러브, 비하인드" 로튼 토마토 링크 71% "러브, 비하인드" 메타크리틱 링크 59 "러브, 비하인드" 네이버 영화 링크 8.11 "러브, 비하인드" 박스 오피스 모조 링크 "러브, 비하인드" KOFIC 링크
별칭: 셀레스티 앤 제시 포에버
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What are you two doing? What do you mean? Yeah, what do you mean? You guys have been separated for six months. You're getting divorced and you spend every day together as if like it's no big deal. We are separated and we're friends. It's the perfect breakup. Sorry. Beth is so angry. Ya, she is uber-angry. Ya. You're cute. Love you. Love you. You and Jesse are clearly not ready to let go of each other. I do think you should start dating. I'm fine. I have a date tonight actually. Oh, my god, my ex is here. Feels like you should leave. I'm not gonna leave. It's too late now cause he's here. Heyyyyy. It's going to be hard to believe. What? I met another person. Wait, what? I'm so sorry. Celeste, are you okay? I'm totally fine. Are you having regrets about Jesse? What? No. If you ever need like someone to be with you and hold you and caress you, I think I could be that guy. No. Good, good, good. Did you even know he was seeing someone? He barely knows her. Plane crash!* Is this about a girl? I'm not gay. No, I know, I meant a boy. He's just going about everything so wrong. Do you want to be right or you want to be happy? Do you love her? Do you think it's weird we hang out together all the time? No, you're my best friend. You're my best friend, too. * plane crash: very very ugly woman.

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