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Елена Чернова
"Нижний Лист Дна" Стикса звучит круче!
Jade Arcade
Jade Arcade 답글 연결
I came here from Flatliners. But now I want a Fifth Element 2. And I heard about that Matrix 4...
Sup_v_MiSkE /\ CуП в MuCkE
Русские и сюда добрались, все знают зачем мы сюда собрались
Роман Глазов
this is cool, evil is coming :P
Garret Espenschied
Garret Espenschied 2 답글 연결
also in a britain accent - "wait, this is my weed. wait, this is my weed" haha
Garret Espenschied
the beginning 😍
Michael Wyda
Michael Wyda 답글 연결
anyone know what the lyrics to this song are?
altikirkbes 답글 연결
This is the craziest song ever made!!!!!
Rawan gamal
Rawan gamal 답글 연결
straight after flatliners trailer.

but, this is fucking amazing
Shiddy Wok
Shiddy Wok 9 답글 연결
"Gwen left the party, gwen left the party
Marcus Lindsey
Marcus Lindsey 답글 연결
whats the sample?
Ellz Slaughter
Ellz Slaughter 6 답글 연결
Best 34 seconds of opening ever
nazarenko.maxim 3 답글 연결
For some reason I just don't like this song.
And someone found it creepy, hm.
jama655 답글 연결
i dont like the rest of the song lol
Jαє Hωα Ɓαє
Oh god i love this song...
Ronny IZ97
Ronny IZ97 2 답글 연결
Мы ебанаты))))
Роман Глазов
Mystic Einstein
Mystic Einstein 4 답글 연결
this belongs in an action movie where something badass just happened
Rise Of The Kumquat
Rise Of The Kumquat 3 답글 연결
Man, that opening is eirie...
Jackie 26 답글 연결
ok I'm obsessed with this! heard it on the Flatliners trailer, & it's perfect for a horror/thriller movie. it's giving me so many Fifth Element Diva Plavalaguna vibes ♡
Mirco Marchesi
Mirco Marchesi 답글
Jackie Yes baby
tharbk01 답글
yea really made the trailer great

Виктор Цой
Виктор Цой 4 답글 연결
Мы ебанаты...
slikenson 1 답글
сука. Нахера я прочитал твой коммент? Теперь я реальн ослышу, то что ты написал...
Another Tumor
Another Tumor 5 답글 연결
We're is the party?
Sagar Tikmani
Sagar Tikmani 11 답글 연결
came here From Flatliners Trailer
Venkatesh K
Venkatesh K 112 답글 연결
I came here with "Flatliners Trailer"... liked it :)
BlackBullRising 답글
Venkatesh K It's a remake. Check out the original version.
Venkatesh K
Venkatesh K 2 답글
it seems like. Umm there a movie I forgot the name but the pattern is similar they do some experiments and see future...
Rawan gamal
Rawan gamal 1 답글
Venkatesh K same here ♥
Levent Alpsal
Levent Alpsal 1 답글
Same here
Jacob Blythe
Jacob Blythe 4 답글
Venkatesh K same. looks like an amazing movie. good song.
Trailer Music Information™
Flatliners Trailer MUSIC 2
Big Seddy
Big Seddy 18 답글 연결
Bring us a monkey
Addie Wolf
Addie Wolf 1 답글
Big Seddy had me laughing haja
Vladislav Rajtmajer
Vladislav Rajtmajer 2 답글 연결
Vocal - Dilshani Weerasinghe
Kev Lew
Kev Lew 7 답글 연결
It's "Where is my coffee" guys. Anyway, this is some last boss music shit right here.
Mr Vintage
Mr Vintage 답글 연결
Put it in the basket ? Pulling in the market ? Pull a little party ? Put it in the bath please ?
violentpash 1 답글 연결
"We're never cocky! We're never cocky!" Love this song I havent heard it forever thanks for the share! You had the fifth element video for it repost that one too please hun :) Nikki xox
Jackie 답글
violentpash is it from Fifth Element? that's what it's reminding me of.

VJ Kammi
VJ Kammi 4 답글 연결
"where've I left the car keys, where've I left my car keys, toot toot toot toot ooooooooo"
HighroGlyphex 답글 연결
Noodles 2 답글 연결
Someone knows the name of the singer?
JPWack 2 답글 연결
In fact is one lyrical singer in this song, but the voice is sampled and manipulated
Matthew Chalfant
Matthew Chalfant 1 답글 연결
Something inside of me just gave birth!
Wrath L
Wrath L 답글 연결
Awesomeeee :D thumbs up ftw!
Kevara 1 답글 연결
I... It... My... My brain has exploded into a shower of stars.
MangoTek 4 답글 연결
Why is this not amazingly popular?
Lord Jammies
Lord Jammies 답글 연결
Beautiful voices, is it the same person or a group?
jfayiii 답글 연결
Totally, completely, amazingly, stupefyingly slept-on album.