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Junglepussy - Bling Bling
아티스트: Junglepussy
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[Chorus] x2 Bling bling bitch do my own thing bitch Fuck a wedding ring that ding a ling was just a fling bitch [Verse 1] Wake up lil bitches lemme show you how to live Hair done nails done, keep everything did Like Rihanna forehead bitch you gotta think big Don't let me catch you knocked up having that niggas kids You are the not the wifey for swallowing nigga's kids These niggas be doing bids These niggas be in my fridge These niggas be smoking mids and thinking that they the shit Walk up in ya crib asking if they could live Not about that These bitches is gullible like a mouse trap This cheese isn't real fucking cumbucket! Hyped off 4 piece nuggets He will never cuff you cause your pussy is budget [Chorus] [Verse 2] It's a full time job fuckin loving yourself Niggas try to rob a bitch for her self worth and her mental health Know a few bum ass niggas who fuck bitches cuff bitches just to sleep in the bed Tell a bitch he love her just so he could get fed Damn ma over here all that leeching is dead Preaching to you lil bitches did you hear what i said? If i catch you niggas creeping imma beat up your friend Looking out for my mama and my day one bitches Independent women we acculumating riches Blowing haters kisses Forever fly misses We whipping in the kitchen so respect my business [Chorus] [Bridge] Lemme tell you how niggas really be Here's me here's JP reporting live from the streets And you best believe that i got the key And i got the trees and i got the tweets ain't no stopping these prophecies Am i a thot for lovin ciroc? Gucci or not i'm a cheat cuz i got All my hot girls with me and we Dance around and bounce those titties Dance around and bounce those titties Dance around and bounce those titties Dance around and bounce those titties Dance around and bounce those titties [Chorus] [Verse 3] Eenie minnie moe how many niggas is ready to go? Down on a bitch for the Galaxy 4 99 reasons why niggas ain't shit 103 ways to suck on a clit 5 ugly niggas drive they mama's whip 13 bitches spit game in the Uber Took my weave out cuz my real hair is cuter Ain't texting him back cuz the nigga a loser His pops uncle and cousins is smoother Got a big mouth but your mindset is little Got a big dick but the income is minimal Shit is not funny the mission is critical Setting yourself up for disses and ridicule Talk to these hoes and I got them to switch on you Talked to ya mom and now she gonna shit on you

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Carly Booth
Carly Booth 답글 연결
The Little Hours?
Saniyyah Hasan
Saniyyah Hasan 답글 연결
New anthem
Anthony Lunga
Anthony Lunga 답글 연결
m here coz of Insecure
Connor Kelly
Connor Kelly 답글 연결
how did i get here i'm a pale white child
Olivia  Smith
Olivia Smith 3 답글 연결
At first this song was hilarious... Now I kinda jam to it seriously
anne camp
anne camp 3 답글 연결
This is why I love female rappers
Danielle Gordon
Danielle Gordon 1 답글 연결
Insecure HBO brought me here 💪🏾👸🏾
Emerson Herndon
Emerson Herndon 1 답글 연결
Insecure brought me here too lol
ViciousBane 56
ViciousBane 56 답글 연결
The little hours brought me here
T Dukes
T Dukes 답글 연결
woo this just brings the ratchet out of me! I'm dancing with my hands on my knees right now with my lips poked out. HAHA!
Dee Alex
Dee Alex 1 답글 연결
Insecure "HBO" adding to my play list. 😏 bling bling bitch
Dzana Garaplija
Dzana Garaplija 1 답글 연결
Who produced this? Jpussy is fucking fyyyaaa but damn the instrumental too.. might be cuz im supa high but this song blew me away
Cody Lothery
Cody Lothery 1 답글 연결
Am I a thot for lovin ciroc?
Emily Aycock
Emily Aycock 1 답글 연결
The little hours trailer?
Scarlet Frost
Scarlet Frost 1 답글 연결
Who came here from little hours movie trailer😁😃
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 답글 연결
Aes Sedai
Aes Sedai 답글 연결
black music went tooooo wrong
anne camp
anne camp 답글
Aes Sedai wrong
Pearl Diamond
Pearl Diamond 답글 연결
Hell yea. Fuck these niggas🤣🤣🤣
glooks 답글 연결
hiding your naked body behind the chair like if anyone wants to see that shit pft
David Gomez
David Gomez 답글
Sister Mary Jane there always has to be someone that can't say anything positive so they randomly shame something. Round of applause for you.
Heylin Melendez
Heylin Melendez 답글 연결
The little hours brought me here

Johnny Grande
Johnny Grande 2 답글 연결
"like Rihanna forehead bitch you gotta think big" D.E.A.D.
Marta C
Marta C 답글 연결
Good music I love ❤️
unphuckwithable 답글 연결
'the little hours' trailer brought me here 😂
Johnny Grande
Johnny Grande 답글 연결
Zacari Ugo
Zacari Ugo 답글 연결
Aubrey plazas new movie trailer brought me here
Valentina Rosas
Valentina Rosas 2 답글 연결
I'm here because of Littlr Hours, omg
Alan Bosco
Alan Bosco 2 답글 연결
The Little Hours trailer brought me here
Shut up Bobby Lee
Shut up Bobby Lee 1 답글 연결
holy fuck this is reeeeeeal!
Samira AE
Samira AE 답글 연결
feels like im the only that is going to say that the new movie The Little Hours movie brought me here
Kathleen Gonzales
The trailer for "The Little Hours" brought me here. This is freaking awesome.

monal kulkarni
monal kulkarni 답글 연결
The Little Hours!!! XD
yajaira Lopez
yajaira Lopez 답글 연결
The little hours trailer brought me here
TheSusietv 답글 연결
the little hours brought me here lol my new fav song
DamienHurts 답글 연결
just heard this on the Little Hours Trailer (film with Aubrey Plaza) . loving this! she killed it! And loving this pic of her, she looks so badass.
Satan 답글 연결
Fuck this song is great
Tania Sierra
Tania Sierra 답글 연결
The Little Hours trailer brought me here!
tom 답글 연결
The Little Hours brought me here
azooz abood
azooz abood 답글 연결
little hours brought me here
Aolizzle •
Aolizzle • 답글 연결
Little hours brought me here 😂😂
Tae Son
Tae Son 답글 연결
"Where am I?"