The Hit House - Ruth
아티스트: The Hit House
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Lightwolf 1 답글 연결
you cant turn back to clock kid but you can wind it up again.
2004anakin 1 답글 연결
you can't be as fast as Storm but you can be smarter than him
2004anakin 답글 연결
just perfect
BaronNation Entertainment
"Racing is the reward, not the stuff!"
Belen Lopez
Belen Lopez 2 답글 연결
Me Encanta!!!😍
Cactus Slayer
Cactus Slayer 답글 연결
Hit House really knocked it out of the park
Aarondoes World of Cars
This is about to make me cry cause it's beautiful
Flatter Pencil
Flatter Pencil 2 답글
Aarondoes World of Cars same !
farhan fadhillah
farhan fadhillah 1 답글 연결
im so glad to train with you i like challenge
Dre Abraham
Dre Abraham 2 답글 연결
"We can only hope that this race today, wasn't his last"
Raffy Ellama
Raffy Ellama 답글
"I decide and when I'm done"
Zack Schulz
Zack Schulz 2 답글 연결
Epic music!
Zack Schulz
Zack Schulz 4 답글 연결
Lightning McQueen: I decide when I'm done.

Mater: Are you alright then?
Lightning McQueen: What?
Mater: I don't know. I got nothing.

Luigi: On your marks, get set and go!
Cruz Ramirez: Whoa! Whoa! The beach ate me.

Smokey: You can't be as fast as Storm. But, you can be smarter than him.

Mater: Go, McQueen!
Daniela Mazzone
Daniela Mazzone 답글
Zack Schulz it's okay
Zack Schulz
Zack Schulz 답글
Oops. Sorry.
Daniela Mazzone
Daniela Mazzone 1 답글
Zack Schulz your wrong mater says: "you know what I'd do?"
Car freak
Car freak 2 답글 연결
Omg I actually found th majestic song
The Hit House¡¡ <3
ExtremeEevees 15 답글 연결
"You can't be as fast as Storm, but you can be smarter than him."
"I decide when I'm done."
"It's futile to resist change, man!"

"The beach ate me."
Matthew Train
Matthew Train 답글
Молния МакКуин
And in my opinion, McQueen says "I decide when I'm gone"
Alpha Seeker
Alpha Seeker 답글
ExtremeEevees Then she replaces McQueen
Dave_AnimationsBR 6 답글 연결
You never be as fast as storm
but you can be smarter than him
Raffy Ellama
Raffy Ellama 답글
Inferno555 Flame22
Inferno555 Flame22 1 답글
Storms chances of winning are, 95.2%
The Three Additions
The Three Additions 2 답글
Lenny _ the racing is the reward, not the stuff!
Imagineit Ryan Productions
thank you so much! been wanting to hear this on it's own since the trailer came out!
TrailerMusic France.31
Beautiful song
The Three Additions
The Three Additions 2 답글 연결
That song fit well in the trailer
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