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Frank Sinatra - My Way
아티스트: Frank Sinatra
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And now, the end is near And so I face the final curtain My friend, I'll say it clear I'll state my case, of which I'm certain I've lived a life that's full I've traveled each and every highway And more, much more than this I did it my way Regrets, I've had a few But then again, too few to mention I did what I had to do And saw it through without exemption I planned each charted course Each careful step along the byway And more, much more than this I did it my way Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew When I bit off more than I could chew But through it all, when there was doubt I ate it up and spit it out I faced it all and I stood tall And did it my way I've loved, I've laughed and cried I've had my fill my share of losing And now, as tears subside I find it all so amusing To think I did all that And may I say - not in a shy way Oh no, oh no, not me I did it my way For what is a man, what has he got If not himself, then he has naught To say the things he truly feels And not the words of one who kneels The record shows I took the blows And did it my way Yes, it was my way

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John smith
John smith 답글 연결
Excellent music and dressed well, by that, he respected the audience and himself. This is a music!
MrKodok123 답글 연결
i wish we have more song that bring some message than a song about money,sex and fame.
Michael Garbatini
how you making out today.
pat abstract
pat abstract 1 답글 연결
I play this after I eat burger king
CaptainKronkers 1 답글 연결
This song gives me chills every time I hear it.
kwstas gou
kwstas gou 답글 연결
στο καλο παππου
A 답글 연결
Everyone knows this song. Many people are singing this song. But even so, I like this song. This song has a high blood pressure. Because I am excited when I sing with my whole heart.
Rodrigo Aguilera
Rodrigo Aguilera 답글 연결
Hummm... No comments! Simply fantastic!!!
Jessica Tone
Jessica Tone 답글 연결
Driving around and listening to Frankie, having a great time.
NuroMusic 답글 연결
Tobias 답글 연결
I came from Sing
MarioMatt1857 답글 연결
This song was performed my Mike the Mouse in the movie SING.
Fluffy anime gamer
This song is amazing people sang and dressed amazingly its sad how people came to this
John Shaw
John Shaw 답글 연결
I get why frank sinatra is a good singer but personally i don't like his music
2Corey Faele
2Corey Faele 1 답글 연결
my niece brought me here Corey faele didn't he's way am a uncle
Nat Peterson
Nat Peterson 답글 연결
When you're about to be up all in that Golden Circle
serxan muxtarov
serxan muxtarov 답글 연결
ela mahnidi
Xxthe turtle armyxX
Xxthe turtle armyxX 1 답글 연결
kingsman the golden circle
MassDynamic 답글 연결
perfect movie music
Mark Conroy
Mark Conroy 답글 연결
1/2 Irish, 1/2 Italian checking in: greatest song of all time.

Carolina Indiann
Carolina Indiann 1 답글 연결
The song is great! But lacks humility and shows a bit of arrogance! Why would folks want it at their funeral when its their last chance to offer humility and apologies
Arif Bintang
Arif Bintang 답글 연결
Mike Mouse in Sing brought me here
thd147288 1 답글 연결
*•IZZY•* *•WIZZY•*
kamer kuvat
kamer kuvat 1 답글 연결
mohamed benhanidjar
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nice
Joshua Villasol
Joshua Villasol 답글 연결
I miss this type of music.
0hAlex 답글 연결
Rene Stark
Rene Stark 1 답글 연결
Kingsman 2 trailer jaja
mpho mulaudzi
mpho mulaudzi 답글 연결
i'm here

ozus flyer
ozus flyer 답글 연결
Yes I did it MY way, for why do it any other way but MY way!
VoicelessEMO360 답글 연결
Now Batting For The Yankees. Number 2. Derek Jeter. Number 2.
chris Phelan
chris Phelan 답글 연결
He passed on may 14,1998 today is his annivarsy of his death
raizenshine 답글 연결
Came after Derek Jeter # 2 retired.
makes me fill strong since my cat otto died rest in pece otto
dragano7676 답글 연결
kingsmen ;)
Cal Abate
Cal Abate 답글 연결
Such grace.
Crain Storm
Crain Storm 답글 연결
All of the good music genres died : jazz/classic rock/bluez/old pop/slow music :/ . Frank Sinatra #respect..amazing voice + songs
Tj Gar
Tj Gar 답글 연결
DylanPlaysRoblox 1 답글 연결
Who else came here because of Mike in Sing?
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