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Sam Lee & Daniel Pemberton - The Devil and the Huntsman
아티스트: Sam Lee & Daniel Pemberton
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Young man came from hunting faint, tired and weary What does ail my lord, my dearie Oh, brother dear, let my bed be made For I feel the gripe of the woody nightshade Men need a man would die as soon Out of the light of a mage's moon It's not by bolt, but yet by blade Can break the magic that the devil made And 'twas not by fire, but was forged in flame Can drown the sorrows of a huntsman's pain This young man he died eftsoon By the light of a hunter's moon 'Twas not by bolt, nor yet by blade Oh, the berries of the woody nightshade Oh, father dear, lie here be safe From the path that the devil made

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JovialJace 1 답글 연결
Unlike so many of the comments here, I thought the movie was really subpar. Hunam, however, was charming, even if he was underused, and there were specific scenes, like the one utilising this song, which were pretty amazing.
Oxiliade Le Bronze 5
Le Film était magique et les musiques Du Film Le Roi Arthur est magique !
Ace Master Shady
Ace Master Shady 답글 연결
Fuck the critics. This movie was amazing and the soundtrack is fucking epic.
pink minigameplay
pink minigameplay 1 답글 연결
like si hablas español y piensas que es la mejor cancion
The One93
The One93 답글
pink minigameplay Lo es
HydeKunaga 답글 연결
Damn I'm late! I didn't know they made a full version of the song!! it's amazing!
Gamingdaemon 1 답글 연결
Fuck the critics. This movie was sick! 🤘🤘🤘🤘
Nocturne 답글 연결
This movie had one of the best sound tracks I've EVER found in a film. Definitely gonna buy this one!
Maria del Rosio Estrada Sierra
epic music
mamduda yeasmin
mamduda yeasmin 1 답글 연결
Awesome song and fits the movie
Jose Luis Nuñez
Jose Luis Nuñez 답글 연결
de ptm el soundtrack
Milan Matejic
Milan Matejic 답글 연결
ARBY da killa from Utopia in the movie and Carcetti mayor from the Wire!! GREAT cast!! Check their performance prior to this movie. They are EPIC!
Evan Green
Evan Green 답글 연결
I drank 3 cans of red bull and watched this movie...nearly had a heart attack...but it was great fockin fun. Thank you guy ritchie.
Illisil 답글 연결
Loved the movie! The original Star Wars was panned by critics until they saw people camping out to watch the movie over and over.
Ambrose 답글 연결
now of someone can find the music playing when the king charges the giant elaphent in the beginning. that would be wonderful.
thenoeseah 답글 연결
Loved this film!
annnet721 2 답글 연결
Saw the movie a few days ago. It was EPIC!!!! Can`t stop gushing over it. Everything was done perfectly. Oh, and don`t make me start talking about the soundtracks... one word - AWESOME!!!!
Maud Roering
Maud Roering 답글 연결
Izzati Suhaimi
Izzati Suhaimi 2 답글 연결
literally my fav soundtrack in this movie, fav scene as well. gosh the casts were all amazing! very great movie. entertaining and rushing adrenalin. definitely gonna rewatch.
Miss H
Miss H 2 답글 연결
The camera work in this movie was really cool to watch! Definitely something you'd have to experience in the theatre :)
DarkZ Recon
DarkZ Recon 2 답글 연결
The scene with this soundtrack are so fucking, fucking epic in theater ! I love this movie !

August Rivera
August Rivera 답글 연결
I watch this movie and now I know what happened to Arthur's parents
LilJew96 1 답글 연결
anyone know songs similar to this with a deep bass or at least know what genre this song is?
Maryam Zahid
Maryam Zahid 1 답글 연결
screw the critics. this movie was awesome. and its soundtrack was lit
Zachary J. Nixon
Zachary J. Nixon 1 답글 연결
Might go see it for a second time.
Dhiren Adatia
Dhiren Adatia 1 답글 연결
I met and spoke to a few actors whilst working at Warner Brothers :P So lucky I am! Charlie Hunnam
Djimon Hansou
Jude Law
Guy Ritchie

The list goes on
Wolf10media 답글 연결
I play this song in my head when I stroll into work which is a movie theater coincidentally. Especially when we have sneak peek movies and are awaiting legions of costumers to come and see the movie before it is release to local theaters.
Giordano Nigris Cosattini
Let's TOP
Taylor Baldwin
Taylor Baldwin 1 답글 연결
I had just saw the movie last night and it was fucking of the charts. It was the best movie I have seen in a long time.
FirstAmongTheEquals 2 답글 연결
Love the movie, love the soundtrack even more. I need sequels...countless sequels!
Star Boys
Star Boys 1 답글 연결
I saw this in 4DX I love Charlie and the film was everything I hoped for and more 🖤

SkyBlue Tuna
SkyBlue Tuna 1 답글 연결
saw this movie today. nindot gyud sha kaau so epic! ug sibo kau ang mga soundtracks
Dedim Morgao
Dedim Morgao 답글 연결
show de bola!!! ótimo filme recomendo
Battlecry Eden
Battlecry Eden 2 답글 연결
The recent behavior of "professional" movie critics makes me think, that a well received by critics movie had a huge "marketing" budget behind it. Guy Richie is a mug who doesn't love to pay fat-ass critics for approval of his business.
Hayden Pemberton
Hayden Pemberton 답글 연결
hey llok the guy wh did the music has my last name pemberton!!
Damien Branche
Damien Branche 1 답글 연결
That scene with that song is unbelievable.
T'wen Titou
T'wen Titou 답글 연결
Describe good. Boring ?
kenneth Ja
kenneth Ja 답글 연결
This Music is better that movie! very bad!
Funsp28 1 답글 연결
Benjamin 2 답글 연결
I didnt enjoy a good soundtrack since Peters jackson's tolkien saga. And this one is just too freakin good !
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