Bleed for This

Bleed for This
Biography, Drama, Sport | 117 min | R
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Open Road Films
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BLEED FOR THIS is the incredible true story of one of the most inspiring and unlikely comebacks in sports history. Miles Teller (Whiplash, Divergent) stars as Vinny “The Pazmanian Devil” Pazienza, a local Providence boxer who shot to stardom after winning two world title fights. After a near-fatal car accident leaves Vinny with a severed spine, he is told he may never walk again. Against all odds and doctor’s orders, renowned trainer Kevin Rooney (Aaron Eckhart) agrees to help Vinny return to the ring just a year after the accident for what could be the last fight of his life.
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We are gonna start the weigh in. Ash, answer the phone! Hello? Where's he at? Just hold 'em off. Tell 'em I'm coming. He's on the bicycle. No, dummy, his weight. What weight's he at? Where are you at, Vinny? I'm coming! He's coming. Got a little surprise for you. 140 pounds even. Tomorrow night, you're gone. I'm gonna rain on you like a thunderstorm. You got it, Vinny! He did it! He got the belt? I feel like I should be on a box of Wheaties,* doing a Gatorade commercial. Jimmy! ... the Pazmanian Devil is in Kent County Memorial Hospital tonight with a fractured neck. If you let me do the fusion, I can guarantee you'll be able to walk again. I need to be able to fight again. Vinny. You're not fusing my neck. With this severe of an injury, one bump, one fall, any kind of movement, and your spinal cord could sever. It wasn't supposed to go like this. Yeah, I know. We're not done here, Vinny. There's a whole world outside the ring. I'm getting pretty sick of people talking at me like I'm dead. Kev, I'm gonna fight again. No, you ain't, Vinny. Vinny, no! No! I mean, you just don't know how to give up. No, I know exactly how to give up. You know what scares me, Kev, is that it's easy. Come on. This is insane. This is bad, Angelo. You gotta do something. I can't be part of you getting hurt no more. I'm not done. All right? I got more in me. Now go out there and show me how you do things. Show me how you live! Show me how you fight! Show me who you are. * Wheaties: 미국 General Mills社의 시리얼 브랜드. 제품 박스에 스포츠 스타들을 모델로 기용. Link

This video plays:

  • Billy Squier - The Stroke
    Billy Squier - The Stroke
  • Willis Earl Beal - Too Dry to Cry
    Willis Earl Beal - Too Dry to Cry

젤리밤 Reply Link
국내는 왜 2017년 개봉인가..
Young Jin Oh
Young Jin Oh Reply Link
위플래쉬의 앤드류 역활을 맡았던 배우인듯. 관심 없는 장르라 보지는 않겠지만 배우는 반갑네요.
Naul. Reply Link
실베스타 스텔론의 록키는 투박함과 어눌함이 있다면
마일즈텔러의 블리드 포 디스는 자신만만함과 광기가 있네여
네모난TV 1 Reply Link
레알 오진다..위플레쉬 부활일듯..
김김태민 Reply Link
맨첨화면에 황정민드루와인줄
니인생브론즈 Reply Link
썸네일이 황정민 같아
seon hong kim
seon hong kim Reply Link
그는 판타스틱 쓰레기의 끔찍함을 벋어날 수 있을것인가?
홍윤기 Reply Link
다들 마일즈 텔러 얘기만 하시네 ....
아론 애크하트도 못 알아볼 정도로 이미지 바꿨는데
박장호 Reply Link
의사선생님 저 싫어 하죠?
Dabe Lee
Dabe Lee Reply Link
와... 샌님같은 이미지의 배우였는데 배역폭을 훅훅 늘리는구나 거기다 어색하지도 않고, 다작까지...
명배우의 초석을 다져가는 느낌 앞으로 믿고볼만한 배우로 성장할듯...

HT LIM 1 Reply Link
마일즈 테일러 영화 많이 찍네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
walkalonesky Reply Link
스타가 되거라~~달려~
Hyeji Jo
Hyeji Jo Reply Link
판타스틱4의 악몽을 떨쳐내기를.ㅠ 좋아하는 배우인데 요즘 출연한 영화들이 많이 개봉하는것 같아 기쁘네요.
이도현 Reply Link
초반부 음악 아시는분?
젤리밤 Reply
1. Billy Squier - The Stroke
2. Willis Earl Beal - Too Dry to Cry

위에 한반지님이 음악 이름들 적어두셨네요.
박건우 Reply Link
위 플래시때 야리야리하던 몸이 저래 바꿨네!!
김민상 Reply Link
위플래쉬를 잇는 역대급 카타르시스영화가 나오겠군요..
[변태장르] Bledet 채널
위플래쉬에서 광기를 배우더니 이젠 굇수가 된 마일즈 텔러
윤준호 Reply Link
워도그에 블리드 포 디스까지...위플래쉬 명성을 되찾으려나
원호정 Reply Link
홍석민 Reply Link
꼭 보러가야겠네요.

Sang Yo
Sang Yo 2 Reply Link
작은 실베스타 스텔론 같아 보이네요...
Naul. Reply
헐 진짜네요.
드라이우스 Reply
이지훈 Reply Link
한 2014년인가 그때부터 기다렸던거 같은데 잘 뽑힌거 같네요...
cha bonjwa
cha bonjwa Reply Link
와 역대급 영화가 나온거같은데?
sdf4569 Reply Link
보고싶은 영화가 하나 생겼네요..
ᄋ이 Reply Link
애런 해크하트 더럽...
코어파란 Reply Link
마일즈 텔러라고? 개간지나졌다
Ha Jung Han
Ha Jung Han Reply Link
마일즈 텔러..이번에도 환상적인 연주를 보여주는건가..
musk 엘론
musk 엘론 Reply Link