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Junglepussy - Bling Bling
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[Chorus] x2 Bling bling bitch do my own thing bitch Fuck a wedding ring that ding a ling was just a fling bitch [Verse 1] Wake up lil bitches lemme show you how to live Hair done nails done, keep everything did Like Rihanna forehead bitch you gotta think big Don't let me catch you knocked up having that niggas kids You are the not the wifey for swallowing nigga's kids These niggas be doing bids These niggas be in my fridge These niggas be smoking mids and thinking that they the shit Walk up in ya crib asking if they could live Not about that These bitches is gullible like a mouse trap This cheese isn't real fucking cumbucket! Hyped off 4 piece nuggets He will never cuff you cause your pussy is budget [Chorus] [Verse 2] It's a full time job fuckin loving yourself Niggas try to rob a bitch for her self worth and her mental health Know a few bum ass niggas who fuck bitches cuff bitches just to sleep in the bed Tell a bitch he love her just so he could get fed Damn ma over here all that leeching is dead Preaching to you lil bitches did you hear what i said? If i catch you niggas creeping imma beat up your friend Looking out for my mama and my day one bitches Independent women we acculumating riches Blowing haters kisses Forever fly misses We whipping in the kitchen so respect my business [Chorus] [Bridge] Lemme tell you how niggas really be Here's me here's JP reporting live from the streets And you best believe that i got the key And i got the trees and i got the tweets ain't no stopping these prophecies Am i a thot for lovin ciroc? Gucci or not i'm a cheat cuz i got All my hot girls with me and we Dance around and bounce those titties Dance around and bounce those titties Dance around and bounce those titties Dance around and bounce those titties Dance around and bounce those titties [Chorus] [Verse 3] Eenie minnie moe how many niggas is ready to go? Down on a bitch for the Galaxy 4 99 reasons why niggas ain't shit 103 ways to suck on a clit 5 ugly niggas drive they mama's whip 13 bitches spit game in the Uber Took my weave out cuz my real hair is cuter Ain't texting him back cuz the nigga a loser His pops uncle and cousins is smoother Got a big mouth but your mindset is little Got a big dick but the income is minimal Shit is not funny the mission is critical Setting yourself up for disses and ridicule Talk to these hoes and I got them to switch on you Talked to ya mom and now she gonna shit on you

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Hippotavious Whitehalle
The Little Hours Trailer brought me here !
Sam LSD 답글 연결
OMG I loled at the "Rihanna's forehead dream big".
I have big forehead. :I
ανιѕтιι [황후]
came from the little hours
Kerem Bueno
Kerem Bueno 답글 연결
the little hours brought me here
Maggnify 1 답글 연결
The Little Hours with Dave Franco brought me here. 😂
Ophelia Leonidas
Ophelia Leonidas 2 답글 연결
"Like Rihanna's forehead, you gotta think big" 😉
contact1araya 답글 연결
wow I heard the opening rhyme and I thought this would be off the hook, its not bad , but she could have had like different versions to the bling bling bitch line......just keeps repeating it.
abnormalindian 답글 연결
The Little Hours red band trailer brought me here :D
anna black
anna black 답글 연결
the little hours trailer brought me here. Wanted to hear the whole song.
Gavyn Wilson
Gavyn Wilson 답글 연결
I hear them Lana Del Rey sound effects, I see you
David Wagnon
David Wagnon 답글 연결
I thought this was Iggy!
Cole Robinson
Cole Robinson 1 답글 연결
this song is fire
Chinnapol Ngarmjit
come here coz "the little hours" trailer !
Mr. Mason
Mr. Mason 답글 연결
The Little Hours brought me here
enfelice 2 답글 연결
THE LITTLE HOURS sent me here
Nugi M Ikhsan
Nugi M Ikhsan 답글 연결
"THE LITTLE HOURS Red Band Trailer" brought me here
Corner Entertainment, Bad
Who's here from the Little Hours trailer?
Half Blood
Half Blood 답글 연결
from ' the little hour' 😂
H Κ 답글 연결
those....NUNS tho....
Kual x
Kual x 답글 연결
The Little Hours

Divine Chelsia
Divine Chelsia 답글 연결
The little hours trailer brought me here.
Edison Vasquez
Edison Vasquez 2 답글 연결
Heeeey "The Little Hours" trailer
Far Asap
Far Asap 1 답글 연결
just came from that stupid barely porn nun movie trailer
Valyrion SV
Valyrion SV 3 답글 연결
"The Little Hours" movie brought me here
Robert Kortus
Robert Kortus 3 답글 연결
Trailer for "The Little Hours" brought me here!
Ali Cem
Ali Cem 3 답글 연결
The Little Hours trailer brought me here.. F*** insecure....
The Hey Guys
The Hey Guys 20 답글 연결
The Little Hours :)
androctonus5401 답글 연결
The Little Hours trailer brought me here
pranjal choudhary
pranjal choudhary 2 답글 연결
The Little Hours Trailer :)
losang yolmo
losang yolmo 2 답글 연결
Here cause of the Little Hours trailer :D

Dr. Arpit Bavaskar
The little hours trailer brought me here...
Pink Princess
Pink Princess 답글 연결
Wow and I was just looking for SHINee videos
It's Ted
It's Ted 답글 연결
'like Rihanna forehead you gotta think big' LMAOOOOOOO
Ilasiea Gray
Ilasiea Gray 답글 연결
Late to the party...but yesss!!!!!! #insecure
denise Luna
denise Luna 답글 연결
Hollie Heath
Hollie Heath 2 답글 연결
Is it wrong if i like this song?
phoenix cascade
phoenix cascade 1 답글 연결
she so next level
Blair Thomas
Blair Thomas 1 답글 연결
Harsh truths, glad I found this tbh
Olivia Wall
Olivia Wall 1 답글 연결
this is life
Jon Cox
Jon Cox 2 답글 연결
this is why rap is awesome
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