This Is Not Enough (Epilogue)

Hammock - This Is Not Enough (Epilogue)
아티스트: Hammock

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AbRaHeM BM 1 답글 연결
Its 11pm im in the middle of Arabia dessert ..and I feel as it should be
Simple As This
Simple As This 답글 연결
Everytime I listen to Hammock music, I always had a feeling there's something wrong with my life.

Please halp me
Zhe Zhang
Zhe Zhang 1 답글 연결
For some reason, I can't come up with a reason why someone would like to put a diislike on this music.
arovane777 답글 연결
This band helped me get through my sister's death over 4 years ago with "I Can Almost See You" and others and now they will help me get through a friends death with this wonderful song and new album. Thank God for bands like this and Sigur Ros, Beach House, M83 etc.
Luiza Vasconcelos
Por que nao acho a letra??
Xero Dragonfire
Xero Dragonfire 답글 연결
The moment the cashier notices you didn't give them enough to pay for the groceries....and this song randomly starts playing

Great song thought! I have a whole playlist dedicated to Hammock!
RJAY679 1 답글 연결
Lyrics anyone?
Cdub5_ 답글 연결
Damn, what a wonderful ending to a great album!
Brunim 답글 연결
This is simply beautiful and heart touching, i love it! <3
The Horrorist
The Horrorist 답글 연결
Love it ^_^
9eCn3 23 답글 연결
Just a few thoughts on this song in context of the album...

This is, obviously, much different than the rest of the songs on Mysterium, and I'd like to believe that this was intentional. The prior song "Elegy" is the album's "climax," if you will, a conclusion to Marc's tribute to his nephew. You can feel it in that song's crescendo.

After the conclusion comes the epilogue, where we are greeted with a much more traditional Hammock sound. The story told by the previous ten songs-full of choral arrangements and minimalism-has come to an end, and here we are again with something more Hammock-y. They have returned from their ambitious undertaking to a song that musically would fit right in with "Raising Your Voice..." or "Chasing After Shadows..." and yet, it is connected to the rest of the album with the message: this was not enough. As much as Marc wished to give his breath away, as much soul and heartache went into Mysterium as a whole, it's still not enough to bring Clark back, nor soothe the pain his sister feels.

This is, of course, only my interpretation of the song titles and musical progression of the album, but...it made Mysterium even more touching for me. While Everything and Nothing felt like just a bunch of songs (not like that's a bad thing; it's an amazing album), the track order here feels very logical. It's a story, a musical adventure, albeit one of heartbreak and pain. But there's no artist I'd rather have telling such a story than Hammock.

Thanks, Marc and Andrew. Mysterium was plenty enough for me.
deepblueday99 답글
I very much agree with the story telling and emotional sequence. This is not enough to bring him back or to erase the pain of the loss...
Ibrahim Almizhir
Ibrahim Almizhir 1 답글 연결
YouTube should remove the dislike button from hammock Songs and videos 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
rosolek95 2 답글 연결
Does anyone know the full name of this video / movie also this woman?
thank for help.
Brandon Stanley
Brandon Stanley 답글
rosolek95 I think that it's Cyd Charisse, could be wrong though.
Josue Lopez
Josue Lopez 3 답글 연결
Es como sentir una tranquilidad profunda cuando te tiras sobre el cesped en un dia despejado y sol matutino...
Данила Фомин
Сегодня звонили из военкомата. Целый день на нервах. Не знаю, смогу ли откосить, но эта песня на несколько минут унесла в страну покоя.
PanLamda 2 답글 연결
Nice new album, although i have to say that i prefer the more "rock-ish" songs like this one rather than the other more "ambient" ones. Like another poster said, this brings to mind their pre-Hammock band called "Common Children" so i hope that they make an album full of this style (not that they haven't already, the previous album as well as "departure songs" were very close to that more "dreamy indie-rock" style).
I love rocking myself! But I take time to hear and think of YOU!
I love everybody!!!!!!!!!!! For sure!
Be yourself!
Big Magic of everything!!!!!!!!!!

Very good! Cool!
Aramis l.
Aramis l. 답글 연결
I here more confidence in vocal work also. So great..
Aramis l.
Aramis l. 2 답글 연결
A song like this should be able to end all war on the planet.
Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller 5 답글 연결
Hammock has this way of telling you, "Everything will be okay.", in the most beautiful way possible.
Ariena Putri
Ariena Putri 1 답글 연결
G3N3SOS 답글 연결
Wonderful , it's like I've ever heard that before I was born.
adriano back
adriano back 답글 연결
muito bom
Kourofava 1 답글 연결
Romanticism is nowdays back with Hammock!
Ulisses Odisseus
Ulisses Odisseus 2 답글 연결
I don´t know which magic do you use in your music but, i love so much all song that you create.
robert stephens
robert stephens 5 답글 연결
Hammock= Music from heaven.

robert16.11.1984 1 답글 연결
Greetins from Spain
Carla Newman
Carla Newman 1 답글 연결
I absolutely love and adore, cherish and resonate with everything thing you gifted beloved souls create. Just saying "Thank You" does not do justice to what your music evokes, but nonetheless- thank you. Namaste
Torstein Hamnvik
Torstein Hamnvik 1 답글 연결
No, hiv inn myye mer trøkk, for svarte!
Michael J. McDonald
Michael J. McDonald 8 답글 연결
Great stuff Hammock! Inspiring me to write more music. Keep it up!
Meshil Ali
Meshil Ali 1 답글 연결
Thanks for great music
Brad DeRousse
Brad DeRousse 1 답글 연결
Hammock keeps hitting it out of the ballpark with each new single. This is music to discover and contemplate awe and wonder. Music for sitting out in the twilight or under the stars of a summer or fall evening, or to listen to in front of a fireplace or by a window during a snow covered winter day. I love this music.
Whakada Bellgate
Whakada Bellgate 답글 연결
awww this is so awasome
Whakada Bellgate
Whakada Bellgate 답글 연결
wow i am excited
Derk Ender
Derk Ender 답글 연결
you guys wanta another solid band to listen to check out driftless they are like hammock.
HowardPuertoFitness 1 답글 연결
Crying as I hear this. They've saved me from despair so many times. Thank you!