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Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song
아티스트: Led Zeppelin
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Ah, ah. We come from the land of the ice and snow, From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow. Hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new land. To fight the hordes and sing, and cry. Valhalla, I am coming. Always sweep with, with threshing oar. Our only goal will be the western shore. Ah, ah. We come from the land of the ice and snow, From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow. How soft your fields so green. Can whisper tales of gore. Of how we calmed the tides of war. We are your overlords. Always sweep with threshing oar, Our only goal will be the western shore. So now you'd better stop and rebuild all your ruins. For peace and trust can win the day despite of all your losing. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh Ooh. Ah. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh.

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Sir Meows A Lot
Sir Meows A Lot 답글 연결
El' Seneco
El' Seneco 답글 연결
thor trailer brought me here
Eric Price
Eric Price 답글 연결
came here for led zep not high fives
Ernesto Orozco-Jimenez
Can someone explain why my coworker thinks this song An crazy train Are The same Or something I don't know what he's talking about?
Javier Benito Revollo
Sir Sir
Sir Sir 답글 연결
The Thor Ragnarok trailer brought me here
owlstag awn
owlstag awn 답글 연결
Jojo brought me here. I've already listened to this song before, but Jojo makes everything better.
Robert Kent
Robert Kent 1 답글 연결
Every time I hear this song, I see Jack Black screaming.
Hirosada Utsokoto
Thor brought me here
jason core
jason core 답글 연결
stop being jewish.
Maci King
Maci King 답글 연결
To be honest the first time i heard this song was in shrek 3, but after the Thor Ragnarok trailer i had to see how many people would come here because of that.
Madeleine Hague
Madeleine Hague 답글 연결
Actually going to Iceland and Norway brought me here. I had forgotten all about this song!
Green Sombrero
Green Sombrero 답글 연결
vikings invented tremolo amplifiers
Ken Hagerman
Ken Hagerman 답글 연결
How could aNYone give this a thumb down. Musical genius they were.
STEVE P 답글 연결
advacoRRR 답글 연결
Wanting to listen to something other than sucky music of the early nineties brought me here. Can't recall how I discovered Led Zeppelin but glad apparently others are nowadays too. This music is too good to be forgotten. Now go listen to their first 2 albums!
KillTheCopyright 답글 연결
I came just for Destiny lol
MarineHulk 답글 연결
Robert Plant has an amazing voice
Platinum Swords
Platinum Swords 답글 연결
I think of Bruiser Brody when I hear this
james ward
james ward 답글 연결
First Viking metal song! People who love the subject of this song should give Bathory a try. Especially the Blood Fire death album.

Wyatt Pittman
Wyatt Pittman 2 답글 연결
Anyone with me destiny all the way !!
Dustin Johnson
Dustin Johnson 1 답글 연결
oh geez, not again. now everyone just had to search this song to flood the comments with "THOR BROUGHT ME HERE" we know it brought you here. i was here because i know what real music is, not because of a freaking movie trailer. i wouldn't mind it if you never heard the song, but my god you don't have to constantly tell us what brought you here! no one care how you got here.
Xxthe turtle armyxX
Xxthe turtle armyxX 답글
Mr Life
Mr Life 답글 연결
It's main event time
Futureal 답글 연결
Ragnarok is pure fucking epic
Rock Fucker
Rock Fucker 답글 연결
Here before the boom of vieews m8
Stephanie C
Stephanie C 답글 연결
Shrek brought me here...
Bob Builder
Bob Builder 답글 연결
Really? No Donald Trump comments?
Gaming Tv
Gaming Tv 답글 연결
I was born in 2000. And I hate the living shit outta nowday music and people if I say so. But my brain and soul is connected to 50's-90's musics!!
thekingcobra63 답글 연결
I can't here this song without thinking about Dirty Harry.
Bathe Her And Bring Her To Me
Viking, but not today's queer tv vikings.,

Macklin Butcher
Macklin Butcher 1 답글 연결
He's a friend from work!
Gambit 답글 연결
it toke three months to get this song out of my head watch the Thor trailer now it's back again
Shavii Turturro
Shavii Turturro 답글 연결
lol Shrek brought me here
RimeTime 답글 연결
I used to listen to this in the 70's as s kid, i thought it was the coolest sound ever. Then i got tired of all the classic rock , got into new wave in the 80's. Hearing it in that recent movie trailer was awesome. They did a perfect job with the imagery and this amazing unique otherworldly song
Pottwist 답글 연결
I use to hear this song on a lot of badass trailers and never knew who made it or the name, I just knew it as the AHHHHH AH song lol. Now that I think about it most of those trailers wasn't even all that but this song made it seem badass.
QUEX 답글 연결
Just here to see the trend of people trying to justify why they are coming to a song that is probably one of the most well known songs ever (don't look at the views as an indicator to the popularity). And yes, I understand the irony in my comment.
This is the song for mexicans...
Association of Free People
JUAN DAVID LOPEZ GUAPACHA come from the land of the ice and snow?
John Jolly
John Jolly 답글 연결
Who in the hell would thumb down this?
Diego Perez
Diego Perez 답글 연결
Shrek brought me here
Jack Eckstine
Jack Eckstine 답글 연결
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