Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies
Aaron Horvath, Peter Rida Michail
Greg Cipes, Scott Menville, Khary Payton, Tara Strong, Hynden Walch, Will Arnett, Kristen Bell
Release Date:
Warner Bros. Pictures


When the Teen Titans go to the big screen, they go big! “Teen Titans GO! to the Movies” finds our egocentric, wildly satirical Super Heroes in their first feature film extravaganza—a fresh, gleefully clever, kid-appropriately crass and tongue-in-cheek play on the superhero genre, complete with musical numbers. It seems to the Teens that all the major superheroes out there are starring in their own movies—everyone but the Teen Titans, that is! But de facto leader Robin is determined to remedy the situation, and be seen as a star instead of a sidekick. If only they could get the hottest Hollywood film director to notice them. With a few madcap ideas and a song in their heart, the Teen Titans head to Tinsel Town, certain to pull off their dream. But when the group is radically misdirected by a seriously Super-Villain and his maniacal plan to take over the Earth, things really go awry. The team finds their friendship and their fighting spirit failing, putting the very fate of the Teen Titans themselves on the line!
"Teen Titans Go! To the Movies" IMDb Link 6.8 Teen Titans Go! To the Movies Rotten Tomatoes Link 91% Teen Titans Go! To the Movies Metacritic Link 69 Teen Titans Go! To the Movies Rotten Tomatoes Link 7.83 "Teen Titans Go! To the Movies" Box Office Mojo Link "Teen Titans Go! To the Movies" Douban Movie Link
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  • Teen Titans Go! To the Movies - Official Trailer #1
    Official Trailer #1
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    Official Trailer #2
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Coming this summer. They're finally going to make a movie about me! The story of Batman's greatest ally. That's me. That must be me! And best friend in the whole world. Finally! Alfred: The Movie. It's time to clean up this city. That actually does look pretty good. I'd go see it. They're really making movies about every superhero. Has there been a movie about you? There was a Green Lantern movie. But we don't talk about that. It's time they make one about me. I'm afraid it's no. I only make movies about real super heroes. Why don't they take us seriously? Titans, you guys are never actually doing anything heroic. What about that time we discovered that sweet diner and they had that food! Oh, yeah. Oh, yes. That wasn't even a crime and you didn't save anything. We saved room for dessert! Right in your face! Having a movie is the only way to be seen as a real hero. What about an archnemesis? Stop right there. Deadpool? Deadpool? What? Why does everybody think I'm Deadpool? I thought Deadpool was a good guy. By the way, he should be saying that he's not me. Okay, 'cause I came out like way before he did. Nah, I'm pretty sure you're Deadpool. I am Slade! If we can make him our archnemesis, then they will see that we're worthy of a movie. I'm not interested in fighting a bunch of sidekicks and a half a robot. Aw, man! I'm never letting you fly my body again! The whole world will be under my control! Destroy them! Halt for the mighty Atom... Kitties! We're taking you down! How are you gonna do it? What are you gonna do? Are you gonna fart on me? You want to have a dance off? You gonna annoy me to death with your waffles?

This video plays:

  • Imagine Dragons - Thunder
    Imagine Dragons - Thunder
  • Jaden Smith - Watch Me
    Jaden Smith - Watch Me

ᄋᄉᄋ Reply Link
슬레이드 솔직히 데드풀 같당(여기서만요)
벨이 Reply Link
으아아ㅏ유ㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠ 레이ㅂ븐 언제봐도 귀여워..사랑..해ㅎ 시크한 레이븐ㄴ님 ..((((((((((((((아 기분좋음) 아 .ㅇ.. 레이븐
김현자 Reply Link
이거 한국에 언제나오냐ㅋㅋㅋ 꼭보러간다
권기진기진 Reply Link
한글 로다라주새요
그래서 이거 나옴?
커비별의요정 Reply Link
이거 국내에 왜 개봉 안해요?
브로사 Reply Link
오늘도 로빈의 엉덩이는 출렁거립니다.....

