The Pure and the Damned 가사

Oneohtrix Point Never - The Pure and the Damned
아티스트: Oneohtrix Point Never
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[Verse 1] Love, make me clean Love, touch me, cure me [Chorus 1] The pure always act from love The damned always act from love [Spoken Interlude 1] Every day I think about untwisting and untangling these strings I'm in And to lead a pure life I look ahead at a clear sky Ain't gonna get there But it's a nice dream, it's a nice dream [Verse 2] Death, make me brave Death, leave me swinging [Chorus 2] The pure always act from love The damned always act from love The truth is an act of love [Instrumental Bridge] [Spoken Interlude 2] Some day, I swear, we're gonna go to a place where we can do everything we want to And we can pet the crocodiles [Chorus 3] Love The pure always act from love The damned always act from love That's love The pure always act from love That's love The pure and the damned The pure and the damned Love The damned

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Nostalgic NZer
Nostalgic NZer 답글 연결
Wow, this is beautiful <3
Gustavo França
Gustavo França 답글 연결
I've found the tunnel song
bnk57 답글 연결
I think something very important is happening and it's deeply connected to my purpose.
Michelle Ewing
Michelle Ewing 답글 연결
the 🌎 !$ Go!Ng 2 D0 WH@T !T W@NT§ 2
Chccy 답글 연결
Yes Josh
Daerni 답글 연결
This movie is a pure blast. It thoroughly deserved the Best Soundtrack Award at Cannes, the music is incredible at building up atmospheres and conveying feelings. And Pattinson gives an impressive performance. I highly recommend to go and watch it.
HIRV7V 답글 연결
fuck me up fam
Jon Young
Jon Young 답글 연결
holy moly this is one of the most amazing songs I've heard in all my life.
Luis Gustavo Pecinato
OMG this guy is the reecarnation of JOHNNY FUCKING CASH
David Fowl
David Fowl 답글 연결
No idea what all the hype is about. These vocals are horrible.
Messofanego 2 답글 연결
Wow, this is brilliant. Can't wait to see Good Time. Check out Heaven Knows What, the directors' previous film which is about an actual homeless girl who plays herself (since the film, she's not homeless anymore).
Max Gershfield
Max Gershfield 답글 연결
This track is a palace
mathew richwalski
when you flip kick the middle
doggotbitm 1 답글 연결
this sounds like the soundtrack to synecdoche new york. shit I gotta listen to that now.
There There
There There 1 답글 연결
Trent Reznor vibe with David Bowie's Heroes.... Perfect Piece of Music...
Paul Sunter
Paul Sunter 답글 연결
All turn into one .
the stranger
the stranger 답글 연결
Rsllxs 답글 연결
2:23 Betrayed in the Octagon vibes
mac tonite
mac tonite 16 답글 연결
iggy sounds like Goofy in the chorus
djskein 답글 연결
An instrumental version of this would basically be Replica MKII

Jay & Jay
Jay & Jay 2 답글 연결
This must be nominated for an Oscar next year!
Aigracier 답글 연결
Mike McCarthy
Mike McCarthy 답글 연결
Its like Cash and Bowie from the grave ... some mindblowing stuff!!!
wolsgang d
wolsgang d 2 답글 연결
this is fucking important.
ki² 5 답글 연결
3:12 that melody bro... this is what music is all about
Caddy Rowland
Caddy Rowland 답글 연결
Soul wrenching.
Danijel Robnik
Danijel Robnik 답글 연결
2:23 lead feels like beeing lost in a glitched 386 video game...for ever...on a sunny afternoon...
lmaxmai 1 답글 연결
Wowth, make me cream. Laaaa... touch me, cure me. The bureau is at, from love. The dandowaysat, from love. Mhm.
yoseppesoy 답글 연결
Rey_ 답글 연결
Instantly in love

AlphaDream 1 답글 연결
ohneotrix gets it
Enda 답글 연결
Amazing song. Captivating and lovely
instructme 답글 연결
Thinkyouknowmusic on Facebook brought me here.
oz louw
oz louw 21 답글 연결
Damn!. All I saw was Oneohtrix Point Never ft. Iggy and for a heart-stopping moment, I thought it was Iggy Azalea. Clicked and saw it was Iggy Pop. What a relief!
Rock Roccoco
Rock Roccoco 13 답글
Iggy Azalea is in no way good.
Don't be so open-minded that your brains fall out
Chameleonardodavinci 2 답글
+Soulless Gemini your reasoning isn't wrong and I agree with you in essence but she really isn't all that good (opinion albeit popular one). I say that as someone that's genuinely tried to like her music. also it's just a joke m8
Soulless Gemini
Soulless Gemini 1 답글
So what if it was? Iggy Azelea is good.
Live your life close minded like that and you're gonna miss out on some wonderful things in life.
Angel Draganov
Angel Draganov 16 답글 연결
Probably an unpopular opinion but for me personally this piece would've been so much better without the vocals... :/
Tilly 답글
"lets systematically bring it down a peg that would stop it from maybe making it good"
Jessica Walrus
Jessica Walrus 2 답글
+Imaxmai kys
lmaxmai 답글
Angel Draganov I understand what you mean. And by the way, popularity is mostly meaningless.
Tow El
Tow El 13 답글
Nah. That monologue about the strings is fucking heart-wrenching.
Jessica Walrus
Jessica Walrus 답글
Angel Draganov why tho
Kinesthetiacmusic 5 답글 연결
the petting crocodiles line gets to me so hard
GoToBedSheeva 13 답글 연결
God damn at 2:23 shit made my eyes swell with tears.
Dany Espinosa.
Dany Espinosa. 1 답글
GoToBedSheeva One can't do nothing but cry with such beautiful synths.
Nick Rodriguez
Nick Rodriguez 답글 연결
Alesia Breen
Alesia Breen 5 답글 연결
My God! I have never had a song affect me in this way! I'm literally shaking and almost in tears (Rob's contorted face in the pic helps set the mood) Iggy Pop and OPN Oscar noms for original song and score. Wow!
George McNab
George McNab 54 답글 연결
I feel like Bowie would have loved this :'(