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Brand X Music
Brand X Music 4 답글 연결
misael alpizar
misael alpizar 답글 연결
Amazing mix!!!
vicjames2011 답글 연결
2pac track is called "Untouchable"
xyzdig 답글 연결
An unrelated question, but do you know the name of the track at the end of this trailer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0g4e7WxKHUI&list=WL&index=4

It starts at around 0:37. I already looked everywhere and I can't find it
Trailer Music Weekly
Trailer Music Weekly 답글
Got no idea, sorry.
maui strife
maui strife 답글 연결
awesome dude,one question:do you know where i can find the one with the two songs combined i cant find it,just one or the other
Trailer Music Weekly
Trailer Music Weekly 답글
It's a Chroma Music "Waking Life", but I can't post Chroma Music anymore on the channel.
João Vicente
João Vicente 2 답글 연결
Damn I still remember the Ninja Tracks used in trailer for the first one, feels like it was ages ago...
One Punch Man
One Punch Man 답글
4 years isnt a whole generation, buddy
Trailer Music Weekly
Trailer Music Weekly 1 답글
Schattenu 12 답글 연결
To hell with the Tupac remix, I need that sweet Pacific Rim theme remix.
kal-el 답글 연결
Gimme 2pac
Dovahkiin 답글 연결
do you know what name is the tupac remix in this trailer ? thx
Last Jedi
Last Jedi 답글
Dovahkiin There are 2 songs

The one from 2pac is "untouchable" and there is an other song but not from 2pac. It's called "War ready" but I don't know anymore from where the song is...
Trailer Music Weekly
Trailer Music Weekly 1 답글
Nop sorry.
AMV Channels
AMV Channels 4 답글 연결