The Devil and the Huntsman 가사

Sam Lee & Daniel Pemberton - The Devil and the Huntsman
아티스트: Sam Lee & Daniel Pemberton
2,504,285 915 32,407 544 98.3%


Young man came from hunting faint, tired and weary What does ail my lord, my dearie Oh, brother dear, let my bed be made For I feel the gripe of the woody nightshade Men need a man would die as soon Out of the light of a mage's moon It's not by bolt, but yet by blade Can break the magic that the devil made And 'twas not by fire, but was forged in flame Can drown the sorrows of a huntsman's pain This young man he died eftsoon By the light of a hunter's moon 'Twas not by bolt, nor yet by blade Oh, the berries of the woody nightshade Oh, father dear, lie here be safe From the path that the devil made

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cowsaysboo 답글 연결
I really liked this movie
Eda oğuz
Eda oğuz 답글 연결
I loved the movie and loved the music
Michael Ross
Michael Ross 답글 연결
Love the movie, love the music. Good telling of pendragon tales.
墨汁一得閣 답글 연결
This movie is the best. Critics themselves should go get another job
Shadowhawk 1 답글 연결
When America falls to The Elites, this.. this is the song that will be played..
Harinî Chamáli Wařnasûriýa
music is off the topic in the movie.. totally loved it the movie, actions, soundtracks everything.. wanna see part 2 if possible 💥💨👌
slp 답글 연결
Great music for a great movie!
BoB Builder
BoB Builder 답글 연결
i loved this movie and every thing in it
Rabia B
Rabia B 답글 연결
Loved it! As epic as it was, I can't help but imagine bits of "Monty Python and The Holy Grail"... The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch...and the knights of the round table dancing on the ACTUAL table (o.o')
Justin 답글 연결
Whats that horn sound called?
The Blqck W0lf
The Blqck W0lf 답글 연결
Underrated movie , All time great producing and directing !
Dakota Matheson
Dakota Matheson 답글 연결
ok does any one the song from the beginning of this movie
Adnan Karadağ
Adnan Karadağ 답글 연결
The best 🇹🇷🤘
bmetzy 1 답글 연결
This song was the only redeeming feature of the movie
Opulv qq
Opulv qq 답글 연결
H. Han
H. Han 답글 연결
This movie may not be a box office hit, but it'll definitely become a cult classic in no time
Larvious 답글 연결
They might be the time rotten tomatoes EVER screwed up this badly. Trust me if this movie was judged my critics then this movie will have a 90 percent. If only rotten tomatoes can change it but I don't think they can
Joseph Selby
Joseph Selby 답글 연결
love the song and movie
Leuceos 답글 연결
My proudist fap.
Teow Hai Way
Teow Hai Way 답글 연결
Suddenly i grew a beard & my dick became Excalibur after listening to this song.. true story..

cukidora 답글 연결
音樂很epic 難得有一部電影配樂會讓我印象這麼深刻 電影也很精彩!
DeRon Burton
DeRon Burton 답글 연결
This video needs a trap remix because it gets me turned on for a workout.
ScarletSky155 답글 연결
That moment when Arthur was tripping balls and this song was playing. Good stuff.
Dakota Wolf
Dakota Wolf 답글 연결
Awesome song awesome movie.Love king Arthur
Kolly Adventures
Kolly Adventures 1 답글 연결
I need friends.
WillsDuffy 답글 연결
Damn straight - cracking epic epic movie King Arthur.
Evan Garnier
Evan Garnier 답글 연결
The movie is shit, but that song is great
Angela Ziegler
Angela Ziegler 답글 연결
I went with my 2 girlfriends to see this and we all fell fucking in love. We are usually really critical on movies too. Amazing cinematography, atmosphere, and the MUSIC, God.
Ananya Mathur
Ananya Mathur 답글 연결
movie was good but the acting and script could have been better
Gerronemo Munchacho
So when the bluray will be realease?

Traneseshana 답글 연결
I really hope Guy ritchie takes a risk and does a sequel anyway.
Enis Can Aslan
Enis Can Aslan 답글 연결
Irem Acar
Irem Acar 답글 연결
i remember how this gave me goosebumps during the ending credits. i didnt feel like leaving the cinema-theater.
Ahwaz Azeem
Ahwaz Azeem 답글 연결
Waow awesome feel like Arthur😠
Emretti Yokamk
Emretti Yokamk 답글 연결
is it traditional germanic music ? Because their style is turkic-mongolian style. but i never heard that germanic tribes ever had any this style music ...
BloodPudding Productions
Old woman went to shopping
Dave Beverley
Dave Beverley 답글 연결
I really don't get the reviews. This film wasn't perfect but it was still fucking amazing
Ajaws2414 답글 연결
I really enjoyed this movie, but I thought like it moved way too fast. The movie went from one place to another and one time to another way to quickly
eva jen
eva jen 답글 연결
kai gamwwww
mrbigtime81 답글 연결
Eric bana was epic.