Sleep on the Floor 가사

The Lumineers - Sleep on the Floor
아티스트: The Lumineers
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[Intro: Wesley Schultz] Pack yourself a toothbrush dear Pack yourself a favorite blouse Take a withdrawal slip, take all of your savings out Cause if we don't leave this town We might never make it out I was not born to drown, baby come on [Verse 1: Wesley Schultz] Forget what Father Brennan said We were not born in sin Leave a note on your bed Let your mother know you're safe And by the time she wakes We'll have driven through the state We'll have driven through the night, baby come on [Chorus: Wesley Schultz] If the sun don't shine on me today And if the subways flood and bridges break Will you lay yourself down and dig your grave Or will you rail against your dying day [Verse 2: Wesley Schultz] And when we looked outside, couldn't even see the sky How do you pay the rent, is it your parents Or is hard work dear, holding the atmosphere I don't wanna live like that [Chorus: Wesley Schultz] If the sun don't shine on me today If the subways flood and bridges break [Bridge: Wesley Schultz] Jesus Christ can't save me tonight Put on your dress, yes wear something nice Decide on me, yea decide on us Oh, oh, oh, Illinois, Illinois [Outro: Wesley Schultz] Pack yourself a toothbrush dear Pack yourself a favorite blouse Take a withdrawal slip, take all of your savings out Cause if we don't leave this town We might never make it out

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someone explain the story
c doooc
c doooc 답글 연결
awesome to see GOOD music getting views rivaling all the junk out there now (drake, etc..)!!!!!!!!!!!
Savannah's Style
Savannah's Style 1 답글 연결
So happy that this AMAZING song is in the trailer for The Glass Castle!
totty froty
totty froty 답글 연결
the whole song is so good
the voice of the amazing singer and the actors re too great
the girl is very cute and natural
and the guy damn he is so hot
thank u for good music, so underrated
Matthew Plourde
Matthew Plourde 답글 연결
holy shit
Ruben Mancha
Ruben Mancha 답글 연결
Spot the Whataburger!!!!
Gabriel N.
Gabriel N. 답글 연결
I love this video
seleenuh2 답글 연결
2:48 is that Whataburger I see lol
Science Kid
Science Kid 1 답글 연결
Anyone else who wants to travel the world but has never been out of their city? :/
Arkon Construction
3 words. PMS
Crazy Boy 2017
Crazy Boy 2017 답글 연결
That scene 0:23

Deserve an Oscar
Raini Garcia
Raini Garcia 답글 연결
This song and video breaks my fucking heart. I just got back from backpacking Europe. It was the most amazing experience I have ever seen through. But being back makes me realize how lonely I actually am. I want a true fearless love like this. To worry little and just live freely. The fact that that possibility is so close because I have seen it; the search will be the death of me. Promise me everyone who reads this will follow their dreams. You can't be afraid to jump. The net will appear I promise, and you'll wonder why you were so scared because all of a sudden you're laughing and smiling. The best things come from outside your comfort zone.
Maorimaedchen 답글 연결
I really want to see all the deleted scenes they shot for this amazing video! Great band, one of my favourite songs, and 100% the best video ever taken...
bryson Smith
bryson Smith 답글 연결
What they're going through right now. Is that them living their moments together before he dies or is she dreamin this?
Interesting Topics
This video made me realize so much that money isn't happiness at all , real love , faith , and caring about those little details in life
Aidan_Fig 답글 연결
Maybe shes Cleopatra and the guy who left was saying that she had one more chance and when the got on the way they decided to take things slower and that's why they looked upset in the taxi in the Cleopatra music video and when she wakes up in the end the woman is wearing black because they're at the funeral.
ItIsWhatItIs 답글 연결
This makes me want a wife....I wish one day god will allow me the blessing .
anderson luis Paschoali
odiei. eu choro muito
hannyypan 답글 연결
I really just want this.
Noortje Verhoeven
I love this video so much. Does anyone know a song with a similar video or with a similar story?

Madisen Broadway
Madisen Broadway 답글 연결
Anyone else notice the piano at the beginning is the same as the piano at the end of Angela? I love how they're all connected 😍😩
Oscar Landi
Oscar Landi 답글 연결
Any one here from glass castle trailer ??
soulshaker205 답글 연결
They can afford hotels and tattoos, but not toothbrushes?
Maisie Rudd
Maisie Rudd 답글 연결
This song and lyrics fit perfectly to Eleanor and park! It just reminds me of the book. Anyone else?
Maisie Rudd
Maisie Rudd 답글
Not to mention he sings 'Eleanor'
Kristina Barber
Kristina Barber 답글 연결
I want to do this
Musical.ly/ Vine Compilation!!
If this was a movie I WOULD TOTALLY SEE IT
Oxylium 답글 연결
The kind of thing i imagine every days after days, how she smile, how she laugh , how she look, how much i love her. It's horrible to fall in love of nothing, apart is own imagination.
Gaby Vargas
Gaby Vargas 답글 연결
holy shit this made me cried! 😭😭
Javier Mantilla
Javier Mantilla 답글 연결
" ver mas allá de esa mentalidad tan cuadriculada, rompe esa barrera de la conformidad, vive tu vida! " <3
Daniela Lopez rivera
hola me podrías decir como se llama la palicula

champagne papi
champagne papi 답글 연결
This make me want to get a boyfriend and just ride all over the usa with him bruuh 😢😢
im sø dun
im sø dun 답글 연결
i cant imagine josh dun drumming this
Frankii W
Frankii W 답글 연결
this music video is a better love story than the entire twilight saga
Sylvester Quast
Sylvester Quast 답글 연결
whats the deal with their videos?
Bob Boberson
Bob Boberson 답글 연결
ha ha feelings
Dhouglas 답글 연결
This song ... ♫
Yasmin Tedeschi
Yasmin Tedeschi 답글 연결
Americo Mamani
Americo Mamani 답글 연결
i would fall in love with a girl like her
m a n y p a r t i e s 1

ok i shouldn't be laughing right now

but (its like 3 am don't judge)

i looked up and the guy was just staring into my soul

and i just randomly said


ok this was funnier in my head but I'm gonna go to sleep now so
Cyrine Hizem
Cyrine Hizem 답글 연결
music: FERFECT
I LOVE IT 😍😍😍😍🔥