The Devil and the Huntsman 가사

Sam Lee & Daniel Pemberton - The Devil and the Huntsman
아티스트: Sam Lee & Daniel Pemberton
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Young man came from hunting faint, tired and weary What does ail my lord, my dearie Oh, brother dear, let my bed be made For I feel the gripe of the woody nightshade Men need a man would die as soon Out of the light of a mage's moon It's not by bolt, but yet by blade Can break the magic that the devil made And 'twas not by fire, but was forged in flame Can drown the sorrows of a huntsman's pain This young man he died eftsoon By the light of a hunter's moon 'Twas not by bolt, nor yet by blade Oh, the berries of the woody nightshade Oh, father dear, lie here be safe From the path that the devil made

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Ananya Mathur
Ananya Mathur 답글 연결
movie was good but the acting and script could have been better
Gerronemo Munchacho
So when the bluray will be realease?
Traneseshana 답글 연결
I really hope Guy ritchie takes a risk and does a sequel anyway.
Enis Can Aslan
Enis Can Aslan 답글 연결
Irem Acar
Irem Acar 답글 연결
i remember how this gave me goosebumps during the ending credits. i didnt feel like leaving the cinema-theater.
Ahwaz Azeem
Ahwaz Azeem 답글 연결
Waow awesome feel like Arthur😠
Emretti Yokamk
Emretti Yokamk 답글 연결
is it traditional germanic music ? Because their style is turkic-mongolian style. but i never heard that germanic tribes ever had any this style music ...
BloodPudding Productions
Old woman went to shopping
Dave Beverley
Dave Beverley 답글 연결
I really don't get the reviews. This film wasn't perfect but it was still fucking amazing
eva jen
eva jen 답글 연결
kai gamwwww
mrbigtime81 답글 연결
Eric bana was epic.
Aomine 답글 연결
I'm glad I stopped looking at movie reviews. I enjoyed this film. I hope we get more big budget medieval/fantasy movies/shows in the future. It's a great genre.
Bilal Tariq
Bilal Tariq 답글 연결
Best entrance song ever made for a hunter.
Just NootNoot
Just NootNoot 답글 연결
The movie worked a lot like snatch but with it's own unique story telling. Love it!
Crimson King
Crimson King 답글 연결
Fuck the critics, fuck the reviews, fuck rotten tomatoes, fuck IMDb, fuck the budget this movie was absolutely epic and the soundtrack is the best one I've seen in a while if you haven't seen the movie you're missing out
Anika Tahsin
Anika Tahsin 답글 연결
it's a shame this movie was a flop. I loved this movie, the soundtrack, the plot and the acting was top notch. I don't know WHY it was flop?!
Agnieszka Dąbek
Agnieszka Dąbek 답글 연결
The best film which i saw. Everything in this film is awesome. I have a hope that part two is coming!!!
Astha Putra03
Astha Putra03 답글 연결
great movie
DeporS 1337
DeporS 1337 답글 연결
This movie is one of the best if not the best one ive seen since i was born
Jasmine Leonard
Jasmine Leonard 답글 연결
this is billy 👲 every dis like on this comment makes billy older by 1 year but every like makes him 2 years younger.

Julie Blackstock
Julie Blackstock 답글 연결
brilliant movie,, awesome soundtrack, good dialogue.. well worth a watch
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh 답글 연결
Gotta love that roar at the back :D
iPamaj1 GT
iPamaj1 GT 1 답글 연결
The best movie i have seen in this year ofc first Transformas 5 then this :)
Noel Dale
Noel Dale 답글 연결
A cult movie for the future. Critics so very very wrong. Classic score.
Max95 답글 연결
omg, this song was soo good!! I loved it!
evilnature70 Gaming
This movie was awesome
chadae lynn
chadae lynn 답글 연결
of course charlie hunnam and jude law were fantastic but hats off to Mr. Guy Ritchie for making an awesome and entertaining King Arthur film. I watched this movie and was thoroughly entertained and never looked away from the screen. Do not listen to the critics. This movie is very well done and a better take on the classic. And this song in the scene was brilliant.
mjfitnesscoach 답글 연결
I don't care about the plot holes. I loved the movie. Guy Ritchie again brought something new into a story where we'd never expect it. I will defo buy this movie to watch in 3D or FHD!
jefferson starships
this song and the scene is just so cool and this movie is... fucking awesome. screw critics.
Karl Heinrich Marx
What is Rotten Tomatoes? I prefer my own opinion... experience was awesome.

Dragon Blade
Dragon Blade 답글 연결
A man is blown away.
weerachon ad
weerachon ad 답글 연결
therecanOLIbe1 YT
OH HELL YEAH! I and 30,060+ others were waiting forever for this masterpiece!
highlordxeleth 답글 연결
Finally a good, entertaining and epic fantasy movie. Been waiting for this kind o shit for years~
Mohsin Javed Dar
Mohsin Javed Dar 답글 연결
Viking helmet
Broad sword
Big beard
Chest hair
Stormy night
Stare down
Isaiah D
Isaiah D 답글 연결
Goosefat Bill tho
Andreea C.
Andreea C. 답글 연결
Why do i suddenly want to go to battle?
Akil azriq
Akil azriq 답글 연결
Sword magic ! herrmmmm hermmmmmm
Louis Guevara
Louis Guevara 답글 연결
at the star i was, even with this song "What da fuck is happening????? dang!!!!" but after i really enjoyed the movie
Zach Prosperi
Zach Prosperi 답글 연결
Great movie, hope we get a sequel!