The Night Café

Clint Mansell - The Night Café
아티스트: Clint Mansell

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SpaceBean 답글 연결
Th film was great, the music was great. It has led me to come up with many theories if his deaths and has opened my mind
yun 스티브시니
Loving vincent forever~~♡
Dustin Yoon
Dustin Yoon 답글 연결
This film is beyond the masterpiece and a milestone like Matrix.
rhythmyoursoul 답글 연결
The only problem is that the Formats in this painting are not well done. Like Vincent I am a Perfectionist. You can explain this problem in the following way: Vincents Head was Too Big for His Body. When you will see some of my Own paintings Go to my Fb. Page Noël/Emmanuel Schelling.
Martyna Skrobisz
Martyna Skrobisz 4 답글
But... the real CAST had been involved in this movie and then all the scenes they took part in were (re)painted by artists
from all around the world. So stop telling lies and advertising yourself!
Emanuele Chelini
Emanuele Chelini 4 답글 연결
In a right world this movie would have to win 3 Academy Awards: Best animated feature, best original score and best original screenplay... I mean, maybe best original screenplay is too much (there are a lot of great movies this year), but the first two YES!!!!
AD-SD-vids and stop motion
Or best visual effects cause its paintings
Usama Alazzawy
Usama Alazzawy 1 답글 연결
This music is my fav in this film
Ahmad Kamal
Ahmad Kamal 1 답글 연결
a masterpiece from a masterpiece movie ❤️
Davud Farzullayev
Davud Farzullayev 1 답글 연결
not sure how to feel about the whole soundtrack sounding almost identical to The Fountain :-(  - like, i love it because of Clint, but is he getting lazy? please don't hate me for saying this the internet!!
Kostas Mammos
Kostas Mammos 16 답글 연결
Great movie. Only by seeing it you get just a little close to Vincent van Gogh's genius and to his beautiful soul ...
PapiDarko 1 답글 연결
sounds a little bit like Moon, but that's okay.
PapiDarko 답글 연결
sounds a little bit like Moon, but that's okay.
Majd Fayad
Majd Fayad 8 답글 연결
Magical !
Stu Mite
Stu Mite 34 답글 연결
I cried so much while watching this masterpiece 😭
MrKocman 2 답글 연결
Vincent like Jesus , great movie !
Fenekt T
Fenekt T 1 답글
Welll, he loved him at the beginning, his father was minister, and Vincent wanted to be a preacher. But in one moment he understood, that god doesn't exist. It was when he suffered while living in Borinage.
(Sorry for my english)
jerry shaw
jerry shaw 2 답글
actually Vincent hates Jesus :)
TNTBros Exotic Automobiles
Must not cry must not cry must not cry
Holiday flat Ogarna Apt
Beautiful. And does anyone know where it was filmed.. well I mean painted? ;-)
in my hometown - Gdansk, Poland. Please come visit one day.
TikiJsLounge 64 답글 연결
Loving Vincent is a masterpiece of masterpieces. I saw it tonight at the Southeast Premier in Savannah, Georgia. I highly recommend it if this movie is in your area. Go. See it. You will want to see it again.
I also watched it last night... this is definately one of the films that you will remember for a long long time.
Ravenclaw Geek
Ravenclaw Geek 답글
someone I had the same experience. Everyone just sat there in silence as the credits rolled by. One of the best theater experiences I’ve ever had.
someone 답글
Yes absolute masterpiece too bad the general public is interested in things that blew up in movies than this, the theatre I went to, everyone was quiet at the end of the movie, definitely buying the DVD
Kasiczka90 4 답글
I'm in love with USA, and you, Americans and your movies, books, music! It's so wonderful to read that you enjoyed something Polish :) hugs and love from Poland!
Ravenclaw Geek
Ravenclaw Geek 답글
TikiJsLounge I’m assuming this is the opening song. I was stupid and forgot to pay attention to the score after I realized I loved it.
Christopher crispytwo
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Ahmet Bayar
Ahmet Bayar 답글 연결