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Run the Jewels - Legend Has It
아티스트: Run the Jewels
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[Verse 1: Killer Mike] Hear what I say, we are the business today Fuck shit is finished today (what) RT & J, we the new PB & J We dropped a classic today (what) We did a tablet of acid today Lit joints with the matches and ashes away SKRRRT! We dash away Donner and Dixon, the pistol is blasting away [Verse 2: El-P] Doctors of death Curing our patients of breath We are the pain you can trust Crooked at work Cookin' up curses and slurs Smokin' my brain into mush I became famous for flamin' you fucks Maimin' my way through the brush There is no training or taming of me and my bruh Look like a man, but I'm animal raw [Verse 3: Killer Mike] We are the murderous pair That went to jail and we murdered the murderers there Then went to Hell and discovered the devil Delivered some hurt and despair Used to have powder to push Now I smoke pounds of the kush Holy, I'm burnin' a bush Now I give a fuck about none of this shit Jewel runner over and out of this bitch [Hook] Woo! Woo! Step into the spotlight, woo! Woo! [Verse 4: El-P] Copping of uppers and downers get done I'm in a rush to be numb Droppin' a thousand ain't much Come from the clouds On a missile to turn this whole town into dust Don't make a sound, baby, hush I am the living swipe right on the mic, I'm a slut I don't know how to not spit like a lout I'll spill a pound of my kids on your couch [Verse 5: Killer Mike] Half of a mongrel and mythical team Villainous treacherous things Legend says El is a spawn out of Hell The myth is my mama's a murderous queen Your life can end like in Godfather 1 You get the gun as I christen my son If I die today and it's Hell I should pay Tell the Lord Mikey said, "Fuck, it was fun" [Verse 6: El-P] Every new record's my dick in a box We get a doozy, the mula's a lock You're getting used to me doing no wrong I don't play chicken, you prick, I'm a fox You wanna kick it, I'll give you the rocks You kiss the wood chipper blade if you balk I'm fuckin' magic, in fact I'm a warlock of talk I got a unicorn horn for a (stop) [Hook] Woo! Woo! Step into the spotlight, woo! Woo! [Interlude] And the crowd goes RTJ! And the crowd goes RTJ! And the crowd goes RTJ! And the crowd goes RTJ! RTJ! RTJ! RTJ! RTJ! [Verse 7: Killer Mike] Mike Pentangeli won't snitch I'll rent a room at the Ritz I'll sip a fifth of the whisk I'll smoke a dub in the tub Then I will split both my wrists [Verse 8: El-P] I'll pull a sword on you simps Just with a flick of the wrist Get your neck giving up mist Me and Mike skip away whistlin' and grin Every day's golden when you only win [Verse 9: Killer Mike & El-P] Bullyin' bastards and beatin' on beats Sounds like a day at the beach, preach I keep it middle school, step on your feet Before you can speak, blow to the teeth [Verse 10: El-P] We move among the ones you think are meek You think I'm lion, you right, see my teeth Don't be a bore when I'm roaring vamoose Hunting's no fun when your prey doesn't move I'll put a gun to a bunny like choose Say somethin' funny or bunny go boom You got a bevy of shit you could groove We'd like to thank you for choosing our crew [Verse 11: Killer Mike] And that's from the crew you can trust Warranty plus for fuckin' shit up We are the no-gooders, do-gooders Known to the dancers and dealers and doers of dust

