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Tom Odell - Heal
아티스트: Tom Odell
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Take my mind And take my pain Like an empty bottle takes the rain And heal, heal, heal, heal And take my past And take my sense Like an empty sail takes the wind And heal, heal, heal, heal And tell me somethings last And tell me somethings last Take a heart And take a hand Like an ocean takes the dirty sand And heal, heal, hell, heal Take my mind And take my pain Like an empty bottle takes the rain And heal, heal, hell, heal And tell me somethings last

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milk 21 답글 연결
gunna upload a cover after hitting 10k subs
Boris Ilic
Boris Ilic 1 답글 연결
Ajmo trazim devojku javite se 17 godina lol
Not Age restriced
The book was amazing and when I heard there was a movie I had to watch it the book and movie are exactly the same 😻
Barbora Podoláková
Leticia Bortoli
Leticia Bortoli 답글 연결
One of my favorite songs.
MyNoobstyles 답글 연결
i messed up
Iloé Gltn7
Iloé Gltn7 답글 연결
Nishtha Lama
Nishtha Lama 답글 연결
You tell yourselves that life moves on. Be the bigger person. Forgive. Forget the hurt. It will heal. I will heal. Then one random night you bump into this song on YouTube while you're baked and then you start smiling and crying at the same time. Life moves on for sure but the look in your eyes, that mouth which curved into a smile when we kissed, the touch of your coarse hands...that my love, that is going to last forever!
Helena Valdez
Helena Valdez 답글 연결
Eszti N.
Eszti N. 1 답글 연결
Polyana Santos
Polyana Santos 답글 연결
esse filme é o melhor filme que eu já assisti, e lindo perfeito ❤
lorie Henry
lorie Henry 답글 연결
I haven't watch this movie because I know I'm going to cry a lot when I do my ass get sick 😐
Bizler Yaparız
Bizler Yaparız 답글 연결
help me marina joyca
Sophie Bailey
Sophie Bailey 답글 연결
I like this song!
cindy gracetelina
2:08 tom looks like jb
Just Flowers
Just Flowers 답글 연결
i'm so glad that i learned the piano to this because it's so nice to just play and sing to this
Lucia Martinez
Lucia Martinez 답글 연결
porfss me podrían decir el tema de esta película
Lfc Mostafa
Lfc Mostafa 1 답글 연결
"stronger" brought me here.
Danae Louison
Danae Louison 답글 연결
I saw this movie years ago and it destroyed me. TIME TO RE-WATCH
JuliaAngeel :-D
JuliaAngeel :-D 답글 연결
Ich weiß nicht was für EIN Gefühl ich habe wenn ich das Lied höre, es ist so komisch...

Lauren Benson
Lauren Benson 1 답글 연결
This song makes me remember that my sister isn't here and we'll never be 😭
jose costa da silva costa
avegale a
avegale a 답글 연결
An instagram edit of Defan brought me here.
Anxiety 답글 연결
It's currently 2 am, and idk why im listening to this.
samyra abeme
samyra abeme 1 답글 연결
we all needed some milk so thank you very much
salma Okbi
salma Okbi 답글 연결
What is the movie at 2:12
Moa Curtis
Moa Curtis 답글 연결
This movie. I cried the whole time, this is no joke
sexy gamer
sexy gamer 답글 연결
whats the name of the movie ?
Rose C
Rose C 1 답글 연결
I don't hear the difference between this version and the original? XD
ItzMissMaggie xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
I'm broken...I tought he was the one. But not anymore. This song remembers me of my ex boyfriend.


Shnai Bdi
Shnai Bdi 답글 연결
Who else cried watching the movie
Nanditha Narendran
wow no wonder it felt familiar in the 'Stronger' trailer...
R1vEn 답글 연결
who come from flim "stronger" ?
Sara Vaz
Sara Vaz 답글 연결
stronger trailer ❤
Carda Berge
Carda Berge 답글 연결
He is British so he accent slips in like he yo for heal
Julie -
Julie - 1 답글 연결
omg so beautiful. i love it so mutch
duna 답글 연결
I teared a little when the Nurse said "I'm not leaving you" or something alternate , other than that I didn't cry but I had weird face expressions .
Little Annie
Little Annie 답글 연결
Perfect broken heart song. I cried, a looooot....
Katherine Q
Katherine Q 답글 연결
tvd & shameless lover
My love for this