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Daniel Mitchell
Daniel Mitchell 답글 연결
The song does not hit me the same way it did when accompanied by the trailer footage
AP Editing
AP Editing 답글 연결
Fucking yes! I've found you!
francisco troncoso
the second trailer pls
Phoenix 답글 연결
Very cinematic ;)
Luke Jones
Luke Jones 답글 연결
This sounds a lot like The Superhuman. Particularly Wreckage...
Lord Cthulhu
Lord Cthulhu 6 답글 연결
I love the movies music so much
David Heller
David Heller 답글 연결
common sense
common sense 4 답글 연결
but its not all. I mean I miss the other part from Vangelis that sounds bit polished and retrofitted.
common sense
common sense 답글
I know
Mikael R.
Mikael R. 6 답글
Well...that's another song.
Trailer Music Weekly
As I said on facebook and twitter yesterday. Here we got the exclusive music from Blade Runner 2049. Called "Decay" the music is published by Elephant Music and composed by Ciaran Birch. Enjoy !!!

More about Elephant Music :
Arthur Dent
Arthur Dent 3 답글 연결
Finally. Good work.
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