영화에서 애들이 틴타이탄시절꺼 또보면안됨?
메2코패스 Reply Link
저스티스 리그는

슈퍼맨 배트맨 원더우먼 플래시 사이보그 인데

틴타이탄은 로빈 비스트보이 레이븐 스타파이어 사이보그 무슨..일이 있었던거져..?
샬롯 Reply Link
예고편이 약을 하실줄은

박하사탕 튤립
박하사탕 튤립 2 Reply Link
ㅋㅋ개웃겨 ㅋ
my god
my god Reply Link
왜 dc에서 마블의 데드풀이 나오는 지 의문이다
실버제로 1 Reply Link
애니메이션이라 위쪽터치가 없었나보네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ진짜 드립 미쳤냐곸ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
ᄏ보ᅳᅳᅳ황 미리띤
YouTube견과류 Reply Link
데드풀이 거기서 왜 나와?
한윤숙 1 Reply Link
언제 개봉 해요??
모모브 Reply Link
씨바 데드풀 같이
생긴에 데스크로자 아님?
아라크 Reply Link
아톰 살짝 불쌍ㅋㅋ
아라크 Reply Link
근데 나만 저 바이크가 걍 세발자전거로보임?ㅋㅋ

링크 1 Reply Link
틴타이탄고가 얼마나 약빨지 기대햇는데 이정도일줄이야 ㅋㅋ
고대유인원 Reply Link
이영화 15세로짐작
데드풀드립->데드풀이뭐지?->유튜브애치기->성적인말 존나욕->ㅅㅂ
HJ J 1 Reply Link
dc에서 내가 젤 좋아하는 틴타이탄! ㅋㅋ 귀욤둥이 스타파이어랑 로빈 사이보그 비스트보이 그리고 다리가 매력적인 레이븐까지! 진짜 너희가 DC의 마지막 희망이다! ㅠㅠ
도꾸야마 3 Reply Link
1:36 착하긴보다는 음..... 뭐라고 해야되나......?
짧은영상 Reply Link
여기에도 뱃신이 나오심
소닉헤지혹 Reply Link
갠적으로 실사영화보다 이게 훨씬 맘에드네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그린랜턴 까임ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
New word
New word Reply Link
예전 틴타이탄 슬레이드 성우가 아닌가 보네 ㅋㅋㅋ
SPY Gentle
SPY Gentle Reply Link
추억이 영화로 나오니 기대되네, (레이븐 사랑해요 핰)
Sayori Reply Link
시발ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 얘네들이 DC를 살리넼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 빌런이 데스스트록?

*지메대 tv
*지메대 tv Reply Link
저 로빈이 그 로빈이였어?
잼이니 Reply Link
데들풀 2에서 DC 존나게 까니까 여기서 데드풀 2 까네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
헤르메스 TV
헤르메스 TV Reply Link
c M
c M Reply Link
데드풀이래 ㅋㅋ
난누 Reply Link
ㅜㅜ ㅜ틴타고ㅜ영화라니ㅜㅜ존좋ㅎ
Hood Red
Hood Red Reply Link
옛날에 카툰네트워크에서 방영할땐 쟤가 로빈인줄 몰랐는데
simpul 17 Reply Link
불쌍한 데스스트록...
자기 보다 11년 나중에 등장한 데드풀의 짝퉁취급받네
걍아무렇게 Reply
예전 틴타이탄때의 슬레이드윌슨으로서의 카리스마는 사라지고 데드풀 취급받는 개그캐가 되다니......
이성주 1 Reply Link
거의 드립이 데드풀급이네 ㅋㅋ
하그림 Reply Link
hentai zone
자취의'길' Reply Link
데드풀 처럼 셀프디스 오지네 ㅋㅋㅋ 재밌겠다 ㅋㅋㅋ