The Dreamer Wakes

Really Slow Motion & Giant Apes - The Dreamer Wakes
아티스트: Really Slow Motion & Giant Apes

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Lord_Naki 답글 연결
Mankind Divided
Scott K
Scott K 1 답글 연결
WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS??!!! I've been trying to get my hands on tracks from Into The Horizon for months. Do you have others? Cheers.
Nana Nana
Nana Nana 답글 연결
AviatorBoy1996 12 답글 연결
Anyone else here from the "Only the Brave" trailer?
Sam Cohen
Sam Cohen 답글
AviatorBoy1996 that's how I found it. The movie was incredible though
miguel gibilisco
miguel gibilisco 답글 연결
A great priest or priestess awakens from a great and long sleep, while the light of the sun appears between the mountains walks to the front in a great structure in form of pyramid, arriving at the borders of that great structure much but many people were there Waiting for his arrival, to save them from evil, this character is called the great dreamer.
(The pyramid above had an altar where the great dreamer slept)
Simon-Pierre Savard
Simon-Pierre Savard 1 답글 연결
Only the brave... RIP
Aashiresh Duvuru
Aashiresh Duvuru 답글 연결
Is this pic. from Zero Dawn Horizon ?
PrinzesSZelda 2 답글 연결
Okay I never wanted to go to bed either. How long can you survive without sleep? How many tracks can I listen to? This is so epic how could I ever lived without such great music I'm crying right now. Okay I should stop. Have a great day you all who listen to this great music
الذئب الابيض
winston burkhardt
winston burkhardt 3 답글 연결
"We are gonna take the fire head on and save our town" R.I.P Granite Mountain HotShots
195 Studio
195 Studio 1 답글 연결
This could be Avengers Infinity War trailer song.....
The O-Man
The O-Man 1 답글
True that, Hi-Finesse always does the music for MCU trailers
Transient Motion
Transient Motion 1 답글
Infinity War? I'm pretty sure that it is most likely going to be a track from Hi-Finesse, but this track could be as well, who knows
The Little Dreamer
The Little Dreamer 1 답글 연결
But I wanna sleep!
Adelemon 1 답글 연결
hell ya mofucker that shit is my jam.
Sounds Epic!
Sounds Epic! 답글 연결
Absolutely stellar!! <3 Really love this
Gina Martindale
Gina Martindale 답글 연결
you all never disappoint me. Amazing job yet again. 😘
🇧🇷 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏
james phillips
james phillips 답글 연결
purely dope..
Rafael  Conceiçao
Rafael Conceiçao 1 답글 연결
simplesmente nostalgico😍
Transient Motion
Transient Motion 10 답글 연결
Really love this track, the trailer looked amazing and the music along with it made it beautiful, awesome job as always Gresby
Someone 4 답글 연결
IDK why but the pic looks like the witch out of narnia.
Rocketloop 답글
You're in out of narnia, come out of the closet already :P
For some one Out there there
Mohamed Tabet
Mohamed Tabet 2 답글
Andrew its looks like hawk girl

Someone 10 답글 연결
Fuck all who say first.
Sheele Ga kill
Sheele Ga kill 10 답글

Now fuck me daddy
Calvin Bost
Calvin Bost 4 답글 연결
No, you aren't first suckers.
noriamvs 2 답글