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Andre Davis
Andre Davis 답글 연결
Went from 8 mill views to 11. Black panther fans up in here babyy !!!
Super Tarblex
Super Tarblex 답글 연결
Benjamin Wizman
Benjamin Wizman 답글 연결
The Beat just got pumped !!!!!
Yadev K
Yadev K 답글 연결
That asian kid is cute. Looks totally lost.
My little cousin slit his wrists recently (for attention he is okay now) and he looks up to you guys a lot... Not saying it's your fault but stop glorifying that type of shit when you don't have a clue about kids actually slitting their wrists. And here I was liking ya'll. EL-P has been on my rotation for 15 years so I'm not some upset parent I just hate how Big Mike thought that was cool. If you really do have depression at least make that known Mike. Don't make self-harm seem 'cool'. I know expressing depression in music is important but the way you flipped that line was all too cool in a 15 year old's wold.
xPg13X 답글
You're a selfish prick thinking youre the only one with problems ? First one to experience tragedy ? You must be because you feel this event in your life has given you the right to dictate other people's speech. Obviously this is not true, don't blame a music group for problems that are created from the environment you live in, blaming musicians is nothing but a cop-out , maybe talk to the fucking kid rather than running around looking for anyone else to blame other than yourself, people like you ruin shit for the rest of us, truly you do.
Poodle 답글 연결
And the crowd goes..
Ilang Ilang
Ilang Ilang 답글 연결
What is the meaning of those numbers and years?
cocoa reactor
cocoa reactor 답글 연결
Jade Bone
Jade Bone 답글 연결
Shits lit.
Ataul Osama
Ataul Osama 답글 연결
Evaldas Stukonis
Evaldas Stukonis 답글 연결
Love that shit
hippo sweater
hippo sweater 답글 연결
Chris Chann
Altino Santo
Altino Santo 답글 연결
Black Panther br
mike dang
mike dang 답글 연결
a awesome song with a message a awesome protest song
Чупа Сабвей
jinkredible hulk
jinkredible hulk 답글 연결
Those views were mostly me
uncle drew
uncle drew 답글 연결
Step into spotlight whook
Jon Snow
Jon Snow 답글 연결
Is there a meaning behind the pistol against fist hand movement?
Ellert Ingvi Guðmundsson
Best thing ever...👉👊
Srinivas Pavan
Srinivas Pavan 답글 연결
we are the murderous pair
that went to jail and murdered the murderers there

et er
et er 답글 연결
Run the Jewels does not get the props they deserve...
Salah Abid
Salah Abid 답글 연결
👉 👊
Nurlan Sheranov
Nurlan Sheranov 1 답글 연결
We need this kinda music today on TV and radio! Not that shit like Drake or Lil Wayne
Alexander Koopmann
really great..beats - sound - text -- video - artists----great
gbundleswbc 답글 연결
safe to say this is the greatest track to come out of 2017.
Novux 답글 연결
James Corden got skinny
dacypher22 답글 연결
L-L-L-Live from the Garden.... (I hear it every time this song ends)
Heiress Dannie Monroe
Black panther trailer brought me here!!
rishabh vats
rishabh vats 답글 연결
Just came here after black panther trailer
Simply lit dude
notyuu 답글 연결
lol 2:24 El-P like eh, i guess i could stab someone today

Siyah Minivet
Siyah Minivet 1 답글 연결
Ha Ti Ce
divan osoba
divan osoba 1 답글 연결
Run The jewels is The greatest thing that happened to hiphop since Wutang. This song is monumental. My eyes are all watery, fuck...
Nurlan Sheranov
Nurlan Sheranov 답글
I though "Hip-hop is dead" as Nas told once. So many bullshit pseudo-rappers today, that I thought it's time to bury hip-hop but these guys gave me a new hope! #HipHope
Bear 답글 연결
Oh e oh e
Him Anshu
Him Anshu 1 답글 연결
👉👉👉 👊👊👊
👉👉👉👉 👊👊👊👊
👉👉👉👉👉 👊👊👊👊👊
👉👉👉👉 👊👊👊👊
👉👉👉 👊👊👊
Nin Ulus
Nin Ulus 답글 연결
Everyday is golden...
Nin Ulus
Nin Ulus 답글 연결
Police brutality...
IlluizedEyes 답글 연결
I love the message behind this song. 👉 🤛
David Garcia
David Garcia 답글 연결
Just got here....and wtf this shit ridin
Francisco Montoya
¿Soy él único que vino por gears of war? :v
Nir Viral
Nir Viral 답글 연결
Who is here from black panther