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Rush - Tom Sawyer
아티스트: Rush
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[Verse 1] A modern-day warrior Mean, mean stride Today's Tom Sawyer Mean, mean pride {Hook} Though his mind is not for rent Don't put him down as arrogant His reserve, a quiet defense Riding out the day's events The river {Bridge} What you say about his company Is what you say about society Catch the mist, catch the myth Catch the mystery, catch the drift {Hook} The world is, the world is Love and life are deep Maybe as his skies are wide Today's Tom Sawyer, he gets high on you And the space he invades, he gets by on you {Bridge} [Verse 2] No, his mind is not for rent To any god or government Always hopeful, yet discontent He knows changes aren't permanent But change is {Hook} And what you say about his company Is what you say about society Catch the witness, catch the wit Catch the spirit, catch the spit {Hook} The world is, the world is Love and life are deep Maybe as his eyes are wide [Verse 3] Exit the warrior, today's Tom Sawyer He gets high on you and the energy you trade He gets right on to the friction of the day {Outro}

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Tyler Nolan
Tyler Nolan 답글 연결
It ain't easy bein' cheesy.
Jeff Crowther Jr.
R.I.P. Le Studio 1975-2017
Adèle Geiger
Adèle Geiger 답글 연결
asymmetric measures ;-)
Beautifully Rare
Beautifully Rare 답글 연결
this is 2017 when I'm posting this comment and I heard this song on the radio when my dad was playing it an the whole time I thought it was a female singing
Jarred Vlogs
Jarred Vlogs 답글 연결
Honestly just searched this cause of family guy
NumberZero 1 답글 연결
*Published on 21/12
Cam Leborgne
Cam Leborgne 답글 연결
Family guy
Saaderino 답글 연결
It ain't easy being cheezy
Simple Beetz
Simple Beetz 답글 연결
it's a man that sings this song?
Сергей Гончаров
It is impossible, but now we have it all!  I am fivty years old. Rush is a my likely crew! There is the best of time of Rush, from 1979 to 2015 ,best time of Rush isoooo!!!
Slime of Death
Slime of Death 답글 연결
The Waterboy anyone?? Adam Sandler
Just Vauxhall
Just Vauxhall 답글 연결
Slappa 'da bass
wayan sepon
wayan sepon 답글 연결
Perfection,never feel bored listen this song
James Feeley
James Feeley 답글 연결
Does anyone know where this video was filmed?
Shione Cooper
Shione Cooper 1 답글 연결
Who cares where the fuck we came from? What matters is that we fucking love this song!
Richard Henry
Richard Henry 답글 연결
No his mind is not for rent to any God or Governtment. What's that all about?
Randy Stevens
Randy Stevens 답글 연결
30 years later this band is still awesome.  How did they know?  Strings, percussion, voice- everything comes together to form perfect music.  Just listen.  RUSH ROCKS!!!!
Jake Anderson
Jake Anderson 답글 연결
Family Guy got me over here rockin
Alejo 답글 연결
I'm here because of Futurama. Now where's my two-liter bottle of shasta....
BAD 답글 연결
Dan Patrick brought me back here lol

The Encyclopedia of Pop Culture
No one gives a shit if you came from a trailer
Docwho 10th
Docwho 10th 답글
John Witczak
John Witczak 답글 연결
Sad that this studio burned to the ground.
The Lone Jedi
The Lone Jedi 답글 연결
Coming from ready player one
Sahaja Yoga
Sahaja Yoga 답글 연결
I am a Sahaja Yogi.
Anthony Roberts
Anthony Roberts 답글 연결
greastest drummer in the world hands down.
Cory Smart
Cory Smart 답글 연결
What time signature is that at 1:40?
Anne Brooks
Anne Brooks 답글 연결
Crap stereo....put in Rush, it sounds great!!!
Kenny V
Kenny V 답글 연결
My first concert.Moving pictures tour. I think it was 1982? Fekkin Awesome!!!
Ascending TheMastery
I don't always play Rush but when I do I play as Tom Sawyer.

Git Gud My Friends
Jc Roc
Jc Roc 답글 연결
Anyone who is here from all pro football and not ready player one like this comment

John 1112
John 1112 1 답글 연결
RIP Le Studio
Rob Kennedy
Rob Kennedy 1 답글 연결
Farewell to Le Studio, which was run down and abandoned, but recently finished off by a fire.
David Bullock
David Bullock 1 답글 연결
I k ew who Rush was for about 20 years now but never cared to check out any of thier music until the trailer for Ready Player One. Now I just need to find the "Pure imagination" remake.
Chase White
Chase White 1 답글 연결
Bubbles did it better
Christian Sanchez
Christian Sanchez 1 답글 연결
The Goldbergs brought me here
Fahret Ferhatovic
Fahret Ferhatovic 1 답글 연결
The 2k people that disliked the video are haters, right guys?
Joel Supremacy
Joel Supremacy 1 답글 연결
Geddy's voice 😍😍
Wafflepress 1 답글 연결
Ready Player One anybody?
Docwho 10th
Docwho 10th 1 답글
yup! plus been a fan since the 80's...
joe landis
joe landis 2 답글 연결
player one
Docwho 10th
Docwho 10th 답글
plus 1
Marian Quarles
Marian Quarles 답글 연결
Rip Chester