Nobody Speak 가사

DJ Shadow - Nobody Speak
아티스트: DJ Shadow

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[El-P] Picture this I'm a bag of dicks Put me to your lips I am sick I will punch a baby bear in his shit Give me lip I'ma send you to the yard, get a stick Make a switch I can end a conversation real quick [Killer Mike] I am crack I ain't lyin', kick a lion in his crack I'm the shit, I will fall off in your crib, take a shit Pinch your momma on the booty Kick your dog, fuck your bitch Fat boy dressed up like he's Santa And took pictures with your kids [El-P] We the best We will cut a frowny face in your chest, little wench I'm unmentionably fresh, I'm a mensch, get correct I will walk into a court while erect, screaming "Yes! I am guilty motherfuckers, I am death" Hey, you wanna hear a good joke? [Refrain] Nobody speak, nobody get choked [El-P] Get running Start pumping your bunions, I'm coming I'm the dumbest, who flamethrow your function to Funyuns Flame your crew quicker than Trump fucks his youngest Now face the flame, fuckers, your fame and fate's done with [Killer Mike] I rob Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, Linus and Lucy Put coke in the doobie, roll woolies to smoke with Snoopy I still remain that dick grabbin' slacker that spit a loogie Cause the toter of the toolie'll murder you friggin' Moolies Fuck outta here, yeah [Refrain] Nobody speak, nobody get choked, hey Nobody speak, nobody get choked, hey, hey Nobody speak Nobody speak [El-P] Only facts I will shoot a Baby duck if it quacks, with a Luger Top billin', come cops some villainous shots is boxed, shipped out, and bought, and y'all feeling it El-P killin' it, Killer Mike killin' shit [Killer Mike] What more can I say? We top billin' it Valiant without villainy Viciously foul victory Burn towns and villages Burning looting and pillaging [El-P] Murderers try to hurt us we curse them and all their children I just want the bread and bologna bundles to tuck away I don't work for free, I am barely giving a fuck away [Killer Mike] So tell beggin' Johnny and Mommy to get the fuck away Heyyo here's a gun, son, now run, get it the gutterway Live to shoot another day [Refrain] Nobody speak, nobody get choked, hey Nobody speak, nobody get choked, hey Nobody speak Nobody speak Nobody speak, nobody get choked

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Erick Parra
Erick Parra 답글 연결
Quicker than trump fucks his youngest.....
:D :D :D :D :D *thumbsup* XD XD XD
killer _ ee
killer _ ee 답글 연결
Jeff Hardin
Jeff Hardin 답글 연결
Start pumping your bunyuns I'm coming
Enric And Music
Enric And Music 답글 연결
The things that have going on in Spain in anutshell
Summer H
Summer H 답글 연결
do you guys want help with captioning?
Kevin Anderson
Kevin Anderson 답글 연결
Based on true events...😝
Benjaman2000 답글 연결
That one guy kinda sounds like ice T
John Donovan
John Donovan 1 답글 연결
Im a bag of dicks....put me to your lips
Ryan Raddatz
Ryan Raddatz 답글 연결
Shit's so dope that i watched it twice
TrypTrader 답글 연결
This video is AMAZING!!!!
ZULUL 답글 연결
This is so well done.
ThePunisher129 답글 연결
Imagine if everyone stopped talking for a while. We all just shut up and enjoyed the silence.
Randy Rogers
Randy Rogers 답글 연결
I’m a Trump supporter but that line “Flame your crew quicker than Trump fucks his youngest” is gold
Youlost thegame
Youlost thegame 답글 연결
I hope they make a sequel haha
Russell Vance
Russell Vance 답글 연결
Saw this as an add on FB. This rocks like a flintstone.
Noel's World
Noel's World 답글 연결
Watch it. You guys might get deported to Nambia on covfefe charges. Hashtag MAGA.
Suavepebble 답글 연결
This dude sampled popeye the movie and the holy mountain and that is all i need to know
James Gilmore
James Gilmore 답글 연결
This video makes this song 10X more entertaining. Reminds me of the Dynamite Hack Video for "Boyz in tha Hood".
iLLSHa Cephied
iLLSHa Cephied 답글 연결
They are left to sleep with the cats.

MsEdgyE 2 답글 연결
This video is amazing
Bobby Explains It All
SOOO MUCH better than Eminem's freestyle why doesnt this get the views it deserves!
Frostyy Plays
Frostyy Plays 답글 연결
Hutch at 0:29
Lucas Lehmann
Lucas Lehmann 답글 연결
I love the ending and the beginning
Ban Kay
Ban Kay 1 답글 연결
Picture this, i'm a bag of dicks, put me to your lips. =)))) OMG !
Akosua ToujoursHanBon
Uganda Parliament 2.0 😭😹😭😹😭😹
Wade Barnard
Wade Barnard 2 답글 연결
I am crack i aint lyin', kick a lion in his crack!
MaliciousMindState 1 답글 연결
Not only one of the most flawless joints I've ever heard, but potentially the song of 2016.
oussama ouztato
oussama ouztato 답글 연결
Anybody from tyler1?
crockerpot18 답글 연결
1:10 cake

Daniel Hunt
Daniel Hunt 1 답글 연결
Republicans vs Liberals
Republicans win 🙂
koko40800 답글
you wish....no talent Repug lunkheads can't rap..and can't fight without guns either
Ladislasdehoyos1 답글 연결
The White House, every day!
Space Music
Space Music 답글 연결
Buddy Van Cigrit
Buddy Van Cigrit 4 답글 연결
When that old man breaks his pencil and just lunges for the throat. That shit was gangsta
Elijah Rivera
Elijah Rivera 답글
Buddy Van Cigrit Yeaaaaah
diaverde09 2 답글 연결
They had two old white dudes memorize these verses so they could perform the exact mouth movements for this video. I wish I could see and hear the unedited footage.
Derrick Taylor
Derrick Taylor 답글 연결
I love this video...
Strazman 답글 연결
4,000 Democrats didn't like that the dude with glasses P'wned the liberal retard.
koko40800 2 답글
Nah fool, you're missing the point of the video entirely....go back to your country music
diaverde09 1 답글
Kings of the north
I'm here because of Marty bird
moonbird 1 답글 연결
Best video of the year.