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Frank Sinatra - My Way
아티스트: Frank Sinatra

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And now, the end is near And so I face the final curtain My friend, I'll say it clear I'll state my case, of which I'm certain I've lived a life that's full I've traveled each and every highway And more, much more than this I did it my way Regrets, I've had a few But then again, too few to mention I did what I had to do And saw it through without exemption I planned each charted course Each careful step along the byway And more, much more than this I did it my way Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew When I bit off more than I could chew But through it all, when there was doubt I ate it up and spit it out I faced it all and I stood tall And did it my way I've loved, I've laughed and cried I've had my fill my share of losing And now, as tears subside I find it all so amusing To think I did all that And may I say - not in a shy way Oh no, oh no, not me I did it my way For what is a man, what has he got If not himself, then he has naught To say the things he truly feels And not the words of one who kneels The record shows I took the blows And did it my way Yes, it was my way

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Dean Maker
Dean Maker 답글 연결
this song is me all the way
Katherine Smith
Katherine Smith 1 답글 연결
Timeless, you can't copy that voice!
Dean Maker
Dean Maker 1 답글 연결
when I die this song will be playing at my wake.
B C 답글
Dean Maker me too
Tiago Pires
Tiago Pires 답글 연결
I love music beautfull voice amazing
Shane Mooney
Shane Mooney 답글 연결
love this song and wow what a voice. clear and true
JulezDaCoolz 1 답글 연결
This is great!
MrTANATOS1979 1 답글 연결
Fucking awesome. The best!
Viola Pressley
Viola Pressley 3 답글 연결
Love the song.  Exactly how I feel, said oh so clearly.  For what is a man?  What has he got?  If not himself, then he has not.  If you don't have yourself, you have nothing at all.
Xavier Lucero-Garcia
Xavier Lucero-Garcia 1 답글
Viola Pressley sorry i don't mean to be "that guy", but is "If not himself, then he has naught" as in if he doesnt have himself, he has nothing.
Bob Beef
Bob Beef 3 답글 연결
music is aspiring I could see me as a jingles writer but nobody's good as Frank he's a legend
John Cardwell
John Cardwell 2 답글 연결
John Cardwell. never to be repeated its magnificent it will live for ever
Trevor Mann
Trevor Mann 12 답글 연결
often copied never bettered
AttilaRoma50 1 답글 연결
SI!!!!!!!!!! A MODO MIO,SIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Влад Юсупов
Великий Френк...дай Бог всем спеть такую песню на исходе Пути...
Alessandro Sais
Alessandro Sais 2 답글 연결
gangsta song
adomas97 1 답글 연결
one word- awesome.