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Alperen arpaçay
Alperen arpaçay 답글 연결
A Retarded Orange Ape In The White House
Frank neva hurt me
Frank neva hurt me
Frank neva hurt me
Frank neva hurt me
Frank neva hurt me

Frank sounds like he beats his Asian wife.
Daimy Schrijver
Daimy Schrijver 답글 연결
Just like almost everyone else.. I heard this in the flatliners trailer. And it sounds great! Perfect for horror
KCLover37 답글 연결
Gwen is a monkey....Gwen is a monkey, Gwen is a monkey.
hkbundle 2 답글 연결
0:25 "Where is my coffee? Where is my coffee? Where is my coffee?"
This, THIS, is what the inside of my mind sounds like!! I need to play this on non-stop repeat during my next Bloodborne playthrough.
58goj58 답글 연결
Sounds like "voices are calling"
ChaosJcob 답글 연결
you need to hear this on mdma
Rato Branco
Rato Branco 답글 연결
Alguém br?
David Lau
David Lau 1 답글 연결
Flatliner trailer brought me here
Christopher Caridi
Christopher Caridi 1 답글 연결
Only the part before the music starts playing is good
Aaron Schuster
Aaron Schuster 답글 연결
Take a coffee break. Take a coffee break...
Shawn Bechard
Shawn Bechard 2 답글 연결
I would love a vocal version of this.
S ZLYN 1 답글 연결
Mükemmel aq
KatieBow Tango
KatieBow Tango 답글 연결
Biscuits and cookies
Jelle Meijer
Jelle Meijer 답글 연결
"pray please for mommy"
Samuel Leffew
Samuel Leffew 4 답글 연결
I lost my virginity to this song
Matt Ball
Matt Ball 1 답글
Sex for the first time is scary enough let alone this music
Samuel Leffew
Samuel Leffew 답글
Angela Gamboa lol hope it ain't mine lol lol 😯
Angela Gamboa
Angela Gamboa 답글
Samuel Leffew I'm good! Life is great I have a 3 year old daughter her name is Lucy (:
Samuel Leffew
Samuel Leffew 답글
Angela Gamboa Omg yeah, been awhile how you been
Angela Gamboa
Angela Gamboa 답글
Oh shit Sam! LOL How are you? We haven't talked in like 3 years
Azrael Brown
Azrael Brown 5 답글 연결
Pretty sure she is saying "Where is the heart beat". Makes perfect sense for it to be used as a trailer theme for "Flatliners" movie regarding its story being based around near death experiences....and just death.
Daniel Dona
Daniel Dona 4 답글 연결
"wait, nigga, park leaves"
Sarah Woodward
Sarah Woodward 1 답글 연결
I absolutely love this song only I wish I could find a version of it that didn't include the techno/rave/house crap. I'd like to just hear the classical singing along with the ominous monotone hum-drum in the background. Can anyone tell me if there is such a version?

Matthew Humpherys
Matthew Humpherys 2 답글 연결
I'm obsessed with this. And at 26 seconds it sounds like a heart beat machine and I just can't. It's so cool. A sweet song to work out to.
Alexa B
Alexa B 2 답글 연결
Damn >.> Thank nature for trailers! It is obvious how I got here so...
Елена Чернова
"Нижний Лист Дна" Стикса звучит круче!
Jade Arcade
Jade Arcade 4 답글 연결
I came here from Flatliners. But now I want a Fifth Element 2. And I heard about that Matrix 4...
Sup_v_MiSkE /\ CуП в MuCkE
Русские и сюда добрались, все знают зачем мы сюда собрались
Роман Глазов
this is cool, evil is coming :P
Garret Espenschied
Garret Espenschied 9 답글 연결
also in a britain accent - "wait, this is my weed. wait, this is my weed" haha
Garret Espenschied
the beginning 😍
Michael Wyda
Michael Wyda 답글 연결
anyone know what the lyrics to this song are?
Azrael Brown
Azrael Brown 답글
"Where is the heart beat".
altikirkbes 1 답글 연결
This is the craziest song ever made!!!!!

Rawan gamal
Rawan gamal 1 답글 연결
straight after flatliners trailer.

but, this is fucking amazing
Shiddy Wok
Shiddy Wok 29 답글 연결
"Gwen left the party, gwen left the party
Nancy Mwakapenda
Nancy Mwakapenda 답글
Gwen left the party ....I can't unhear that 😑😂
KCLover37 답글
Well I just love you so much now. All I hear.
Steward of Autumn
Steward of Autumn 답글
And I will never stop hearing that
Krazy Hatter
Krazy Hatter 답글
Shiddy Wok who Gwen Stefani
Marcus Lindsey
Marcus Lindsey 답글 연결
whats the sample?
Ellz Slaughter
Ellz Slaughter 16 답글 연결
Best 34 seconds of opening ever
nazarenko.maxim 8 답글 연결
For some reason I just don't like this song.
And someone found it creepy, hm.
Teh Reel Amasin Spodermen
nazarenko.maxim to me, I liked first 20-30 seconds. After that i don't like it
jama655 4 답글 연결
i dont like the rest of the song lol
Lyubochka 1 답글 연결
Oh god i love this song...
Dancing Pennywise
Dancing Pennywise 3 답글 연결
Мы ебанаты))))
Роман Глазов
Mystic Einstein
Mystic Einstein 7 답글 연결
this belongs in an action movie where something badass just happened
Jalen Sparrow
Jalen Sparrow 답글
The beginning chanting is legit what a powerful deity in some action/horror movie should be summoned to earth to. It's so eerie.
Abel Villa
Abel Villa 답글
Mystic Einstein could've worked in the 90s for a movie like the matrix.