Battle Sirens (Ephwurd Remix)

Knife Party & Tom Morello - Battle Sirens (Ephwurd Remix)
아티스트: Knife Party & Tom Morello
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Bruno 270
Bruno 270 답글 연결
Riot remix still the better
vinicius moraes
vinicius moraes 답글 연결
Cadê os BRs ?
spook mcsnakes
spook mcsnakes 답글 연결
1:04 is the moment i live for
im for discord
Lucitfler 답글 연결
Future Beats
Future Beats 답글 연결
just found out this was uploaded on my birthday :O so actually this would be a good gift :)
Brandon Gear
Brandon Gear 2 답글 연결
they need to make more music, I don't know why they stopped all the sudden
Datsik & Bais Haus <3
Bander Lander
Bander Lander 2 답글 연결
Please Come back!!
Galaxy! 답글 연결
Babciu to jest za-ebiste !!!
Eron_Black 답글 연결
Fate and Furious 8 - :D
Mateo Samaniego Varela
This is really ephwurdised
TheDannyGrimes 답글 연결
Fast 8
AirBlack 답글 연결
Fate of the furious!
Samuel Tluang
Samuel Tluang 답글 연결
Beat dropped harder than Mc donalds wifi
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez 3 답글 연결
If you want me to come back knife party de ja you like the comment
SILVER 2 답글 연결
upload moreeeee
Ramy Mohamed
Ramy Mohamed 1 답글 연결
are they quit music it's been alot of time
Ion Dragoescu Nicholas
like a bosssssss music

jose Gameplays
jose Gameplays 답글 연결
está canción se utilizo en el tráiler de rápido y furioso 8
Mateo Samaniego Varela
Wow, i love this shit, its like trap, big room, hard house, dubstep and bass house.
Mateo Samaniego Varela
and future bass
Mateo Samaniego Varela
I think knife party is working in more bass house and dubstep, their principal generes from 2010 to 2014.
The AdamBest
The AdamBest 답글 연결
Your song in Fast and The Furious
KJ Willis
KJ Willis 답글 연결
this is 'Future Bass?'
Starscream_454 1 답글 연결
Fate of the Furious brought me here
Way Ro10
Way Ro10 답글 연결
Can I Use Your Music In My Videos Plz Could You Awnser This Soon.
Music wolf
Music wolf 답글 연결
I'm waiting on their next album
Mohsin Siddiqui
Mohsin Siddiqui 답글 연결
Who came from the new FF8 trailer?
TheRealR3W 답글 연결
Fast and Furious 8 anybody ?

JaviciiHack 7 답글 연결
SublimedPiano 1 답글 연결
Now do not miss the people who will come and comment "fast and furious 8 brought me here"
ImMario 답글 연결
What type of music is this? Sounds sick
Alert NL
Alert NL 답글 연결
Audi Gus Imaduddin Jalil
jose manuel
jose manuel 답글 연결
if someone could just loop the first trap beat that'd be pretty cool
Nathan Thomas
Nathan Thomas 5 답글 연결
fast 8 anyone?
Prounce proudly
Prounce proudly 답글
Nathan Thomas oh wow. That's actually really cool
Nathan Thomas
Nathan Thomas 답글
It's was in fast 8 trailer
Prounce proudly
Prounce proudly 답글
Nathan Thomas wait what does this have to do with fast and furious 8?
JaviciiHack 답글
Nathan Thomas ME JAJAJAJJA
Terrabot 답글 연결
Dear Knife Party,

There are several concerned citizens of Australia asking why you are not returning to your home country.

Yours Truely, Terrabot <3
Brandon Alexis
Brandon Alexis 답글 연결
knife party Tom morello
Isaiahtronik 답글 연결