3 Generations

3 Generations
Drama | 92 min | PG-13
Release Date:
The Weinstein Company
Box Office:
Less than $1M


ABOUT RAY tells the stirring and touching story of three generations of a family living under one roof in New York as they must deal with the life-changing transformation by one that ultimately affects them all. Ray (Elle Fanning) is a teenager who has come to the realization that she isn’t meant to be a girl and has decided to transition from female to male. His single mother, Maggie (Naomi Watts), must track down Ray’s biological father (Tate Donovan) to get his legal consent to allow Ray’s transition. Dolly (Susan Sarandon), Ray’s lesbian grandmother is having a hard time accepting that she now has a grandson. They must each confront their own identities and learn to embrace change and their strength as a family in order to ultimately find acceptance and understanding.
"3 Generations" IMDb Link 5.9 3 Generations Rotten Tomatoes Link 32% 3 Generations Metacritic Link 47 3 Generations Rotten Tomatoes Link 8.05 "3 Generations" Box Office Mojo Link "3 Generations" Douban Movie Link
A.K.A.: About Ray, Three Generations
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Hey, I'm actually pretty excited because I gained five pounds. I mean, I'm... I'm still pretty skinny, but at least it's a start, so. There may be mood swings and you will see a drop in your menstrual cycle. Thank God. Periods have never been easy on young men. This is the parental consent form which will need to be signed. Why can't she just be a lesbian? Because she's not a lesbian, Mom. She's a boy. Do you remember we were gonna name him Cole if he was a boy? And now she is a boy and her name is Ray, like a truck driver or something. Yo, Ray, lemme talk to you for a second! Faggot! Oh, my God! Sit down! Heard you got into a fight. I'm not starting a new school in this body. I'm just not. Maybe they'd make an exception. I'm done with being an exception! What if he turns around one day and says "Mom, I made a mistake"? Prolonging this doesn't keep me a girl any longer. It just keeps me from being who I already am. Something's gotta change. A boy? Yes, a boy. I can't sign this! This is just a formality because you're named on the birth certificate. There are risks, she may not be able to get pregnant. There is no Ramona anymore. It's just Ray. There's been a problem with the papers. Your father has to sign them, but he won't. Why does he care? He hasn't seen me since I was a baby. So you leave your family and start a new one? I didn't leave me family. I feel pretty left. So you're like our brother? Yeah. Sort of. Why sort of? Because I was born in a girl's body. I'm a girl in a girl's body, I think. I went through losing my daughter all by myself, and I will be raising my son exactly the same! I don't hear any slamming. Ray is the only good decision I've ever made. I still vote lesbian.

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  • Shawn Mendes - Life of the Party
    Shawn Mendes - Life of the Party

slender Reply Link
남자그 자체가 되버린다는게 그리도 좋을까??
강철심장 1 Reply Link
이 영화 보세요... 레이 어머니의 행동에 기가찰겁니다
cat 6
cat 6 3 Reply Link
탄생의 비밀이 집중으로
나오는거 빼곤
꽤 괜찮음 죠음
참고로 본인은 시스젠더 바이
주인공 너무 예쁘..잘생겼엄
나만고양이없어나만 11 Reply Link
와..엘르패닝 대단하다... 어린 나이에 이런 배역을 맡을 생각을 하고ㅠㅠ
이제 다코타 패닝 동생말고 엘르 패닝이라고 불렸으면 좋겠다
a Hild
a Hild Reply
rudugsdl11 나는 다코타 패닝보다 엘르패닝을 먼저 접했는데 최고다
곰국 1 Reply Link
성전환하면 수명많이 줄어들텐데 ... 난 반댈세!
곰국 Reply
ㅇㅇ 누가뭐래
곰국 그리고 우리가 너한테 뭐라고하는것도 막을수없지
곰국 Reply
니가 내가 하는말을 막을 권리는 없단다
김농부 12 Reply
곰국 이걸 네가 반대할 권리는 한톨도 없단다
트위치워보이 2 Reply Link
엘르 패닝이 연기를 참 잘하는군요.이제껏 느끼지 못했는데.
Ricky Kim
Ricky Kim Reply Link
The Big Short 예고편 올려주세여
안정원 2 Reply Link
요새 이런 영화 많이 나와서 좋네요ㅠㅠ
에엑샤 2 Reply Link
남자가 여자로 되는거임? 아님 그 반대임??
MM A Reply
좋은 말이네요
안티고네 6 Reply
남자로태어났으나 지정성별이 여성인 아이가 트랜지션을 하는이야기입니다...
name my
name my 2 Reply
여자가 남자로
dodge man
dodge man 18 Reply Link
왜 엄연히 존재하는걸 없었던 것처럼 치부하려 할까...... 비정상으로 규정당하고 소외받은 사람들의 이야기 너무 좋네요 ㅠㅠ

이소정 Reply Link
요즘 앨르패닝은 언니보다 더 활발히 활동하는듯 ㅋㅋㅋ 완전기대된다!!
김지훈 Reply Link
어바웃 케빈의 후속작인가...? 아님 말구..
unimetes Reply Link
요즘 이런 성전환 영화 왜이렇게 많이 나오지;
치즈볼 Reply
unimetes 성전환 영화 나오는 것도 니 허락맏고 나와야함?
Watcha 24 Reply
좋은거죠 세상이 그만큼 개방적이고 자유롭게 바뀌고 있다는 뜻이니까
김택준 Reply Link
마지막에 나오는 노래 제목 뭔가요? 아시는 분?
Geunhye Lee
Geunhye Lee Reply
Life of the party - Shawn Mendes
잠만보 Reply Link
JUN B-Boy 4 Reply Link
대니쉬 걸과는 상반되는 시놉시스 인거 같네요~!!
원두 Reply Link
엘르 패닝의 진짜 배우로서의 모습을 볼 수 있을 것 같네요!