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All the beauty in your face And all the anger seperates us Smile when you're not afraid to die But I'm afraid with each goodbye Lost the sun above my head Lost myself in things I said And why is all you ever sing Your why behind the scream And all it means to me Will you rely I'm forgiving I'm forgiven When you've been gone Lost and elapsed again, lost and elapsed again I'm forgiven Naahaaaa Lost and elapsed again Lost and elaps...

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2:28 best moment
anastreace 432
anastreace 432 답글 연결
micropenis knife party
2:28 THO
LeoN ScoTT KeNNeDy
Now this is what I'm looking for !
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 3 답글 연결
This is the infinity war trailer music (; gotta say, this music does put a smile on my face... #FEELS HYPE TRAIN#This movie is going to be a masterpiece one for the ages
Dan Garrihy
Dan Garrihy 3 답글 연결
@Marvelentertainment use this for infinity war dammit
Slipper Snatcher
Slipper Snatcher 답글 연결
Didn't notice the D till I saw comments. I guess that was how small it was
Alien Student
Alien Student 답글 연결
this is the music that people should be listening to. songs that are well thought, unlike stupid mumbling rap music today,
Steven Santos
Steven Santos 3 답글 연결
E3 Hype Baybe3!
Izzy 3 답글 연결
This is the kind of orchestral and vocal music i want to hear!
kjell verheij
kjell verheij 1 답글 연결
i have a solution think of the robot as a engineer(Alien) than you forget the whole tiny dick mistake xd
Anthony 4 답글 연결
The Gifted.
R1n4cuvr 답글 연결
mrjeesc 1 답글 연결
siisti muna XD
PD 답글 연결
Where have I heard this from, omg
The. Inaudible. Act
The. Inaudible. Act 8 답글 연결
why doesn't this have a million views by now? It's amazing.
Stella Blue
Stella Blue 2 답글 연결
Does this remind anyone of the trailer music for the new Transformers movie coming out?
Dodo8911 1 답글 연결
this deserves an extended version
boboverlord18 1 답글 연결
Very powerful. Can match even those of Two Steps from Hell.

Lord Cthulhu
Lord Cthulhu 4 답글 연결
Holy shit that's so some deep music
that's some hero's will full, destruction of world's, characters will die, evil lords stronger than what the hero's has ever seen type of music
EZER 3 답글 연결
Tiene algo de Civil War los primeros segundos.
LeoN ScoTT KeNNeDy
LeoN ScoTT KeNNeDy 답글
the piano
Jonny DiaZ
Jonny DiaZ 답글
Ezequiel Rodriguez y quedaría bien con Infinity war
BTC4ever89 1 답글 연결
Will Smith with the Crysis nanosuit?
Make this movie happen!
Buni Amobi
Buni Amobi 3 답글 연결
"You just started a war"
meldayvonne 1 답글 연결
anyone know the lyrics?
Narine Darkshade
Narine Darkshade 답글
Alex Lovato I hear "and you are not, unforgiven, unforgiven"
Alex Lovato
Alex Lovato 답글
ConquestusWorks I also think it says

When you run on
Unforgiven, Unforgiven
Winston Lewis
Winston Lewis 5 답글
I believe it's "Lost in the lapse again"
ConquestusWorks 4 답글
This is what I heard, I give no guarantee:

All the beauty in your face
and all the anger seperates us
smile when your not afraid to die
but I'm afraid with each goodbye

lost the sun above my head
lost myself in things I said
and why is all you ever sing
your why behind the scream
and all it means to me

will you rely
I'm forgiving I'm forgiven
when you've been gone
lost and elapsed again, lost and elapsed again
I'm forgiven

Lost and elapsed again

Lost and elaps...

And you've been gone,
lost and elapsed again, lost and elapsed.
Perris France
Perris France 답글 연결
This became a trailer theme for my script on god
Moe3wd 답글 연결
What about if I want to use this on a video? Copyrights?
RogueRonin 9 답글 연결
This makes me want to write a script to a cyborg movie 🙃🤔
old account
old account 3 답글
Already using this score as a theme for one of my scripts
Like from Death Valentine (captain america ciwil war trailer 1)
Rekt Ville
Rekt Ville 43 답글 연결
Fuck every time I look at the picture I look at that robots tiny dick and balls
Brandon Lawson
Brandon Lawson 답글
it'll evolve and get bigger.
John Pollock
John Pollock 답글
dicks need to be bigger i feel!
Bastien Boulard
Bastien Boulard 답글
I... CAN'T..... UNSEE.... ARGH !
Adam Blea
Adam Blea 6 답글
I've been listening to this song almost 3 or 4 times a day since they posted it... I've never noticed that until now. And now it's all I see...
John Pollock
John Pollock 답글
but hes a robot he could build himself a bigger dick if he wanted

Nike Head
Nike Head 6 답글 연결
kinda sounds like captain America trailer
Kouta Miura
Kouta Miura 2 답글 연결
Lyrics please...
Eddie Moton Jr.
Eddie Moton Jr. 답글 연결
This track is beautiful!
get fuknrekt
get fuknrekt 5 답글 연결
lol what a tiny dick
anna carnina
anna carnina 2 답글 연결
I want lyrics
DASH 30 답글 연결
The dick is distracting...
eevie 1 답글
lol seriously? It's so tiny
Ray M
Ray M 1 답글
then put down the ipod or something
DASH 1 답글
Well its kinda in your face, so...
Ray M
Ray M 답글
then don't look at it.
JASONWIND002 1 답글 연결
mankind thinks they can control machines machines when they become AI they cannot be stopped or controlled run while you can!!
Mastagambit 9 답글 연결
Kick up your headphones at 2:00 👍
Payden Allen
Payden Allen 답글 연결
Incredible! Love it
German Roads
German Roads 17 답글 연결
THATs a trailer soundtrack, for sure, but for which one... ? ;)
Dan Garrihy
Dan Garrihy 1 답글
Sebastian Munoz hell yeah
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 4 답글
infinity war
timoci Veisamasama
timoci Veisamasama 답글
The Gifted
Allvespedia 6 답글
E3 2017 announcement