I Will Always Love You 가사

Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You
아티스트: Whitney Houston
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If I should stay I would only be in your way So I'll go but I know I'll think of you every step of the way And I... will always love you, ooh Will always love you You My darling, you... Mmm-mm Bittersweet memories – That is all I'm taking with me. So good-bye. Please don't cry: We both know I'm not what you, you need And I... will always love you I... will always love you You, ooh [Instrumental / Sax solo] I hope life treats you kind And I hope you have all you've dreamed of And I wish you joy and happiness But above all this I wish you love And I... will always love you I will always love you I will always love you I will always love you I will always love you I, I will always love you. You. Darling, I love you. I'll always... I'll always love you. Ooh Ooh

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süsən şəmizadə
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Ulli Resch
Ulli Resch 답글 연결
Nice 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
Yến Trang Nguyễn
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
You know someone is a legend when a music video made back in the 90s continues to gain 500 million hearts and resonate with the youth of today
А Кассандра
Супер ! Класс! Талант !
MartyYoung 답글 연결
October 2017?
Km Do Amor
Km Do Amor 답글 연결
Saudades ❤️🍃
nick pavlas
nick pavlas 답글 연결
shes a damn angel
nick pavlas
nick pavlas 답글 연결
mine and my exs now song its actually very happy to listen too
koudaquen imene
koudaquen imene 1 답글 연결
23/10/2017 💖🎉
MoreMason TheArtist
Who's watching in 2017
daniel cubillos
daniel cubillos 답글 연결
I will always blow you.....
Dom Anthony Jesus
I will not cry I will not cry I will not cry.........*tears up*
sally messenheimer
damn girl, what happened to you?
Elis Rosmayati
Elis Rosmayati 답글 연결
I will always love you my cute
Fanta Fan
Fanta Fan 답글 연결
3:10. When Naruto relized Sasuke dosent love him
Paulo C C Bucar
Paulo C C Bucar 답글 연결
Esta musica e maravilhosa...
Paloma Araújo
Paloma Araújo 답글 연결
Essa geração de hoje nunca saberá oque é sofrer com esse hit! ❤ #verdadeirasofrencia
LEDEX Delgado96
LEDEX Delgado96 2 답글 연결
ใครหรอ? Chanel

mariam haddad
mariam haddad 답글 연결
dacosta0656 답글 연결
I also smoke crack
Snipergun guy
Snipergun guy 답글 연결
Kirya Plusnin
Kirya Plusnin 답글 연결
Nancy Gonzalez
Nancy Gonzalez 답글 연결
Llegas aqui x culpa de soplar la pantalla jajajaja, la vaca
Raphael Oliveira
Raphael Oliveira 답글 연결
Linda demais essa música, descanse em paz rainha.
Morcego Royale
Morcego Royale 답글 연결
Jeniffer Ganan
Jeniffer Ganan 답글 연결
♥Whitney Houston♥
Reina ♥ 2017 ♥
halil ibrahim gezer
23.10.2017 oo
tone tone
tone tone 답글 연결
This song is timeless. It will always be known as her signature song. Thats why we dont hear of anyone trying to cover this song. It's nearly impossible.

keyra wagner
keyra wagner 답글 연결
like si lo ves en 2017
Mikaylah the Narwhal
Vanessa Waffeu
Vanessa Waffeu 답글 연결
I love this song😢😢😢
Jorge Adrian Patiño Muñoz
amo esta cancion ❤
tone tone
tone tone 답글 연결
My favorite song...ever.
seydi Fadiga
seydi Fadiga 답글 연결
what a beautiful voice may GOD have mercy on her sool
Criss Refield
Criss Refield 답글 연결
Alguien mas busco esta cancion como yo?
Karo Z
Karo Z 답글 연결
Mundo mágico da Gaby
Quem já assistiu a história dela eu assisti e tenho 10 anos e adoro ela 😍😍😍 e essa música
carlos jair acevedo martinez